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  1. i disagree slightly - i think there is a lot of great depth in this class down to the 4th round and then it drops off into more developmental/small school guys - but there are guys i have graded all the way down to the 4th who i'd love to have in this corner class - there are at least 20 corners id happily take in the first 4 rounds... but i do agree that the value of corners is not there at 16 - without sidney jones this cb class no longer feels as top heavy as it did - it very much feels like lattimore and then everyone else at this point
  2. i really like what you've done in this draft conley is my favourite value corner - as in take lattimore out and he's my guy at any pick beyond 20 tyus bowser is an interesting pick just because "he'll be learning from clay matthews" a guy who's done it inside and outside - a guy who can wreck it in the pass rush but also drop well into coverage and kind of play anywhere he's needed - just be put in positions to win snaps - or i would have said that if you'd kept clay matthews lol taywan taylor i like as well as a guy who there's a chance they could boom and their floor looks like at least being a dynmaic complementary guy - like a 3rd/4th receiver as a floor and a dynamic number 2 as a best case is not bad value jordan leggett is great depth as a number 2 tight end who can come in and pretend to block but run the seams etc.
  3. you should have got nick folk or something lol
  4. im a masochist
  5. zane gonzalez, to me, in terms of drafting, is a lesser roberto aguayo which is saying a lot
  6. he was super-athletic, it was the thing that jumped out on film about him the most - his burst and the way he would slice through gaps was incredibly explosive - that's the thing that made him a borderline pro-bowl linebacker as an undersized rookie on a terrible defence which is crazy if you think about it
  7. doan mck meeee
  8. it was difficult to think where he'd go because he's unlikely to miss any of training camp - the hope for me is that he will be there at the first pick in the 3rd round because he has legitimate 1st round talent and wont actually be missing any of the season - that's why i allowed myself the privilege of mocking him to us in the 3rd but i could likewise see him not even making it to our 2nd round pick...
  9. Apologies in advance for how long this post will be - because i was using excel to collate everything it's difficult for it to format well into this forum: i considered just putting it all on a google drive for y'all but that doesn't really seem like the done thing here... If it is I can maybe collate it all on a google drive and post a link to make it easier... Apologies as well for the bizarre post earlier that obviously didn't work. I'll start with my mock because it's easiest i reckon. I tried not to be too obvious as far as possible but within reason so a lot of the picks will look familiar I imagine. I fully mocked 2 rounds and then drafted in the ball park for the other picks: MOCK DRAFT Round 1 1) Browns - Myles Garrett - EDGE 2) 49ers - Jonathan Allen - DL: I find it hard to see the 49ers three-peating with DL in the first but the Jets kind of did it in the past and there's no offensive talent for Shanahan to clamour for at this spot. I could very much see the 49ers trying to trade out of this spot for a team that loves a qb and thinks the bears / jets will take one. 3) Bears - Solomon Thomas - DL: Thomas is a missing piece on that defence but I could also see the Bears trying to trade out of this spot too - it's reported that both the Jets and Browns are interested in Trubisky but there were quotes from a scout saying the Jets were in love with Trubisky but that he wouldn't make it to 6 - I personally have a feeling that's a Titans scout trying to scare a team into trading with them at number 5. 4) Jaguars - Leonard Fournette - RB 5) Titans - Jamal Adams - S 6) Jets - Marshon Lattimore - CB: The jets may take Trubisky but I'm going to err away from the side of sensationalism. 7) Chargers - Malik Hooker - S 8) Panthers - OJ Howard - TE: Greg Olsen is getting older and there are no linemen worthy of this pick I think - OJ Howard gives Cam Newton a weapon he'll find it hard to miss. 9) Bengals - Derek Barnett - EDGE: Game-changer off the edge, I'd hate this but it makes a lot of sense. 10) Bills - Mike Williams - WR: They need help opposite Sammy Watkins (or to replace him when he's injured) 11) Saints - Reuben Foster - ILB 12) Browns - Mitchell Trubisky - QB: They apparently really like him so if he falls to 12 I see them pulling the trigger. 13) Cardinals - Deshaun Watson - QB: I struggled with this pick so looked around the league - I have the impression that the Cardinals are happy at qb but there is a growing idea that they'll pick a qb here. 14) Eagles - Dalvin Cook - RB 15) Colts - Forest Lamp - OL 16) Ravens - Corey Davis - WR: He's a different kind of receiver to what Flacco has at the moment. The worries about the level of competition are obviously real but I have confidence that he can transition well because of his elite route-running skills and ability to hands-catch. 17) Washington - Haason Reddick - LB 18) Titans - John Ross - WR 19) Bucs - Christian Mccaffrey - RB 20) Broncos - Cam Robinson - OL 21) Lions - Tim Williams - EDGE 22) Dolphins - Zach Cunningham - ILB 23) Giants - Ryan Ramcyzk - OL 24) Raiders - Marlon Humphrey - CB 25) Texans - Garrett Bolles - OL 26) Seahawks - Teez Tabor - CB 27) Chiefs - Dan Feeney - OL 28) Cowboys - Gareon Conley - CB 29) Packers - Taco Charlton - EDGE 30) Steelers - Takk Mckinley - EDGE 31) Falcons - Budda Baker - S 32) Saints - Tredavius White - CB: I'm assuming the trade for Malcolm Butler doesn't happen and that the Saints need a corner. Round 2 1) Browns - Obi Melifonwu - S 2) 49ers - Quincy Wilson - CB 3) Jags - Jabrill Peppers - S 4) Bears - Deshone Kizer - QB 5) Rams - Charles Harris - EDGE 6) Chargers: Jarrad Davis - EDGE 7) Jets - Alvin Kamara - RB 8) Panthers - Adoree Jackson - CB 9) Bengals - Cooper Kupp - WR 10) Saints - Malik Mcdowell - DL 11) Eagles - David Njoku - TE 12) Bills - Patrick Mahomes - QB 13) Cardinals - Pat Elflein - OL 14) Colts - TJ Watt - EDGE 15) Ravens - Carl Lawson - EDGE: The injuries are a potential issue but he has legitimate first round talent and can wreck off the edge which is why he probably is untouchable for the ravens until now. Ryan Anderson/Evan Engram could be the pick if we are too uncomfortable with his injuries. 16) Vikings - Zay Jones - WR 17) Washington - Davis Webb - QB 18) Bucs - Ryan Anderson - EDGE 19) Broncos - Dion Dawkins - OL 20) Browns - Chidobe Awuzie - CB 21) Lions - Joe Mixon - RB 22) Dolphins - Jourdan Lewis - CB 23) Giants - Sidney Jones - CB 24) Raiders - Dont'a Foreman - RB 25) Texans - Evan Engram - TE 26) Seahawks - Taylor Moton - OL 27) Chiefs - Dede Westbrook - WR 28) Cowboys - Demarcus Walker - EDGE 29) Packers - Tanoh Kpassagnon - EDGE 30) Steelers - Kevin King - CB 31) Falcons - Ethan Pocic - OL 32) Panthers - Curtis Samuel - WR Round 3 Fabian Moreau - CB: A highly accomplished corner with first round talent who will most likely fall a little bit due to the sheer numbers of corners and the injury that will keep him out of OTAs etc. If he is taken then I could see Isaac Asiata or Howard Wilson being the pick here. Akhello Witherspoon - CB: Double dipping at corner might not be expected here but I think these guys could be the BPA picks at both these spots. Witherspoon is a brilliant cover corner who maybe shies away from contact too much but could maybe see a philosophy change once he's getting good money to make tackles and in our case to even get on the field. I could see these two corners developing really well together behind carr, smith and with tavon. Round 4 Anthony Garcia - OL: An interesting tackle prospect with some elite traits. He has great quickness and the ability to mirror edge rushers, is rarely beaten with speed. His major problem and it may not be fixable even in an NFL weight program is his body frame - he mostly plays under 300 which isnt ideal and im not sure he has the frame to add much more weight. He could be a useful addition to the right tackle competition - but i wonder how he'd hold up against bull rushers. Round 5 Donnel Pumphrey - RB: He's mocked to us a lot I think around here and I wanted to do something new but he makes a lot of sense. Running back help including someone with a twitchy type speed albeit maybe it isnt quite the breakaway speed we've been yearning. Round 6 Deatrich Wise Jr - EDGE: A guy who didn't have the greatest production but didnt show too many reasons why it wasnt working. He has potential as a late guy - probably projected in the 5th but I could see him dropping down to this round just because of all the combine notables and other guys who have more production this last year. BIG BOARD Player Position 1 Myles Garrett EDGE 2 Jamal Adams S 3 Malik Hooker S 4 Derek Barnett EDGE 5 Reuben Foster ILB 6 Jonathan Allen DL 7 Marshon Lattimore CB 8 Corey Davis WR 9 Mike Williams WR 10 Leonard Fournette RB 11 Tim Williams EDGE 12 Cam Robinson OL 13 Solomon Thomas DL 14 Dalvin Cook RB 15 OJ Howard TE 16 Hasson Reddick EDGE 17 Gareon Conley CB 18 Charles Harris EDGE 19 Quincy Wilson CB 20 Marlon Humphrey CB 21 Forest Lamp OL 22 TJ Watt EDGE 23 Budda Baker S 24 John Ross WR 25 Tradavius White CB 26 Garrett Bolles OL 27 Jabrill Peppers S 28 Dan Feeney OL 29 Ryan Ramcyzk OL 30 Christian Mccaffrey RB 31 Malik Mcdowell DL 32 Taco Charlton EDGE 33 Pat Elflein OL 34 Obi Melifonwu S 35 Adoree Jackson CB 36 Carl Lawson EDGE 37 David Njoku TE 38 Takk Mckinley EDGE 39 Ryan Anderson EDGE 40 Evan Engram TE 41 Chidobe Awuzie CB 42 Zay Jones WR 43 Zach Cunningham ILB 44 Fabian Moreau CB 45 Juju Smith-Schuster WR 46 Cooper Kupp WR 47 Tanoh Kpassagnon EDGE 48 Sidney Jones CB 49 Desmond King CB 50 Dion Dawkins OL 51 Jarrad Davis ILB 52 Alvin Kamara RB 53 Demarcus Walker EDGE 54 Ethan Pocic OL 55 Bucky Hodges TE 56 Teez Tabor CB 57 Chris Godwin WR 58 Raekwon Mcmillan ILB 59 Caleb Brentley DL 60 Marcus Williams S 61 Jourdan Lewis CB 62 Marcus Maye S 63 Isaiah Ford WR 64 Kevin King CB 65 Cam Sutton CB 66 Isaac Asiata OL 67 Gerald Everett TE 68 Rasul Douglas CB 69 Curtis Samuel WR 70 Jordan Willis EDGE 71 Ahkello Witherspoon CB 72 Justin Evans S 73 Cordrea Tankersley CB 74 Howard Wilson CB 75 Duke Riley ILB 76 Taylor Moton OL 77 Damontae Kazee CB 78 Taywan Taylor WR 79 Tarrell Basham EDGE 80 Dont'a Foreman RB 81 Derek Rivers EDGE 82 Corn Elder CB 83 Samaje Perrine RB 84 Carlos Henderson WR 85 Anthony Garcia OL 86 Montravius Adams DL 87 Tyus Bowser EDGE 88 Chris Wormley DL 89 Erik Magnuson OL 90 Tyler Orlosky OL 91 Eddie Jackson S 92 Jordan Legget TE 93 Larry Ogunjobi DL 94 Shaquill Griffin CB 95 Ardarius Stewart WR 96 Jaleel Johnson DL 97 Carroll Phillips EDGE 98 Ejuan Price EDGE 99 Dawuane Smoot EDGE 100 Kareem Hunt RB 101 Jarron Jones DL 102 Adam Bisnowaty OL 103 Julie'n Davenport OL 104 Carlos Watkins DL 105 Kyle Fuller OL 106 Vince Biegel EDGE 107 Amara Darboh WR 108 Dalvin Tomlinson DL 109 Jake Butt TE 110 Nazair Jones DL 111 Ryan Switzer WR 112 Charles Walker DL 113 Josh Jones S 114 Kendall Beckwith ILB 115 KD Cannon WR 116 Tanzel Smart DL 117 Dorian Johnson OL 118 Jalen Myrick CB 119 Corey Clement RB 120 Roderick Johnson OL 121 Elijah Qualls DL 122 Brian Allen CB 123 Jadar Johnson S 124 Malachi Dupre WR 125 Noah Brown WR 126 Josh Reynolds WR 127 Wayne Gallman RB 128 Soujorn Shelton CB 129 Jordan Morgan OL 130 David Sharpe OL 131 Artavis Scott WR 132 John Johnson S 133 Donnell Pumphrey RB 134 Eddie Vanderdoes DL 135 Elijah Lee ILB 136 Deatrich Wise Jr EDGE 137 Amba Etta-Tawo WR 138 Joe Mathis EDGE 139 Ryan Glasgow DL 140 Trestan Decoud CB 141 Vincent Taylor DL 142 Alex Anzalone ILB 143 Jon Toth OL 144 DJ Jones DL 145 Jalen Robinette WR 146 Anthony Walker ILB 147 Darreus Rogers WR 148 Jay Guillermo OL 149 De'Veon Smith RB 150 Davon Godchaux DL 151 Chad Hansen WR 152 Ben Boulware ILB 153 Freddie Stevenson FB 154 Brendan Langley CB 155 Montae Nicholson S 156 Tashawn Bower EDGE 157 Tarik Cohen RB 158 Channing Stribling CB 159 Rayshawn Jenkins S 160 Lorenzo Jerome S 161 Marquell Lee ILB 162 TJ Logan RB 163 Marquez White CB 164 Bryan Cox DL 165 Jeremiah Ledbitter DL 166 Jamal Carter S 167 Jalen Reeves-Maybin ILB 168 Sam Rogers FB I'll post my Qbs in order as well but the colour coding no longer works here but just as a reference point, I have all the qbs either in Jarron Jones's tier (starting at 101) or below it Mitch Trubisky QB Deshaun Watson QB Deshone Kizer QB Patrick Mahomes QB Brad Kaaya QB Davis Webb QB Nate Peterman QB Josh Dobbs QB Chad Kelly QB Jerod Evans QB Seth Russell QB CJ Beathard QB And here is the positional breakdown of the big board Position Draftable Players QB 11 RB 13 FB 2 OL 22 WR 23 TE 7 EDGE 23 DL 22 ILB 12 S 16 CB 28 TOTAL 179 Thanks for the read if you made it this far. Let me know what you think about the mock, the board, about maybe putting this on a google drive if that's easier. Oh yeah, and just for everyone's sanity, please don't quote this whole post...
  10. that's absolutely fine - i absolutely prefaced the whole post with how long it would be - i titled this topic as a "bible" of sorts so that people can revisit a decent version of my board and a mock at will for reference anyway: im not sure entirely about arizona going qb but i think that 2 qbs are going before our pick in some combination or other - and if they dont id be surprised, honestly, if john ross, a lineman or maybe taco charlton dont get reached on ahead of our pick in stead - in terms of that pick specifically though i thought the cardinals would be happy with carson palmer but i took a quick visit round the cardinals-centric media and the fans at least seem to be clamouring for a first round qb if watson/trubisky are available at 13 - if anything the fan worries on those sites seems to be that neither of those guys might make it... it made me think how we, as a fanbase, are preparing for maybe a no-qb top 15 and yet there are other fanbases terrified that 2/3 qbs are going before 13 - some fanbases are scared that trubisky might be gone before the 6th pick despite the jets being in love with him - different fanbases evidently have different fears and id much rather their's be more realistic because it helps us out tenfold all this does though is highlights just how likely the top teams in the draft are going to try and trade down from their picks - i just dont see anyone except maybe the browns and jets who would take up those offers... in terms of lawson: i picked him because i feel like his talent is too strong at that point to turn down but obviously mentioned anderson because he was still on the board and available - i felt strongly that one of those two edge rushers would be good value at that pick (or evan engram if neither were available) - id love to have carl lawson because i think he's a ridiculous playmaker but obviously the worry is the injuries although i dont see them as being much more serious than john ross's in terms of moreau: i really think the 3rd round is going to be the cornerback sweet spot because some of the higher ranked corners will drop because there's so many that the really needy teams will already have grabbed one and the non-needy teams will try and wait for value... so even if moreau isnt the pick i could see 2 corners in this round just because i think the value of cam sutton, jourdan lewis (if he's still on the ravens board), rasul douglas, cordrea tankersley, howard wilson, akello witherspoon, damontae kazee are similar enough to warrant their being selected close to each other - id prefer some of those later guys in the 4th but if we got 2 in the 3rd id be happy - in pretty much any combination of the above guys jon toth i like, and im not sure he would be available in the 5th round if im brutally honest - but i could see the ravens maybe grabbing a 4th round DT or WR or even another corner (if they didnt get 2 in the 3rd) or a pass rusher if they were to then grab toth in the 5th
  11. not to call anyone out but i was just looking at the list of people online and it says who's viewing what which is interesting (if not slightly disconcerting) but there was someone viewing the thread about the ravens signing caleb hanie in 2013... i have so many questions for that person...
  12. do you think there is a days lost stat on the personal profile somewhere? i feel like ray ray here would be close to the top... maybe just languishing behind wiz
  13. i so nearly cried watching logan... partly because of the last of us though
  14. literally as i wrote the last post the laptop just jumped forward an hour to 2:35 so i think you're right - still disconcerting when that happens
  15. yeah but its telling me a different time to my laptop lol - both apple products... so i dont know which one to believe...
  16. yeah lol - i realised i was spelling it wrong and couldnt find his name on the big board using the search function... so is this just for players who've already been selected?
  17. my bad - i edited and now have realised its a useless post without the names lol
  18. soz i didnt realise that was a rule - my bad
  19. also btw, the clocks went forward 22 minutes ago in the UK and it's really unnerving right now - i have literally no idea what time it is
  20. can anyone think off the top of their head, of any female-lead alt rock 90s songs? im thinking like zombie by the cranberries, dont speak by no doubt, what's up by 4 non blondes, ironic by alanis morrisette... i feel like there's so many songs like these that im just forgetting and its been bugging me
  21. it was probably more like joe's father's brother's nephew's cousin's niece's uncle's cousin's wife's brother-in-law
  22. simultaneously the most and least effort put into a single post all at once
  23. what are the rules? are there any?