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  1. Man, with all the TJ Watt cutups released today, you really see a special guy. He can get so quickly in the backfield.
  2. Here's my bold statement of the week: the 2018 RB draft class will be better than this year's.
  3. I take Wilson before any of the above. Lattimore is the only one that has shown more on the field and his injury history is the most worrying of the entire class (yes, more than Lawson's)
  4. If he's triple covered, there's a good chance we'll get a DPI.
  5. Did I miss something?
  6. Not the only area where he improved tremendously though. His speed to power conversion and his array of moves come to mind but I really didn't see the same player in 2015 and 2016.
  7. Oh, I was talking about the "best OT in the class" label, which is like being the tallest midget in this draft class, not arguing with Walt's int which sounds pretty fair. Robinson is growing on me but I'm still debating wether it wouldn't be better to just take a RT in the 3rd or 4th and develop him like every OLinemen we have had.
  8. Not to be the negative Nancy, but it doesn't really mean a lot...
  9. I mean... I'd probably be okay with him if there wasn't this injury history, because he's going to be a good NFL receiver, I just don't know for how long and how often.
  10. It's just that I've had enough with 4.2 guys who can screw up their ACL anytime...
  11. Witherspoon can flat out cover. He's the picture perfect of the lengthy guy that deflects so many ball with his wingspan and his COD skills are still really nice. A bit raw but great upside.
  12. I would second that, or at least the part about his mobility. He absolutely doesn't move.
  13. It's not like Witherspoon runs away from guys...
  14. I like it. Like you said, pick 16 is all about adding special talents and Reddick definitely is. He could also make an interesting duo with Correa, with two guys that can both blitz or drop, which wouls bring a lot of chaos. Anderson is a Judon type of player, nothing that looks really special but he'll still play and play well on Sunday because he's a football player. Also really a fan of Witherspoon and Asiata.
  15. Thanks, I hesitated with a few other prospects but having Henderson, Zay Jones and Samuel in the same receiving corps looked really impressive.