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Now that we are on the eve of a new football season I would like to ask everyone to review the Board Basics which are our rules. Click here to review:

After a review of our most frequent infractions during the off season, these are some reminders we would like to emphasize:

.1. Please be considerate of other Flock members and our guests from other teams. Share your insight and knowledge so we can all benefit. We are a passionate fan base, but remember to post respectfully without being rude, condescending or belittling of others' opinions. But, if trolls crawl out of the woodwork, always remember: do not feed the trolls!

2. Please keep your memes and videos football related. We are a football discussion board and we want to hear your opinion, rather than just a meme as a response. Solely using memes' as a response is not allowed. Also, please help us to avoid plagiarism issues by citing the source of your reference with a link to the original work.

3. Please use the "Report a Post" function as it was designed as a tool to report violations of our board basics, rather than using it as a medium of complaint because you are discontented with other fans or their opinions.

4. Please be reminded that inappropriate language/profanity isn't acceptable and allow the profanity filter to do its job .

Let's discuss some football and have some fun, after all who's got it better than a member of "The Flock"? You know the answer!

Happy posting!

Your moderation team.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.