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  1. also he seems to forget that nfl tackles used to be college tackles - and most of them werent picked particularly high in the draft
  2. oh wow that's amazing - im glad they are doing that
  3. so often though it's guys like rappoport who spoil it anyway lol - what are they gonna do to him - they literally pay him to do what they would be asking him not to do
  4. this is why he puts so much stock on 40 times - it's coz they are all shirtless and in their underwear
  5. i meant guys to make the 53 not the 90
  6. I still err on the side of Davis, I know he faced off coverage a lot etc. and the level of competition is lower, and he didnt run the 40 - and yet watching him high point the ball and hands catch it and the way he runs routes is beautiful either way id be a fan of the pick if they were the two options
  7. he was BPA on my board so i picked him there...
  8. you can never have enough good corners - this would give us jimmy smith, brandon carr, tavon young, fabian moreau, ahkello witherspoon, maurice canady - i like that a lot as a set of 6 personally
  9. yes yes yes - i need to be put back in my place lol
  10. maybe it's the effect of the media but im heavily souring on the idea of foster - the way he's dealt with everything concerns me (not just the actual off-field stuff)
  11. lol and the fact that i like corey davis doesnt make me a homer somehow simply because he also likes him? unless he's also a homer... i mean his name would suggest he is... also as someone from London, quite how I could be accused of homerism when talking about college football prospects is crazy
  12. but the ravens never draft for need
  13. with the 78th pick in the draft, the Baltimore Ravens select Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado
  14. how are we homers for disagreeing about your assessment of a player who isnt on our team and probably wont end up on our team?
  15. then in what way is the 40 a good assessment of athleticism either? he doesnt look slow on tape so the only place i could see you finding him slow is the 40...