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Where are we set and what do we have?

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We talk ALOT about what needs to be fixed, who needs to go, and so on. But we need to play with the opposite too and look at where we are set and what we do have on this team for the foreseeable future (approx. 3+ years).

PLEASE do not turn this into a thread debating if Joe Flacco is our future, there are several threads for this. This is to discuss where you think we are pretty well set into the future and have an area to build around, add to and rely on.

My thoughts

[b]Front Office[/b]
- Steve Biscotti - I think he may be one of the best owners in the league, we have great facilities, and brings both hard and personal leadership from the top
- Ozzie Newsome & Eric Decosta - We are set now and in the future with two of the best and most accomplished talent evaluators
- Support Staff - Patt Moriarty, Hortiz, Kokinis and the rest of the staff are really unrivalled, we develop players and staff from within.
Overall I think this is the strongest area of the team, it is consistent across all levels and everyone seems in synch

[b] [/b]
[b]Coaching Staff[/b]
- John Harbaugh - model of consistency over the past couple of years, he has issues with time management and some bad challenges, but there are only a handful of coaches in the NFL who I would rather and bring the whole team together
- Defensive Positional Coaches - Clarence Brooks may be the best DL coach in the league. Teryl Austin has done a great job of grooming our young guys and taking a weaknesses into a strength, I think he would make a great DC one day. Ted Manachino since coming to the ravens a couple years ago has helped Suggs to his best year and developed McLellan and Upshaw, Krugers pass rush has made big gains too.
- Offensive Positional Coaches - Harman has a good history of coaching the TEs over the numerous years. Jim Hostler is a good WR coach. Wilbert Montgomery is one of the best RB coaches.
- Overall most pieces are set at the low end and very top, we over the next couple of years we may have some issues in the middle with the DC and OC

[b]Offensive Players[/b]
- Joe Flacco - He is the future here to me, maybe not like Brady or Peyton, but he is our future and I think we can rely and build around him and need to give him all support possible.
- Ray Rice - Stud
- Torrey Smith - Maybe not a true no. 1 but can open the top
- Marshall Yanda - Nasty in every way
- Kelechi Osemele - I think he can be a great G or T
- Dennis Pitta - Underrated by rest of the league, I think when he gets going our offense follows (our version of Wes Welker)
- Vonta Leach - best FB in the league
Overall We have the key pieces at each position, just something isnt making it all mesh yet, is it the OL? OC? joe? not sure exactly, it could just be continuity across all of it - I tend to lean here and think we are still establishing a vision

[b]Defensive Players[/b]
- Haloti Ngata - A force when healthy
- Terrell Suggs - I hope he comes back healthy next year and we have many more years left
- Courtney Upshaw - He really looks to be developing and holding his own and not hitting a rookie wall
- Lardarius Webb - Again another injury 'if' but he has proven to rehab well
Overall I think we are built with situational players on defense, guys like McPhee, Art Jones, Kruger, Ellerbe, Corey Graham may never be every down studs but are great players if on the field at the right time. I think we need to identify what type of defense we will be in the future, will we try and build like the 9ers and Ravens D's of past on the assumption that you keep a core set of players on the field alot with little defensive substitutions or will we adopt a system like the Patriots and kinda like we are playing now (may be the injuries causing this) where we have packages for certain situations, downs, distances and concepts.

[b]Holistic view[/b] - We have what is needed in the front office and a mentality of building through the draft and within the organization, we are consistent with this and it has worked. Somehow this has never worked with our offense (at both the coaching and player level) but I think we have the talent with the players to continue with what we have built, not sure if we do at the OC level yet but I think patience and a clear vision here will pay off. I think vision again is our issue on defense and I think we are built now as a situational defense and have shown how we could be a very good one (look to our red zone play) we just need to shore up a couple areas, mainly the inside run game. With the injuries we will have a ton of players next year with great experience that should allow for us to rotate with confidence even more.

Just my thoughts? where do you see that we are set with what we have...

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Safety linebackers DT o line pass rusher (d end or olb) and TE. Regardless of what people think I say our wrs are pretty good. I would make one if I knew he would be a playmaker but I doubt one is available where we will be drafting.

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