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  1. we have intriguing guys at the moment - guys we are more hopeful about than expectant and yet that somehow feels liberating lol - although i freely acknowledge that this is a highly purple-tinted point of view
  2. this was literally the most time i've ever spent on a post this short...
  3. eye gvie up. u r 2 gd @ argemruents. wuts ven the piont in dnying ur brlllanc. yu w1n.
  4. i just did a mock - i might do a post tomorrow - where davis slid to us without ross going in the top 16 on a side note about mocks: i always find it hard mocking to other teams sometimes because there are so many seemingly left field media picks that i would love to happen because they drop guys i have valued higher on my big board but i cant justify in my head because i dont see why it happens lol - like ive seen taco charlton mocked ahead of our pick a lot but i dont see it so i didnt mock him there but in my head i wonder whether he will go and push back yet more great prospects to us... i always find myself maybe forcing 1 pick but all it would take is a team falling in love with ross or charlton or peppers or lamp or humphrey or bolles or any of the qbs and we end up with even more choices than we all initially envisioned - we are so stuck as a board in our valuations of players for the ravens that its hard to justify different valuations for other teams - i guess thats why eric decosta runs the draft (and evidently predicts it right) and not us
  5. oh im worried too but of all the positions to be worried about, the ravens always seem to find ways to fill RT and ILB - i dont know how they'll do it, and you may be right and they do bring in ramcyzk (although id be surprised) but they have to play someone there so theyll bring someone in or itll be someone on the roster already - im kind of excited about it being an unknown guy like wagner was though
  6. i think you misunderstand me slightly - need is part of the BPA calculation - all i mean by that comment is the need doesnt innately affect the position of prospects on the ravens board because it's already taken into account and therefore the ravens are always going to follow BPA because its their own symbiotic creation that pre-weighs need, talent and value
  7. pretty high i think - but im not sure he'll be the BPA when we get there - i see him as being a tweener for our 2nd and 3rd round pick - not quite good enough for one and gone before the other
  8. need obviously comes into BPA - the ravens probably wont have anything higher than a day 3 grade on any of the qbs (maybe 3rd round if they really like a guy) - but just because need obviously comes into it doesn't necessitate the ravens always drafting solely for need, in fact that will very rarely happen - need is inherently part of BPA - it is already taken into account - but it is not the most significant part which is sometimes what people don't understand it's about tiers of value not just what number they appear on the board - in terms of talent i have evaluated cam robinson as being in the tier above all the other linemen (except maybe lamp, but that's not important in this situation because he also projects as a guard) - the tier will always come ahead of straight need because need will already be involved in calculating what tier a prospect will be in - need is likely a qualifier for differentiating between prospects within a tier (of course it will be taken into account in terms of importance as well as maybe moving prospects up and down tiers) - this is my main problem with taking ramcyzk, bolles or even feeney over robinson: i think the gulf in talent is quite large - robinson has a much higher ceiling than feeney and ramcyzk and a much higher floor than bolles and ramcyzk (to put it simply) the ravens never draft to fill spots, although it sometimes works out that way, so it will be dependent on their board - but in any case, id find it very difficult to believe they think williams is a one trick pony or they value a tackle more - both are similarly positions of need and williams has demonstrated a larger amount of talent for longer - everything williams has put on film and out in the media suggests he should be much higher than ramcyzk - so unless williams has absolutely bombed interviews and made himself impossible to work with (because even a bad interview wouldnt change what he's put on tape) and ramcyzk has hypnotised the guys in that interview room then i dont see a way that they would put these two in the same tier of talent on the big board
  9. juju's going in the 2nd round im pretty sure of it, if he does make it to the 3rd he won't make it to the ravens pick without a tradeup - i think he's gonna end up just out of range of both our picks there - he won't be worth the 2nd and he won't get near the 3rd
  10. i have worries about both - if mike williams came in, ill admit that there would be a part of me that would worry about his lack of route diversity and lack of hands-catching until he started blowing up teams - with davis id worry about the level of competition and concentration drops (like perriman had in college) i think ill worry about both of them more if we end up taking them just because i feel like we are always unlucky with these things so until it turns out good ill fear the worst - yet if they both end up on different teams i have 100% confidence that both of them will develop into stars
  11. i dont understand this as an argument - the ravens dont draft for need (when a BPA fits the need it's great but they dont always do it) lewis is great and all but he's not proven himself to be a probowl type lineman so if robinson were to come in that doesnt preclude him from winning the job at guard over lewis - we'll pick the player and worry about lewis later - i like him but he hasnt proven himself unbenchable at this point - i see no way that ramzyck or bolles are worth a top 20 pick (or maybe even top 25) either whereas i think cam as a guard is worth a high pick - no one here would complain if we brought in one of the top safeties despite having two starters entrenched already and no one would complain if we brought in barnett because judon's here already - now im not saying cam is quite as good a prospect as hooker/adams/barnett but i dont think he's got probowl potential which is hard to pass on - hell we were gonna potentially take zach martin in 2014 despite having KO and Yanda before the cowboys took him just ahead of us
  12. my problem with zay jones (and it's not a huge one) is that his ceiling is only a number 2 wide receiver - he doesnt have that same game breaking ability as the 3 guys i have above him - id prefer to have him over ross (who i do still have above him on my board) and kupp (who's below) but id much prefer davis and williams to jones - so id find it hard to justify a trade down just to enable us to pick up zay jones
  13. as much of a fan of davis as ive been throughout this whole process, and i still think he's the better prospect over williams, i still have them right next to each other on the big board at the 8th and 9th spots - if either of them is there and barnett has not fallen then they will be the pick - whichever one... either one improves us immensely in slightly different ways and we'd be privileged to have them - i just wanted to put that out there because i dont know about everyone else (although i suspect it's the same) but i think they are close enough that i can get behind either of them coming to baltimore at 16 and i dont feel that strongly about which one
  14. i wish id seen this before i posted the thing above... i wouldnt have bothered because your immensely factual point backed with enormous quoted evidence is just too true - i cant believe i never realised this before - you're a genius
  15. stop spreading fake news and trying to reconstruct a false narrative - literally no one on this thread is saying that flacco played well enough and that he doesnt need to improve - this idea you're peddling that any fans who think positively about flacco are just sheep for the ownership's decisions is lamentable and frankly insulting - stop making lazy assumptions: most posters on this board criticised flacco mercilessly through the season as he was playing badly - to assume they are blindly supporting him now just because they defend him against the idea that he isn't a good qb is just unnecesary - the debate is about whether there were mitigating factors that might lead to improvement this coming season or whether (as some of the "haters" are suggesting) he's not a good qb anymore which i think is a ridiculous thing to say after only 2 years of bad football and 1 of those seasons coming off an injury - the idea that a qb is done and cannot do something he has already done before in the past is a ridiculous notion that certainly doesnt come from analysis of form, history or any other relevant factors - there is no logical reason to believe flacco would be "done" at this point which is why people so vehemently defend him against your narrative - i dont see how defending flacco against criticism that he might not be worthy of starting for the ravens anymore is unreasonable given he has done it for so many years with great success you can acknowledge he has not played well and still think he's a good qb the two are not mutual exclusive