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  1. So I am not clear on how comp picks work but as far as I know, a team cannot get a comp pick if they sign the same number of players as they lost. If that's the case why people keep saying that we would get a 3th round or 4th round comp pick next year? What if we sign players and get nothing for him?
  2. 8m for Pryor. Not bad at all.
  3. I don't know what to think about this move until I see the complete roster. I'm sure the FO have a plan and executing that. If paying Williams leave us without a decent oline then it's a bad move. The end product will tell us more.
  4. I would add Harbough as well. No matter what people say he is a great coach. We should keep him as long as the players don't quit and give everything they have. Most people say 2015 season was a disappointment but for me seeing our backup players beating the Steelers and staying in the game, every game until the end was huge. And that's what I expect from the ravens and our coach, win or lose.
  5. I still don't know what to expect from Kafusi. What exactly his position is?
  6. I think last year's class was weaker. Imo we will see 3 qb picks in top 10 this year.
  7. He is the only backup T that we have. Another olineman in the first 4 rounds would not shock me.
  8. I think Peppers would be a nice fit for us since we can also use him as a returner. But I don't want us to pick him at 16, I think there is a chance that he falls to the 2nd round. My question is would you be ok to give up our first 3rd rounder and 2nd rounder to pick him if he falls that far? That would give us 2 first round talent and we would still have our comp pick at 3rd round. Idk if a mid 3rd round pick is enough to jump up 10-15 spots in the second round tho.
  9. I would only cut Watson. Sign a Veteran WR and get younger through draft. Webb and Weedle are a good pair imo. People don't like Zuttah and Wright but I think they are still decent NFL players, keep them for depth unless. We just need to find a good pass rush and a #2CB in draft.
  10. I mean Wright was not that bad early in the season. Especially against the bills. Overall our cbs exceeded my expectations.
  11. I think we will trade down either in 1st or 2nd round to get more picks. We need depth not just starters.
  12. It's really hard for me to watch these games knowing that we are a better team than both. We could have done really good things this year..
  13. What do you guys think of Quincy Adeboyejo? I think the guy has potential.
  14. 10-6 easy
  15. The more I read about this draft the more I feel like we are going to trade down.