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A refresher(A positive Thread)

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Posted 04 June 2014 - 10:58 PM

A positive Thread this early when we have no problems? I don't see any nay sayers........


First off, as much as I HATED the neglect of offense this past draft, I can acknowledge that we did pick up some impressive talent(with the exception of Lorenzo, whom I loathe). But where do we stand.


1. I'm a 16 year old who needs to get a girlfriend because too much of his freaking life is spent on the forums.....


2. We're not that bad off actually.


Last year, the sky was falling. Pitta got hurt, and with no depth on offense we were screwed. We have some depth now with the additions of Steve Smith and Daniels. Sure, not long term options, but hey, with this formula we were a consistent winning team. Maybe we shouldn't fix what isn't broken?


Is the offense better than when we won a super bowl? In some ways, yes actually.


We have a legit #2 TE now. Daniels, who'd be a #1 TE on several teams. Not to mention Kubiak has a TE  fetish for some reason, making Juice relevant again. Oh, and Pitta being 100% is a plus. Gilmore will get a ton of playing time as well seeing as Daniels never makes it through a full season. So in reality while a reach, not a terrible pick. 


Steve is a leader first and foremost, something we needed among a young core.  Combine that with a good set of hands and toughness, and you have a borderline hall of fame WR(who in his prime was among the NFL's top 5. Remember when he dominated against us years back?)


So that's more targets to get open. The passing game improved. I hate the complete lack of depth, but I'm ok with the additions as long as we do find a long term #1 WR eventually(Ozzie doesn't draft offense next year either).


Our running game is a question mark. Rice is old, and probably done, and Pierce could be a star if he could stay healthy. I don't see Lorenzo getting playing time this year tbh. It'll be a three way committee at RB. Rice when he's off his suspension, Forsett being the change of pace Sproles esq back, and if Pierce is able to stay healthy, he will carry the rock. And Pierce fits the scheme to a perfect T basically.


So with all that said. Did we improve the Oline?


Way I see it, KO should improve. Yanda is still an all pro. Monroe is a very good LT, best we've had since JO.


Oh, and for those saying "Zuttah is only x spots higher than Gino"......



Zuttah >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gino.... Gave up NO SACKs.


Line = improved.  



With RT being a question mark, Oher was ranked so poorly last year....... If we brought in Winston, even as bad as he was at times last year, he was still better than Oher....



So we DID improve the offense in hindsight.... Depending on how they gel together, we might actually be, dare I say it..... Potent.


ESPECIALLY if we can get another WR......



Defense wise. Our unit is so much better than the SB unit it's not even funny. 

Dayrl Smith is old.... So looking at it in hindsight, the Mosley pick makes sense. When LBs reach their mid 30s, they are inclined to drop off at any given time(not to mention, sources tell me that Mosley is the best rookie we've drafted in a LONNNNNG time in terms of how he's doing at camp.)


Even then, 34 Smith > 37 year old man Ray Lewis.... I'll get a lot of hate for it... But it's the truth. 



Mosley has the chance to be a special player. While I would've taken Dix for the sake of a need, Mosley's ceiling is truly off the charts if he can stay healthy. 


Also allows to switch to the 4-3 to become gradual..... 


Brown-Mosley-Smith is a pretty good starting lineup who all excel in coverage. Not to mention, all three are excellent blitzers.


One may argue that we need more pass rushers, but from what I saw from Simon, he could be a Kruger esq situational pass rusher for us(since I think Suggs may be hitting the breaks). 


Dumervil was excellent when healthy last season so I like his chances.


Upshaw should be a Jarret Johnson esq edge setter... 




Ngata is Ngata. While in decline, he's still seen as one of the game's best... So he should be fine.

Jernigan is a prospect I loved. While not exactly a fit in a 3-4, he's a good one in a 4-3... He'll be rotational.

Canty is a veteran who's decent.... 

KPLM might surprise. I liked him too. Might be a starter if he could get into shape.....

Urban won't play, but will be a contributor in the future. 

Williams is a wild card, but worst comes to worst, he and Cody rotate.....


So, the dline has a ton of depth. Some of it unproven, but some might surprise. 


The secondary is the weak link. Webb and Jimmy are good CBs, but we have uncertainty with slot Cb and the safety positions.


We will prob pick up a Jabari Greer or something, but the safeties have me worried.  Elam was OKAY last year, but he wasn't spectacular. That might change with a move to SS, but still..... I'm not sure.


Brooks is also not as pro ready as I'd like him to be. But he's freakishly athletic. So he can make some plays. 


Outside the saftey positions(Ok, Pollard was horrible in coverage here, and Elam as shoddy as he was was still better. So FS and Slot CB), our defense has improved from two years ago....


We should be in a good position next year to make the playoffs. If we get hot, maybe the superbowl..


Also, I posted this song when before we did win the SB... So I figured it's best of luck to repeat. (even though IK everyone here hates Jovi). Hey, it's only weird if it doesn't work right?



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Posted 04 June 2014 - 11:27 PM

I don't think our offense is better. I'm really hoping Kubes system helps are offense but I think it may take awhile for everyone to get used to it. I'm not sure how much immediate impact we'll see. The oline should be more than fine we have a lot of talent there and the system makes it easy for them. TE's are really good and should be big in the offense. I think the WR's and RB's are pretty average. We need to get Joe better weapons if we're paying him that much. Every other top QB has better weapons and we don't know just how good Joe could be.

Our defense is the strength of this team, as it should be with the amount we've invested there. DL has a good mix of experience and youth. I don't really like Jernigan a whole lot though. LB's are good and I have a feeling Mosley is going to be a special player. Just needs to stay healthy.
Webb and Jimmy form a great Cb duo. We lack depth there though and idk how or why we didn't draft one. Safety is a question mark because of the lack of experience there but I like the talent. Brooks should develop into a solid player and I think Elam will do fine at SS.
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#3 CalvinSmoke



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Posted 05 June 2014 - 01:17 AM

Our offense is average at best, but it appears that's where the Ravens like it lol. Often bargain shopping on that side of the ball, the defense, barring injuries, should only get better with time.

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#4 Gordo52


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Posted 05 June 2014 - 02:25 AM

I don't know if it's my homerism but I'm heading into this season extremely optimistic.

We have a ton of talent of both sides of the ball. I think Monroe & Doom do great now that they've adjusted. No more Gino which means no more instant pressure. Zuttah immediately upgrades our line and should fit in pretty well. K.O. is heathy and looks hungry.
Heading into the season with the most established OC we've ever had along with the most weapons Joe's ever had.

Young defense with hungry veterans. Great front 7 depth....

I think we have the potential to be top 10 on both sides of the ball. I'm so anxious to see how take 2 goes.
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#5 codizzle


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Posted 05 June 2014 - 04:10 AM

Want some positive vibes?

Just go watch the playoff run again.. Some ridiculously good football played

I wanna see that flacco again..
If we can replace art jones, our defense should be miles ahead of that D.
Ray was such a liability
Can't wait to see a healthy KO and Pierce
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Just WIN Out!!!



#6 TDubbs


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Posted 05 June 2014 - 06:54 AM

Steve Smith. Everyone gets caught up in 'Who's the future top WR' or finding that guy in the draft. Understandably so, wouldn't it be nice to have an Aj Green, Julio type to depend on for years to come? But you also have to take it 1 season at a time because that's what is next and we still have a shot at the playoffs. Steve Smith is going to help this offense have a great year with his intensity, leadership and the fact he's still playing at a high level. (BTW, those slo-mo highlights get me amped up!)

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#7 jazz1988



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Posted 05 June 2014 - 08:08 AM

I'm not really concerned  with the running game. Rice and Pierce will be fine.In Rice case he just had too much muscle on his frame last year and  Pierce situation may tricky because he has trouble staying healthy but I'm still not concerned.

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#8 JoeyFlex5


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Posted 05 June 2014 - 09:29 AM

agreed about all except for the secondary and us having the best LB corps in the league, we have good linebackers, but 2 are on their last legs, one is approaching that same status, many of them are one dimensional, doom cant do much besides rush the passer, daryl smith is a great leader and playmaker in coverage but is pretty soft against the run, brown is the same way, upshaw is questionable even as a edge setter(though the fitness reports have me optimistic). i like our LB corps but sizzle is the only proven, well rounded LB we have now, and he is used majorly as a pass rusher. i think mosley and brown are going to develop and they will both be those versatile guys, but as of now i wouldnt call us the best. 


and i feel pretty good about our secondary. i think terrence brooks takes the starting job at FS at some point this year and runs with it, and i think elam will develop and whether he is at FS or SS i think he is going to produce, but once he gets to SS, watch out. i expect jimmy to become a household name this year, he belongs up there with sherman, haden, and peterson. webb will be the #2 but sliding inside on 3+cb situations to cover the slot, which is where he is best, and teamed up with elam at SS they can create some chaos, because they can both be enforcers in the box and they can blitz. plus, i think whoever is that 3rd cb, will be just fine, because with jimmy smith across the field, we can give the FS help to the 3rd guy, so whether it be chykie, asa, seamster, whoever, they will have a ton of FS help so they will be free to take risks to make plays, i see the 3rd cb coming out and having a good year because of this and taking a payday elsewhere, exactly like cary williams did

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Boller was a great qb......our offensive coordinator then.......not so much!

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 11:41 AM

I don't know if it's my homerism but I'm heading into this season extremely optimistic.


Not homerism at all, we have very good reason to be excited. But if you really feel the need to come down a notch, just imagine one of the starters in the secondary getting hurt, and think about their replacement....our depth in the secondary is not looking good right now.


Other than that, and perhaps the RT situation, I got nothing for you....you'll need to turn to the Flacco hating crew if that doesn't bring you down enough  :D

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