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  1. 1. Derek Barnett 2. Quincy Wilson 3. Chris Godwin 3. Ethan Pocic
  2. Chris Roling from BR has us taking John Ross with Mike Williams and Corey Davis still on the board.
  3. Wasn't Caleb Brantley just involved in a physical altercation with a woman recently? If so doesn't that take him off our board?
  4. Yeah I think they are just throwing things out there now.
  5. Exactly, him and Charlie are fixed on that being the pick. But Quincy Wilson is on the board in the 2nd and Sidney Jones is one of the guys left on the board after both of our picks in the 3rd.
  6. Has anyone seen the latest mock draft from Walter over at Walterfootball.com? RD1: Cam Robinson, OL RD2: Carl Lawson, Edge RD3: Dalvin Tomlinson, DT RD3 Comp: Noah Brown, WR RD4: Jeremy McNichols, RB RD5: Brian Allen, CB
  7. No I don't think so. If no team reaches for need, then no OL player should go top 20.
  8. Trust me I don't get caught up in them. Like you said Joseph was lauded as a 2nd rounder until a couple of weeks before the draft. Could you see someone like Johnson who has been listed as a person that lacks athleticism and sources from teams having him as a 4th or 5th rounder making that kind of jump?
  9. It may be time to stop looking at mock drafts when you start seeing Dorian Johnson as a first round pick. There was also two OL that went in the top 10.
  10. There is actually a mock draft like. Draft Utopia had us taking Charles Harris and Tim Williams in the first two rounds last week.
  11. After taking Barnett all the other draft picks are blown up, due to the fact that you wouldn't have to draft Tim Williams.
  12. My big problem with the pick in the first round is that Derek Barnett was still on the board.
  13. Derek Whoolery of National Mock Drafts has us taking: RD1: Forrest Lamp, G RD2: Tim Williams, OLB RD3: Taywan Taylor, WR RD3 Comp: Cameron Sutton, CB RD4: Jaylen Reeves-Maybin, LB RD5: Damien Mama, G RD6: Elijah Hood, RB
  14. Fabian Moreau and Quincy Wilson are two players left on the board.
  15. Tony Pauline has us going Tim Williams in the first round, then he has us taking David Njoku in the second.