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2014 Forum Mock: Rules

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Rules are as follows:

- The 2014 Mock Draft Salary Cap shall be set at 132.5 stars. (1 Star = 1 Million)

- You cannot restructure contracts. You cannot borrow from future cap space or trade future picks
- Everything is rounded to the nearest Half Star (0.5 Star = ½ Million)

Draft value:
You have to leave 5.5 stars for the normal draft, which is 1 pick in every round 1 through 7. You add or subtract stars based on whether you have more or less picks than the normal draft allocation. The values of the stars you add or subtract based on your picks are:

§ 1st round = 2 stars

§ 2nd round = 1 stars

§ 3rd round through 7th round = 0.5 stars each

This lets you know many stars you need to leave for your Rookie class…You cannot gain stars by trading away your picks.
For Example, the Browns have an extra first round pick acquired from the Colts. Therefore their draft class will need 7.5 stars instead of 5.5 stars. If they acquired other picks or trade away picks, the number of stars will change accordingly.


Franchise Tag costs:

  • QB - 14.5 stars
  • RB - 8 stars
  • WR - 10.5 stars
  • TE - 6 stars
  • OL - 9.5 stars
  • DE - 11 stars
  • DT - 8.5 stars
  • LB -9.5 stars
  • CB - 11 stars
  • S - 7 stars
  • K/P - 3 stars

* Players Franchised for the 2nd straight year cost 120% of the normal rate

Based on LINK

Restricted Free Agents
You place a tender on all your RFA you want to keep. There are three levels of tender depending on how much you value and want to keep your player. The tenders are:

§ 1st round tender = 3 stars

§ 2nd round tender = 2 stars

§ Original round tender = 1.5 stars

Based on Albert Breer Twitter

There will be a specific period of time, probably 24 hours, where all we do is place bids on RFAs. Any team can bid on a RFA in this time period. You bid on the RFA by offering up a contract of X Stars. After the period, the players’ current team then can decide to match the contract which means he stays on his current team but with a salary that was the bid. The team that tried to bid for him cannot counter offer.

If his current team doesn’t match the offer, the RFA signs for the bidding team at the contract bid for. That team then has to give up the draft pick that was tendered on the RFA.

Exclusive Rights Free Agents
Exclusive rights Free agents cost 0.5 stars if you want to resign them. They cannot be bid on.

***DATE for RFA, ERFAs and Franchise Tag Tenders to be placed is: February 22, 2014***

Cutting Players
Go to SPOTRAC find a player’s salary for the 2014 year.
How to Navigate Spotrac Website:

§ Choose your team (ex. Baltimore Ravens)

§ Click heading “2014 Cap Hits” (Should look like THIS page)

§ Find your player (ex. Terrell Suggs)

§ There are Four columns

Cap Saved = Cap Hit - Dead Money
When you cut the player you Cap Saved = Cap Hit - Dead Money, your team incurs all signing and/or other bonuses as dead money to your cap if there is any.
Ex. Cutting Terrell Suggs would mean you would save 8 stars

( 12.4 cap hit - 4.6 dead money = 7.8 cap saved, rounded up = 8 stars)

Once the cut player becomes a UFA, he is added to the Free Agency pool. Please try to make your cuts before real FA starts so we have an idea of the cut players available and can add them to the list of available FAs.

Please try and get cuts done before FA for that position.


In the format:
Postion and Player - stars saved
Baltimore Ravens
OLB Terrell Suggs – 8 stars

Special Cut/Trade Rule
Each team is allowed to make ONE CUT or TRADE in which the base salary only is factored and you can ignore the dead money. For example Ray Rice has a 4M Base Salary, but 14.25M in Dead Money. Using this rule you can ignore the Dead Money and still cut him for the 4M.

Using previous blue link, if you trade away a player, you get extra stars based on the same formula used when you cut players. Cap Saved = Cap Hit - Dead Money. The team acquiring the player takes on the value of his Base Salary.

To complete a trade, both parties post in the trade thread the details of the trade (in the format that Mt. Crushmore wants).

Baltimore Ravens get:
1st rounder (pick 6)
Cleveland Browns get:
OLB, Terrell Suggs (8 stars)

One person post the trade, and the other person needs to quote it and confirm.

- In this case Baltimore would save 8 stars but would need 2 stars for the 1st round pick (savings of 6 stars). Cleveland take Suggs base Salary and take off 2 stars from draft pick cap (adding 6 stars)

Make sure after you decide on every cut and every trade is confirmed, edit you state of the franchise post (explained later).

How does Free Agency work?
Free Agency will begin on ????. There will be one major Free Agency thread, and on the first day we will auction the QB position and list all the available players.

You will have 24 hours to place your bid. Once those 24 hours are up, no more bids can be placed. The Free Agency managers will sort through the winning bids to players at the end and give them to their new owners. Once that position is done, we will move onto the next day and start at RB and so on.

Going through each position at a time will make it much easier to track who is available and who is gone.

We will then have a free for all of all the guys left for a day or two, then again after the draft to fill out your roster.

Bidding on Free Agents:
If you win the bid you add that FA to your roster as of the 2014 season, don’t worry about the future.

Every GM has an idea on who they want and divvy up their budget according to this.

§ Team Name

§ Free Agent

§ Bid (# of stars)

***You can NOT bid on players if you do not have the free cap space available***

-You MUST create cap space first (by trading and/or cutting)

That’s for the first bid. Then if another team comes in and wants to bid, make sure and read through the thread, quote the highest bid so far (if its a player already bid on) and make sure and post a bid higher. If the first team wants to counter bid, again quote the post (continue to use format above, Team name, Free agent, and stars bid).

We don’t want people not looking for the highest bid and then bidding 6 mil for say Jake Long, when someone has already bid 8.

So rules

Place ALL bids in the following format:

Team Name
Free Agent
Bid (# of Stars)


Absolutely NO discussions in this thread until the bidding period has ended

No Discussion in the Cut Thread
Search for the leading bidder, quote their bid, and outbid them
Teams can bid any amount on a player, but only in increments of 0.5 Stars
Always quote the previous highest bid until the last 5 minutes

Editing or deleting of posts is NOT permitted, and has a penalty. You will not be allowed to make anymore bids for the next 15 minutes if you edit/delete a bid.

You can start the bidding at any price, the lowest value being 0.5 Stars
Bid based on what you wish to pay for the 2014 base salary only (No signing bonuses)
If a signed player is cut, the team eats half of his salary (Unless the salary was 0.5 Stars, there is no cap hit).

During the Final Five Minutes of Free Agency:

At the final 5 minute mark, Berad will post, "FINAL FIVE MINUTES," so that we have a clear divide. If Berad cannot be online for whatever reason, please PM someone another active member. If Mt. Crushmore is online, PM him first. When the time is up, the person in charge of ending the bidding, whether that be berad or his appointed replacement will posts, "Bidding Is OVER." This member and this member ONLY is responsible for doing so. Therefore only this member's time is official.

IMPORTANT: ONLY in the final 5 minutes, you do not have to quote the previous bid and only the highest bid on a certain player will count at the end.

Any member who was the bid leader before the FINAL FIVE MINUTES post and is outbid in that time frame will have a chance to bid again on the said player. In order to do so, they proclaim so from 7:00 EST until 7:05 ESTinTHIS thread, by posting something along the lines of:

Team Name
Free Agent
I wish to bid again

At 7:05 EST, the member in charge of the time keeping will post, "Final Five Is OVER."

He will then PM the GMs involved. They will reply with the absolute highest bid that they are willing to pay for said player. Both GMs have only ONE chance, and the highest bid wins. In the event of a tie, they will receive a PM informing them of the event, and allowing them of another bid until the tie has ended

This does NOT apply when the FIRST and ONLY bid was made in the final five minutes.


1. Berad or the presiding commissioner posts, "FINAL FIVE MINUTES."
2. At 7:00 EST, said member posts, "Bidding Is OVER."
3. From 7:00 EST to 7:05 EST, any GM who was winning prior to 5 minutes left and was outbid in that time frame can request for another chance to bid for that player.
4. At 7:05 EST, the presiding member posts, "Final Five Is OVER."
5. This member then PMs both GMs, who will reply with the highest bid they are prepared to go. Unless in the event of a tie, only ONE bid is permitted. Winner receives the contractual rights to the player.


Free agents that are signed can be released afterwards, but you only get back half the cost. The only exception is players that were signed for .5 stars.

State of the Franchise Post
There is a separate thread for your state of the franchise, laid out like this:


Starting cap (Ex. Ravens Starting Cap)
- How to find starting cap?
1) Go to your team page and click "2014 cap hits"
2) It is your "top 51 contracts" + your "Dead money" - your "Rollover" = starting Cap
- For this we assume everyone team is taking all their rollover money
3) so ravens starting cap is: 106.5 Million (so 106.5 stars) <----Website does eveything up to this point
4) Add your 8 stars, whatever you have, for the draft (so 106.5 + 5.5 = 114.5 stars) <----You must do this
5) Figure out how much you have left using our cap (so 127 stars - 114.5 stars = 12.5 stars)
6) Spend remaining 12.5 stars how you would like or keep for a rainy day

Draft Pick
Post every pick you have here
Then do a total of the stars you need to leave for the draft. Score out traded picks, don’t delete them. Add in traded for picks. Include the round and the overall no. of the pick.

Franchise Tag
Player position amount

Player position Tender Amount

Player position amount

Player Position Amount saved. Dead Money is a factor

Trades (Dead Money is also a factor)
1. (Your team) trades (player name and salary/ or pick) to (team name) for (player name and salary/ or pick)
2. Same format
3. And so on

Total Saved and Spent

Cuts: X saved
Trades X Saved/Spent
Franchise: X Spent
RFA: X Spent
EFA: X Spent

Total Spent/Saved

New Total Salary X
Salary Remaining X
Less Draft Allowance X (from above)

Make sure and Update this after every transaction. Remember you must have 53 man rosters.

We will have a general discussion thread (this one), trade, cuts and resigning discussion goes in here also.
We will have a thread for all official trades, cuts and resigning’s.
We will have the State of the Franchise thread, to be updated after every transaction.
We will have a Big Board thread for the draft order.

We will have a cut thread, where all the cuts will be announced.
We will have a Depth chart thread to be kept up dated regularly, this is a requirement, not a option.
We will have a Rules thread to clarify, discuss and change rules
Then when FA begins we will have threads for that but they won’t be pinned.

In the state of the franchise thread, big board thread, cut thread, depth chart thread there is too be NO discussion.

Important Dates:

Franchise tag, RFA, ERFA tenders due: Feb 15, 12pm ET (This Saturday)

RFA Bidding starts (24 hours): Feb. 16, 7pm ET. ends Feb. 17, 7pm ET

RFA Bidding matching (24 hours): Feb. 17, 7pm ET to Feb, 18. 7pm ET

QB Free agency: start Feb. 19, 7pm ET end Feb 20, 7pm ET

RB/TE/WR Free agency: start Feb. 22, 7 pm ET end Feb 23, 7pm ET

OL Free agency: start Feb 25, 7 pm ET end Feb 26, 7pm ET

DL Free agency: start Mar. 1, 7 pm ET end Mar. 2, 7pm ET

LB Free agency: start Mar. 3, 7 pm ET end Mar. 4, 7 pm ET

DB Free agency: start Mar. 5, 7 pm ET end Mar. 6, 7 pm ET

K/P Free agency: start Mar. 8, 7 pm ET end Mar. 9, 7 pm ET


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