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  1. I think Malik is the best interior linemen in the draft when he is motivated that is
  2. I wouldn't be that upset with taco I'd far rather Malik though
  3. Not sure if he'll fall that far what about the first round pick?
  4. I will be extremely upset if we were to trade up for Robinson, but seeing how we are good at finding Olinemen in the middle and late rounds I'm hoping we won't take him with our first pick lol
  5. Being who?
  6. I would be all for this if we got Malik
  7. We need a big physical corner opposite jimmy, our only major weakness on defense is not being able to matchup with some of these guys, and pass rush is nonexistent at times
  8. New Orleans, Louisiana
  9. We have to start going all in on defense until the mid rounds and grab a WR
  10. My favorite pick is moving up for Cravens this would be a dream draft
  11. Yea I'm very interested to see Waller at TE as well he will be a matchup night mare just have to hope he can take it physically
  12. Yea I've said before on here, that I like Sua Cravens he is a great athlete and if he can add ten pounds of muscle he will be perfectly fine I would love him in the second round
  13. Deion Jones is a run stuffer as well, he gets lost in coverage often
  14. Yea, I hope we can trade back (depending on who falls to us) and snag Lawson I think he is going to be a great player
  15. Yea I'm a season ticket holder for LSU, I like Deion Jones a lot as a run stopper and he has a lot of potential because of his speed and athleticism but my only concern is he gets lost in coverage at times but that can be fixed so I wouldn't be mad at all if we got him in the 3rd