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2017 Forum Mock: Offensive Line Free Agency

251 posts in this topic

This is the free agency thread for all Offensive Line players.

Bidding on Free Agents:

If you win the bid on a specific player, said player will count as part of your 2017 roster. Since there's no rollover with regards to next season, we won't concern ourselves with the years of the contract. The format below is for the first overall bid:

§ Team Name
§ Free Agent
§ Bid (# of Stars)



Baltimore Ravens
AQ Shipley
0.5 stars

***You CANNOT place bids which you aren't able to afford in the present time***
- You MUST create the necessary cap space first by either trading and/or releasing to create enough room.

If you wish to bid on a player who has already received a bid, you must search through the thread, quote the highest bid at the moment, and post a bid higher than the leading one. Each leading bid MUST be quoted outside of the Final FiveNO quoting is necessary during the Final Five. In both cases, you must continue to use format above.

Final Five:

In order to give a fair chance to match bid––and to stop a sudden mass bidding in the final minute––we have the Final Five rule.

With five minutes left, one of the “CoCo” members will post that there are five minutes remaining in FA. If a player is bid on under five minutes, the team with the highest bid prior to the Final Five minutes will have an opportunity to get this player back in a “bid-off.”

In order to initiate this “bid-off,” the team that had the highest bid prior to the Final Five must state in the FA thread that they would like to do a “bid-off". This has to be stated within 15 minutes of the end of the FA period. If you don’t comply with this rule, your Final Five rights become revoked. Simple as that. All bid-offs are required to be submitted before 8:00 PM EST.

Both parties––the team that owned the highest bid prior to the final five and the team with the highest bid at the end of FA––will PM their highest bid to a predetermined member. The highest bid wins, simple as that. In the result of a tie, it will be done again until we have a winner.

*NOTE* If you bid on a player in the final five but don’t “win” him there, you can’t take part in this process. This is reserves only for the highest bidder prior to the final five and the highest bidder at the end of FA.

NEW FOR 2017: We are now able to add a 3rd team to the bid-off process. Teams can now enter this bid-off process for their own FAs if they did not win either the final 5 bid or the overall final bid. To do so, a team has to place a bid on their player at any point in the FA period. If a bid is placed, you are eligible to enter the bid-off for your former player. We will limit teams to using this option THREE times only. This is done in effort to give teams a better shot at retaining their own players.

General FA Rules:

Place ALL bids in the following format:

Team Name
Free Agent
Bid (# of Stars)

Absolutely NO discussions in the FA thread.
NO discussions in the Cut Thread.
Search for the leading bidder, quote their bid, and outbid them.
Teams can bid any amount on a player but only in increments of 0.5 Stars.
Always quote the previous highest bid until the last 5 minutes.

Editing or deleting of posts is NOT permitted and carries a penalty. If you are caught, you WILL NOT be allowed to make any bids for the next 15 minutes.


Every bid within the quoting period must be spelled correctly. This rule does NOT apply to bids that are submitted after the Final Five period begins. Any bid that is misspelled during the quoting period will be deemed invalid and will need to be resubmitted with proper spelling.

You can start the bidding at any price, the lowest value being 0.5 Stars.
Bid based on what you wish to pay for the 2017 base salary only (No signing bonuses).

Free agents that are signed can be released afterwards but would net only half of the value of the initial contract. Round up for cuts if they were at a X.5 Stars. This means that a player signed for 2.5 Stars would be cut for savings of 1.5 Stars (2.5 ÷ 2 = 1.25, which rounds up to 1.5). The only exception is for players that were signed for 0.5 Stars, as they can be cut for the full 0.5 Stars.


Offensive Line Free Agents


Sebastian Vollmer
Gosder Cherilus
Andre Smith
Mike Remmers
Byron Bell
Jordan Mills
Matt McCants
Marshall Newhouse
Menelik Watson
Eric Winston
Don Barclay
Earl Watford
Ricky Wagner
Andrew Whitworth
Matt Kalil
William Beatty
Bradley Sowell
Jake Long
Benjamin Ijalana
Tony Hills
Mike Adams
Nick Becton
David Quessenberry
Michael Oher
Vinston Painter
John Fullingto
Zach Sterup
Kevin Bowen
Jah Reid
Donald Stephenson
Ulrick John
Chris Clark
Marquis Lucas


Luke Joeckel
T.J. Lang
Chance Warmack
Chris Chester
Austin Pasztor
Tim Lelito
Ted Larsen
Jermon Bushrod
Eric Kush
Jahri Evans
Chris Scott
Tom Compton
Larry Warford
Vladimir Ducasse
Andrew Gardner
Hugh Thornton
Patrick Omameh
Oday Aboushi
Garrett Reynolds
Manuel Ramirez
Brandon Fusco
Mike Harris
Andrew Tiller
DJ Fluker
Billy Turner
Dallas Thomas
Josh LeRebius
Spencer Pulley
Donavon Clark


Joe Hawley
Cody Wallace
John Sullivan
Ryan Wendell
A.Q. Shipley
Michael Person
Brian Schwenke
J.C. Tretter
James Ferentz
Sam Brenner
Dillon Day
Brett Jones
Ben Garland
Gabe Ikard
Austin Reiter
Trevor Robinson
Ronald Patrick
Josh Allen
Tony Bergstrom


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Just now, GrimCoconut said:


G Austin Pasztor

2 Stars

Atlanta Falcon 

Austin Pasztor - 3 Stars

Edited by Yatagarasu

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2 minutes ago, CalvinSmoke said:

Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew Whitworth 

8.0 Stars 

Carolina Panthers

Andrew Whitworth

8.5 stars


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6 minutes ago, JO_75 said:


OT Ricky Wagner

5 Stars

Cincinnati Bengals

Ricky Wagner 8.0 Stars 


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Just now, allblackraven said:

Invalid, just missed 3 stars bid

Wrong.  He edited his bid, therefore voiding his subsequent bids.  Check this one:

2 minutes ago, Yatagarasu said:

Atlanta Falcon 

Austin Pasztor - 3 Stars



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2 minutes ago, BALTIMOREFLACCO said:

Carolina Panthers

Andrew Whitworth

8.5 stars

Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew Whitworth

10.0 Stars 


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