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  1. No I never said that. I'm saying worthy of the 16th pick? I'm not quite sure. Plenty of value there I think where we can plug a skill player right in and play. Ex: if a Davis,Howard, M.Williams, Possibly even dalvin cook now that Dixon is suspended. Or a guy like Gareon Conley as a Corner. If we trade down to possibly 20th-24 and get a pick or two and still get Williams I'm all for it. This draft is deep I think with talent in the 3rd and 4th rounds where players can start right away or contribute a lot.
  2. Thanks for proving my point to prove you wrong YoeyFlex, Ryan Anderson is better and more depth in the later rounds at edge. Focus on the skill, playmakers in the beginning rounds and worry about edge later. Thanks
  3. See Somerset Ravens reply. Thanks JoeyFlexx See Somerset Ravens reply for my answer..thanks and have a fannnnnntastic Sunday
  4. Thanks for proving my point for me, god bless
  5. Someone is on the field 80%+ plays and not just an edge rusher. Being able to stop the run is just as important as is rushing the passer being selected at 16. Tim Williams, imo, isn't worthy of a 16 selection being a one trick player. Disappeared in the Championship game must have forget to mention. having a big bodied receiver such as Corey Davis on the board to fill our need of adding a player on offense and to supplement the speed we already have would be a huge gain
  6. If this happened I would be heated. All picks are a round too early, selecting Tim Williams at 16 with playmakers on the board still would be ridiculous. We need athletic, playmakers at the skill positions. Selecting an edge rusher doesn't qualify as that. Tim Williams disappeared in the Championship game against Clemson do we forget that? His counterpart on the other side, Ryan Anderson, stood out the most to me. There will be quality edge rushers in rounds 2-4, so taking a playmaker (WR,CB) is a top priority. Unless of course someone falls at a position we need or BPA.. ex: Oj Howard, Ruben Foster, Mike Williams. although don't get me wrong, i however don't feel any CB is worthy at 16 albeit the recently injured Sidney Jones. And we know that's out of the question now. All I'm saying is we need playmakers, not stockpiling hopeful edge rushers who we hope they can morf into a Suggs. Won't happen
  7. I like the trailer park boys reference hahahahah