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Blackbirds Rule

I ask you who has it better than us....?

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I can't wait for the parade. I was in college during the first one and couldn't make it. I will not miss this one.

I apologize to Joe for the slight doubt I had after the first game against Denver. ( It will never happen again).

I apologize to Jimmy Smith for making a thread and suggesting we cut him. ( I was frustrated after the Denver loss it will never happen again).

I apologize for suggesting we cut Boldin to get a sexier named wr with more speed. ( I am so glad I'm just a fan and Ozzie is running the show).

I congratulate Caldwell on spectacular play calling during the post season. I am so happy I don't know what to do with myself at work. ( Maybe I should try to do work).

I can't stop saying this.. [b][u]"Who has it better than us"?...........[/u][/b]

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