2017 Forum Mock: Signups

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The Forum Mock is back for another season. State your name below if you would like to participate in the game.  This year, you are picking your own fate.  When you sign up, please pick an open slot on the board.  This will be the number with which you will enter the random for the team selection process.

For example:

1.  -Truth-
3.  allblackraven
and so on

When you sign up, say "I'll take slot #5" or whichever open number you choose.

Don't know what this is? Everyone takes over a NFL and becomes their GM for an offseason. We do trades, free agency and the draft. If you want to view previous versions, just go a page or so back in Fantasy Talk.

There is a substantial time commitment here so don't signup if you don't think you have the time. I'm not trying to scare you away, just want you to know.

This isn't a thread where you are choosing a team, that comes later. This is just stating that you willparticipate in the game.

NO discussion here. Just signups.

*NOTE* Even if all 32 spots are full, you may still signup. This puts you as a replacement player in the

event somebody drops out, which has happened at least once each season.


1.  ludy51
2.  Yatagarasu
3.  ArsenalRaven666
4.  Baltimore RAYvens
5.  GrimCoconut
6.  JoeyFlex5
7.  LosT_in_TranSlatioN
8.  Jacquouille
9.  -Truth-
10.  Giants56ravens52
11.  Dubs
12.  Archeearl92
13.  T3hRaven
14.  ravensnick
15.  BmoreBird22
16.  RavensFanMania
17.  rmw10
18.  arnie_uk
19.  jazz1988
20.  allblackraven
21.  ravefan52
22.  Ozzsome
23.  regz1997
24.  berad
25.  feel_the_rush
26.  JO_75
28.  ravensnation5220
29.  Capitano1412
30.  ravensdan
31.  CalvinSmoke
32.  PaRAYdise

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Rmw10 will take the eventual #1 team selection spot, at slot #17.

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