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  1. The only rb in this draft that is more talented than Mixon is Cook. If he were to fall I'd love to draft him but we all know that won't happen.
  2. Since Garrett and Barnett will be gone, I'm hoping Taco Charlton is the pick. Not a big fan of Tim Williams
  3. The video was 2 years ago and he was already punished for it. I'm not saying Baltimore is the team to draft him because we all know that's not going to happen, but some team will.
  4. He's too good. If Mixon comes out, he'll be picked
  5. IR or not, more than likely going to end up a bad pick. I still don't see how you pass on Noah Spence there.
  6. Time for harbaugh and Ozzie to go
  7. Absolutely
  8. West and Buck Allen.... It's about time
  9. Bosa. Easily
  10. Agreed to an extent. Buckner is good, but I don't want to use the 6th pick on him. If they're able to trade back, get extra picks and still take him then that would be ok.