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NBA Draft a Franchise: Sign Ups & Rules

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Back in business



*Fifteen round snake draft (randomized order). 
*Any draft-elgible player may be selected, this includes foreign players.
*GM's have 24 hours to make their selection.
*If a GM does not pick after 24 hours, the draft will move on. However, they will be able to pick at any time.
*If a GM's pick is skipped multiple times they will be replaced.

Team Sign Ups:


GM - Team Name


1. BALTIMOREFLACCO - Sterling Cooper

2. T3h Raven - The Turrible Troupe

3. KDUBB44 - The Benchwarmers

4. SAM - Strike Force Wisconsin

5. Codizzle

6. Inqui - We'll Probably Have To Tank After This Year Anyway

7. -Truth-

8. EdReed_20 - Sannoh All Stars

9. Gordo52

10. Calvinsmoke - The Fuzzy Lumpkins

11. Gabefergy

12. Mt. Crushmore

13. Allblackraven - Scarpette Rosse

14. NFLfan123 

15. Ravensnick

16. Stm85 - Marcin & Shaq's BBQ Pierogi

17. Movethosechains - San Diego Clippers

18. Sizzlebshu -

19. Geving



Order will be made and posted June 23 at approximately 6 PM with or without the 20th person 


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Give me We'll Probably Have to Tank After This Anyway, with this as a team logo.




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Fantastic. Mr. Foles




Yes, the system QB completely overcomes the plethora of selections who substantially underwhelmed.


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