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  1. I wonder will the ravens trade a low mid round pick to say 49ers who are transitioning to a 4-3 defense for say a Aaron Lynch or Eli Harold. I heard about Connor Barwin but he costs a nice bit of change to trade for the others might not cost really that much in a cap charge.
  2. The Ravens need about 2 cb's out of this draft taken in the top 4 rounds. Don't care how they do it just do it!
  3. The Ravens need to take the best player available in the secondary at 16. Rookie Tavon Young was the best CB last year and Weddle was our best safety. We need to upgrade the speed at that position and become more physical on the back end. Jimmy Smith for the money he is getting and the history of injuries could be a cap casualty. The way the depth in the secondary is playing out we could take 2 or 3 secondary players (2 cb's/1 safety).
  4. I like Juice but I would talk to Williams first and use that money to ensure I get the key free agent out their for the ravens. The Ravens are the one team in the NFL that like a FB but have TE's that can fill in. Boyle and Gilmore are very good blocking TE's. Juice still gets stood up in the hole trying to dig LB's out, I agree he has good hands being a TE in college but his blocking hasn't caught up.
  5. I wouldn't touch him tall tackles weighing this much don't generally last too long at tackle, they get moved to guard, because they get exposed out in space with quick DE's/LB's. He could be a mckinnie, Aaron Gibson type that we can't afford to be protecting Joe. We got a dancing bear in Stanley we don't need a blubbering whale at right tackle.
  6. I'm not sure if Zuttah will be back because of the money he is making. I'm not sure if Urshel is really the answer at center either. Alex Lewis might fit more at RT it would probably help him more if he has a future HOF in Yanda at RG helping him. The biggest concern is obviously who is gonna fill that LG spot since KO left.
  7. Since the Ravens need a upgrade from Webb why not replace him with CB that has actually ball skills and can tackle. The kid isn't afraid to stick his nose and he is a ball hawk. The Ravens need defensive playmakers in the short term he can play some CB while transitioning to safety.
  8. We'll see because there are a bunch of teams who have boatloads of cash and will back the truck up. Shouldn't the Ravens get a 3rd rd comp pick for KO? Shouldn't we also get a comp pick for Upshaw too?
  9. I like East Carolina's Zay Jones and NC Ryan Switzer they were very productive, good route runners. We have a lot of speed something we didn't have years ago but now we need wr's who can work intermediate routes and get open. Joe needs more dependable targets that he is comfortable with besides Pitta and the RB's.
  10. The Ravens ILB's have evolved into a glorified SS. I mean really as a fan of where the Ravens D once was to now, yes we have changed at that position. That being said we need a coverage MLB that can be a thumper, Ryan Shazier is a fantastic drag down tackler who is athletic. I would love the Ravens to get away from that and get a instinctive thumper like a Denzel Perryman. He's athletic enough to cover but wants to knock u out in the backfield. I see Anthony Walker Jr. worthy of a mid round pick and I do like Ben Boulware worth a late round pick. This is not a high priority depending on the front office perception of Correria and Onowossur.
  11. I believe this years cb crop could be the deepest in the last two years. I wouldn't have a problem them taking 2 in 1st and 2nd rd or 3rd and 4th rd. Depth is key the Arringtons, Wright's, are getting old. Jimmy Smith getting hurt is getting old. We need secondary help that performs, stays healthy, and makes plays.
  12. I'm not sure why some of these RB's are on the list because some are in the same mold as Dixon, West, Allen, and Lorenzo. The ravens got the same cut of back on the roster. Unless Fournette or Cook fall to 16 the ravens will probably do what they have done the few years. They will take one in the middle rounds running in the range of 4.5-4.7 standing 5'10-6ft weighing 210-220lbs nothing that will set your hair on fire. I wouldn't be opposed to Alvin Kamara or Curtis Samuel from Ohio St. because they give you a receiving dynamic and they are actually fast.
  13. This could be another position of need in the draft based on just the lack of depth. If Reuben Foster is at 16 I could see the former Bama alum here. I could also see us taking a Ben Boulware in 5th-6th rd because a Boulware has never did a Ravens d wrong.
  14. I would like Ed to come back but I don't think Harbaugh will bring him back. I would like to see a secondary coach brought in from outside. Maybe a Ray Horton or bring back Mike Petitine. As far as Dume cut him, too much money invested for someone who plays just 3rd down and has a foot injury. Players like Wright, Webb, Lewis, Arrington will soon follow. Restructures will be asked of Zuttah and J. Smith probably. Atleast the Ravens can make a competitive offer to Williams and Wagner. I'm sure they will look at the backups to see if they are ready to move on. Pierce did well to beat out Carl Davis for snaps so he is a viable replacement. I'm not sure if Alex Lewis can be a starter at RT he wasn't that good at LG.
  15. I wonder would they go after Gus Bradley or Ray Horton to replace Leslie. Chris Hewitt has been tried and it really didn't go that well. Not sure if it was because of lack of talent or coaching but as a fan I would prefer someone hired from outside organization.