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  1. Matt Miller above all else, and I also like Mayock's and Jeremiah's hindsight, although they tend to make some strange picks at times. Brooks is good but at times he tends to put a Captain Obvious cap.
  2. Jaguars select Solomon Thomas. Tomlin likes him, Campbell is old and Fowler could use less attention on him in order to finally flourish. On my phone so no pic right now, just figured I'd help move fast.
  3. I love the McKinley and Thompson picks
  4. Oh it wasn't a critic, Charles is my favourite player after SSS. But a lot of players have gotten comparisons to him, while Ronal Jones really looks like him the most. Exact same mimics when running. Never really saw Pierce since he was cut when I got into football. I'll watch some highlights of his though. He doesn't look as powerful as Chubb, but point taken, I'll see by myself anyway!
  5. Yes yes I know, it was my original message. I need to see more of Barkley but I don't know if he has the power. He is certainly elusive and has that breakaway speed though! Also Ronald Jones looks too much like Jamaal Charles.
  6. Oh yeah it is, not saying the opposite, just stating I have a draft crush for Chubb and I don't think I've ever had one ahaha
  7. There's not a prospect I'm overly attached to this year, but I would do some crazy things to see Nick Chubb play in Purple and Black.
  8. Basham looks more realistic here and I love the fit with him here.
  9. We did have a private workout with him, so it's not entirely out of the blue.
  10. Give me Mike Williams, Carl Lawson, Desmond King and Pat Elflein and I am going off.
  11. I think we're overthinking Charles Harris. When you have a pass rusher with good physical tools, excellent work ethic, an already wide array of moves and active hands, and the Mizzou label, you deserve to be picked at 16 honestly. Not saying he's my fav prospect for us but in a DPR role he could hit 7+ sacks as a rookie without surprise.
  12. Yeah and then Jeremiah put him at 2 in his big board, so everyone kinda went to his tape and came back sold. Conley all day, he has instincts that I love and feels the game so well. Apart from his poor tackling and a horrible game vs Michigan (he still shows the willingness so he'll improve) he's near flawless. King was my sleeper during the process but he lacks some scheme versatility and some mental processing right now.
  13. Marshon Lattimore. I was the first one here to name him the best CB in the draft, and still think on the field he's elite, but with his harmstring issues I wouldn't want him here, and yes even at pick 16.
  14. McKinley is really growing on me.
  15. Yeah, rumors have the Cowboys very interested in him too... We'll see.