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  1. I guess it's more of a personally inflected Baltimore board but then again isn't everyone's? ill think on it some more and maybe just post as far down my board (currently up to about 130) as I feel I've watched enough of a player to make a decent representation of their value vs people I have around similar spots - so maybe like the first 70-80... I shall think on this and maybe post tomorrow
  2. I'm nearly ready to post a big board here but i'm not sure how deep to go in terms of numbers... I don't know whether to do the top 32 or a top 50 or a top 64 or a top 100/102 or something like that...
  3. big fan of the first 3 rounds here although - carroll phillips would not be my first choice of edge guy in the 3rd but rasul douglas in the 3rd is a great pick - desmond king i think should go in the 1st so to get him in the 2nd is a great pickup and corey davis is top 10 on my board at the moment so that's also a great pickup i dont like the 6th and 7th rounders - i think jalen reeves maybin is not worth picking up at all to be honest and i think cj beathard's accuracy issues are just too problematic
  4. ive been going back to the barnett film the last few days because of everyone cooling on him and if anything i've come out of it more hyped about him as a prospect - and in terms of being a 3-4 olb he has shown all the qualities to suggest he can be as effective at either spot - i've seen him rush from 3point stance and standing up, ive seen him drop into coverage and he bends the edge like no other prospect in this class with good hand usage as well he's my 6th prospect at the moment - i just moved him up a couple of spots on my board
  5. im a big fan of corey davis - he's currently 9th on my big board
  6. i really like lawson but not in the 1st and maybe not in the 2nd (although i wouldn't hate him there)
  7. I think I have 5/6 edge rushers ranked ahead of him at the moment - and I'm not as influenced by combine numbers as the media etc. so it's unlikely to change much unless someone points out something I've missed on film
  8. i don't like him that much for us though - so i hope he gets himself into the top 15 or something and someone else takes him so someone better drops
  9. not a fan of jaeln reeves-maybin but otherwise i'd be ok with this draft - lamp in the 2nd is a great pickup and i dont really know what to think of carl lawson - he's a bona fide game changer but he's just got such availability issues / risks around him that it's hard to know whether to take the risk - a bit like jaylon smith and myles jack last year
  10. maybe in the media but there are a few guys on here who are on the chris godwin train, likewise isaiah ford - those two both look like good prospects who will hopefully be available late in the the 3rd round and into the 4th but in terms of liking him, i'm 100% with you
  11. just because he doesn't think westbrook isn't a perfect talent doesn't mean he doesn't like his skillset, it just means he's not the perfect prospect - critiques are inherent in the process of evaluating players otherwise everyone would just be guessing - and there are many other productive players than dede westbrook who don't have a history of domestic violence charges - and likewise you have to look at the specifics of every single case and the specifics of westbrook's charges are suspicious to say the least given their manner and the reasons for them being dropped etc. - im not dismissing him completely because you're right i dont have all the facts, but the ravens will (and if they don't they won't draft him) but given i think dorial green beckham was off our board i think westbrook is guaranteed to be off our board whereas someone like ryan anderson who was also charged with domestic violence, if you look at the specifics of the case i would suggest he'd probably still be on our board despite the DV charge in terms of listing players with no history of red flags who then do stuff, no team has a crystal ball, you can only draft what someone has shown - if someone is a headcase then that might show up in interviews etc. but you don't really have any idea if anyone is going to do something they / your team will regret so there's no point listing them because they have no baring on the draft process because you can't know any of these things without hindsight and there is something to be said for "double jeopardy" given the role model status / omnipresence of the public eye in high profile sports - players have to be held to a higher standard because they are highly visible and set an example... the nfl must as far as possible be seen to be moral or it will eventually lose the support of fans and there very much is a difference between being proven innocent and having the "matter" dropped - in the second case you have to look deeper into the situation because of the US's historically terrible record in court on domestic and/or sexual violence the link doesn't really prove your point at all either... only 3 of those 7 players have done anything, 1 of them didn't get drafted, 1 of them has been a perennial practice squad player, 1 has already shipped team once and then got lost on the depth chart, 1 has been suspended twice already in his short career and showed up to training camp overweight and been released - of the other 3, marcus peters and jameis winston were both picked before our 1st pick so we had no chance to take them and particularly with peters his issues definitely seemed unimportant to all teams (there's a difference between immaturity and legal trouble), frank clark is the only real outlier on that list... and he was seen as a mid rounder at the time anyway who seattle took at the end of the 2nd - so that link really doesn't help your point
  12. i still feel uncomfortable about jameis winston - not as a football player - and it's not a blanket concern whereby you take everyone off your list but id be uncomfortable about dede westbrook
  13. DV is not just a past "boo boo" - it's a reprehensible thing that is untouchable to the Ravens and I'd stand by that 100%. There is no way Dede Westbrook would or should be on our team.
  14. likewise i dont see hooker getting past the chargers (wanted to say san diego ) those two just make so much sense going to jax and LA
  15. i think that's what people are trying to rationalise - dbs so rarely go in the top 10 and there are at least 3 who are expected to go around then - is it crazy to maybe see on of the safeties fall? probably but we can all hope...