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  1. Love the Ross pick! Imagine having Perriman, Wallace, and Ross...we'd have the fastest receiving core in world history haha. With those three on the field, it would tough for the opposing D to shut them down! And in case you're wondering about possession type guys, well, that's what our plethora of TE's are for. Williams, Gilmore, Boyle, Watson, Pitta, Waller can all be effective pass catchers, especially in rotation. I like moving Waller back to WR as a big-bodied possession guy. I like the second round pick, but it's a toss up between Quincy Williams and King to me. For our second round picks I think we'll go OLB and OL.
  2. I like Alex Lewis better at RT than at LG. He seems like an athletic guy who protect the edge. To me he doesn't seem much like the mauler type at guard, who can open holes for the run game. I think center is number one priority. I remember to the year before when Jensen played LG while KO played LT. Jensen looked amazing at guard - although being next to KO.
  3. How about BRA? Best reciever available. -Corey Davis: best overall WR. Physcial, great route runner, speed enough for deep ball, red zone target, etc. -Mike Williams: great size and strength, true possession WR, great at contented catches, red zone target. He doesn't have sudden burst though. Would be great complement to Perriman. -John Ross: stupid fast, good route runner and deep threat, shifty, playmaker. I think any of these dudes can help tremendously and make our team a lot better now and in The future.
  4. Mike Williams just had a great pro day for Clemson. He ran in the mid 4.5s, probably solidifying himself as the #1 wr in the draft. And as for possession wr, we don't need a "possession Reciever; we are looking for a chain mover. Ross can do that! Then we have M. Williams, Boyle, Crockett, and Waller whom can be possession dudes. I even like rotating Waller in at WR for a "possession WR." Imagine drafting Ross and having him be our kick returner, while Campanaro is our punt returner and WR in dime situations.
  5. Love this. Toth is my number 1 center.
  6. Are you drunk?
  7. I love the Levine signing. I love him as a special teams ace and back up SS. But where I think the real value may lie, is at ILB. We got Mosley who is a top MLB. He's a true tackling machine, who can shed blocks and blitz. Even shows some range in coverage. But, I think Levine can play Orr's role! Just look at players like Deon Bucannon, Deion Jones, Su'a Cravens, and Mark Barron. These hybrid safety/linebckers excel in coverage and being able to really run sideline-to-sideline. I think Levine can be a great complement Mosley. Levine had a great preseason last year. We also may having something in Correa at ILB or Osawor
  8. Alex Lewis was a better tackle coming out of college than Rick Wagner. More athletic, while the same size. Ravens have had good luck drafting Oline. Stanley and Lewis can be two great young tackles. we need a legit backup tackle, though. Yanda- best guard in the game. Check. As for RG, Urschel or Jensen? Zuttah= subpar. I'd say with one of our round 3 picks, we'll come away with a new starting tackle or center. I'd feel good about our line if Lewis can play solid at RT (which I expect), Stanley gets better (which he did by the end of the year), Yanda is healthy, and we come away with a really solid center or guard.
  9. Can Pierce play DT along song Williams at NT?
  10. What if we used that money to try and sign DB Stephan Gilmore from Buffalo. We'd have Smith, Gilmore, Young, as well as Weddle and Jefferson. We wouldn't have to use a high draft pick on CB. Pierce and Carl Davis playing NT instead...
  11. What if we went to a 4-3 D more often and had Williams and Pierce as DTs...with Jernigan and whomever steps up at DE. That would be beastly and we wouldn't have to rely on our lack of legit OLB pass rushers... Just a thought...
  12. This hurts. Can we sign Pryor? I'd feel much better.
  13. Just think about this: Round 1: John Ross. What if we had Ross in the slot, Perriman and Wallace on the outside. That would be the fastest group of WRs in history. They all have potential to be good all around WRs, rather than just down the field threats. Round 2: Best available CB. White, Conely, King, Wilson? Any of them can step in and be a day 1 started. Round 3: Center Round 3: Pass Rusher
  14. Quincy Wilson is the guy I see on the board still when our pick roles around, although Sidney Jones may be too, in which I'd take Jones. Quincy and Jimmy on the outside would be awesome; they'd be two huge cover corners! However, if we were to play the Pats, all their WRs are small and shifty, so we wouldn't match up too well. Tavon in the slot is going to be awesome.
  15. I think Quincy Wilson will be there, and Lattimore, Sidney Jones, Barnett, and Williams all gone. Shoot, Quincy Wilson and Jimmy Smith would be two huge cover corners on the outside. Tavon Young in the slot. I'd actually really like to see corners get drafted round one and round two, to go from our weakness to our strength. All young great talent.