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  1. And Brantley is off the board...
  2. Apparently it's more insular than that - it's more like the front office is set on Garrett but hue Jackson had taken a liking to trubisky and is pulling for them to take him - I feel like the dream scenario for the browns is to get both because it would appease everyone in the building
  3. I think if we trade up its for a falling corner like Quincy Wilson - tbh I think I'd be more inclined to trade up at the top of the 3rd to get a guy who feel out of round 2 completely of the guys you listed I think Tim Williams, tj watt and Malik mcdowell are the interesting ones - even with the drugs test foster won't fall out of the 1st and Budda baker (as good as he is) doesn't seem like a guy that should be traded up for
  4. Sounds like a Winchester comment... which is ironic given that the Winchester is the name of the pub in Shaun of the dead
  5. I'd cheer that pick even louder than any qb going ahead of us
  6. Part of it as well is that value is a subjective tool inside team draft-rooms - it essentially comes down to "if so-and-so and thingymajig are on the board - who do we think is the better player for our team" - it's informed but opinion-based when it comes down to it obvioisly that is changing a little with analytics coming in but football scouting is a gut-based "think and feel" kind of business
  7. It's a struggle lol... I'm not going to start talking myself into him unless we draft him because I know it'll be a difficult process - at which point I will watch every bit of tape on him over and over again just hoping I see something new until that time though I personally just can't see anything to like about him at 16
  8. damn apostrophe
  9. value is always subjective though - it's a term that is at its most useful up until the actual draft day as a way of working out where guys are likely to go the provisos are this though: value is subjective in the evaluation phase - but if Charles Harris is thought to be the next Suggs then of course that's not a reach and it's good value i think travis Frederick is the best example of what you're describing and I'm not sure there's a good answer for it this whole offseason process of evaluating college prospects is inherently imperfect so until a better way of predicting and talking about prospects comes about then value is probably the best way of forming criticism despite how much it relies on "feel" and subjectivity
  10. equating those two things equally is not how it should be though - of course I'm not saying they shouldn't both learn from it but he put her in the hospital - no matter how much he learns from it there should be consequences if I push your reasoning to the extremes it's like saying this young kid just murdered another kid but now that he knows it's wrong and apologised for it he should be able to play football because he's good at it and he's grown up and won't make the same mistake again... obviously that is exaggeration but the reasoning is the same...
  11. I've gone the other way as well lol - I'm as high as I've ever been on McKinley at the moment (but I recently watched his film) - he's still not in my top tier guys but he's above a load of other guys on my board who I consider top possibilities at 16
  12. That's fair - I just meant at this point in the process people are going to have pretty clear impressions in their own head of their own values for players at each pick
  13. Interestingly they don't have a 2nd round pick...
  14. I'm not sure I can see all those guys going before our 2nd pick given that the safeties will also be picked - peppers, baker, melifonwu will likely go before 47 - it would have to mean that from the point that the top 3 cbs are gone that a db is taken every other pick which would leave ridiculous talent to drop to us at other positions - as much as I love Witherspoon, there's no way he's a top 45 pick even for me i agree that there will likely be a run after the top 3 are gone starting somewhere in the 20s and going into the start of the 2nd - but I also think the linebackers and offensive lineman are going there as well as a load of the edge rushers and the wrs come into play near the top of the 2nd too --> essentially my point is there can't be a run on all of those positions
  15. I feel like it just makes too much sense: Roseman lives for making exciting daring moves and mccaffrey would certainly count, Peterson comes from the Andy Reid tree and given that Ryan Matthews is old (is he even still there in Philly?) and Darren sproles cannot be the number 1 running back on a roster at this point they need someone to come in what has been the beat writers' reasoning for mccaffrey not to be the pick?
  16. As I say, I would be incredibly surprised if the saints went rb at 11 but mccaffrey would be a great fit there - I think they end up taking the best front 7 guy they can get at 11 and take a corner at 32
  17. I guess it's just that I see the colts front office as essentially having a mandate from ownership to draft lineman (either offense or defense) because that's what got grigson fired i think they're more likely to draft an rb in the 2nd or 3rd (maybe a guy like foreman) and I think they'll be looking for a downhill runner more than mccaffey
  18. I'm a big fan of d but even if you all aren't with me you have to agree he's better value than taco charlton at 16
  19. I wouldn't hate the cam robinson pick - I think my worst case would be taco charlton there i think even with the urine sample that foster doesn't make it out of the first - and tbh I find it hard to believe that the saints and colts (and Ravens) would pass on him - I also don't think foreman will be in play here but I'll agree that he's probably worst case i just did a mock with Sidney jones going in the 1st and it just makes sense that he would because of the extra rookie year option you get there - I think a corner needy team might take him at the back of the first and double dip on corners in the first couple of days - Ethan pocic would be a horrible pick (so I hope a team falls in love with him somewhere at the top of the 2nd) cant say I love grabbing a tight end period but jake butt would be a good pick I suppose 100% agree with you on the 4th round not really a fan of magnuson to be honest - I'm not sure he's a guy I see developing into a starter in the NFL but I guess he'd be alright in the 5th jayon brown is someone I've been intrigued by since going back into McKinley tape - obviously McKinley stood out but Jayon brown kept flying intermittently into the plays in a way that stood out above the rest of the defense - he was a guy who I hadn't heard of until I looked him up after watching takk which I guess says he has something
  20. There's a difference between handling situations better and breaking bones in someone's face
  21. I think bowser's the better player at this point especially if you include his abilities in coverage but basham might be the better physical fit to just come flying off the edge for us
  22. He'd be exciting in the saints offense but I just think they have to be focusing on defense - brees will put up yards and lead a top 10-5 offense no matter who they have on offense but their defense has consistently ruined any potential chances to progress - I don't see how they don't go defense id like the colts to go rb because it would mean they aren't improving in the front office despite jettisoning Ryan grigson
  23. Not everyone deserves a second chance... especially when they are unrepentant and even unapologetic
  24. Alex Lewis spent 45 days in jail and got 2 years probation for misdemeanour assault with some armed forces guys - not sure of the specifics beyond that
  25. I don't see a great bend and particularly good hands with Mathis at all - he has ok technique with how he uses his upper body strength and some decent quickness but I don't see him as a better edge rusher than takk even at this point