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  1. So this week Walter Football has us drafting nothing but Oline and defensive front. Round 1: Cam Robinson Round 2: Dan Feeney Round 3: Carroll Phillips Round 4: Elijah Qualls
  2. Has anyone seen the CB grades given to combine participants? I knew they had given Quincy Wilson a 5.7, but I didn't think they would have 13 CBs graded higher than him.
  3. From what I've seen a lot of people don't believe there should be an offensive lineman taken in the top 15, maybe even 20.
  4. Can someone please tell me why Walter from Walter Football has us going with Cam Robinson in the first with guys like Jones and Wilson on the board. Then he has us taking Malachi Dupre in the second with guys like Tim Williams, Tre'Davious White, Cooper Kupp, and Budda Baker still available after our pick just to name a few.
  5. There is no way Reubon Foster drops to 16. He is a top 10 draft pick. Exactly! In the last six NFL Draft there have only been two players draft by the Ravens, but every time you look up someone is being mocked all because of the connection.
  6. Am I the only one getting tired of seeing players from Alabama mocked to us because of the "Ozzie" connection?
  7. Ian Rapaport thinks he's still a top 10 guy.
  8. I think it was listed on Walter Football that Quincy Wilson played in the slot before he became a starter, so he has some type of experience going against those smaller types of WRs.
  9. Jimmy was just listed as a top 10 shutdown corner in the NFL. You shouldn't consider wasting his talent by moving him to safety.
  10. Yeah, if anything he could go in the late rounds if he has a good Pro day and if he's invited to the Combine. If we could catch him as an UDFA it be really good, because that would allow us to use draft picks else where.
  11. Idk if he can but one guy that is coming out is TJ Logan. He played the role at unc that he would be asked to play for the Ravens and he returns kicks.
  12. Charlie from Walter Football has us taking Quincy Wilson, Alvin Kamara, and Carl Lawson this go around.
  13. I wasn't worried about an interception, he didn't throw a lot of those.
  14. Lol the FSU game? I was kinda shocked when it happened.
  15. He was a one year starter not because he wasn't good enough to get on the field, it was because Fedora wanted to go with the guy that he had seen play against college competition. What have you seen to say he that he is mistake prone and lacks velocity (I recently read an article where scouts think he has the velocity to be a starter in the NFL). Can't drive the ball down field??? I've seen him drive the ball 50 yards down field while throwing off his back foot. If anything he sometimes displays bad mechanics which prevents him from doing that, but that is fixable.