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[News] Eisenberg: People Seem Completely Unaware Of How Much Change Ravens Have Undergone

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18 hours ago, theduug said:

i want mike williams or the best pass rusher available. whoever is better at 16...gotta trust the front office obviously. just hope for entertainment sake i dont watch 4 hours of the draft to see us trade back into day 2 lol.

Yea, I took off work one time to watch it and get drunk....and we traded out.  To make it worse, it was for Upshaw.

18 hours ago, letitgosometimes said:

Average = Average; until the owner makes changes at the top, it will be the same ole same ole.

So whats your plan? Fire John, OZ, Decosta?  DC and OC? who would you hire?  No one wants to be average, but it sounds like your making excuses continuously to stay average when we have clearly already made good moves (on paper) and the draft is still to come.  You need to step up your whining, not even trying anymore

8 hours ago, sizzlingdoom said:

We've made awesome moves this offseason and we're headed in the right direction. But it'd be nice if our 2nd and 3rd round picks contribute this year. At all. It'd also be nice if Harbaugh doesn't sabotage the season again

It blows my mind how some fans on here think this offseason hasn't been anything but awesome for us.  I would of rather kept Wagner but im glad we kept one of the two main FAs.  Its a catch 22 on here with fans: " we never sign any big FAs! always dumpster diving for bargains for comp picks!" Then we go sign the best safety available (two years in a row) and now we overpaid and made a bad signing, its hilarious

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