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  1. Do you know why we never get a response when we send a communication through contact us?
  2. This thread is about advice to the Ravens OC. When you give advice as to what works for the Patriots when our weapons have different talents does not make sense. Do you expect Dennis Pitta to succeed on the same type of plays that Gronk does? We need to run plays that maximize the talents that our players posess. You seem to be missing my point.
  3. I was not talking about other teams. How did it work for us last year?
  4. Run the ball. On third down do not throw a pass short of a first down. Run the ball. Throw deep passes regularly. Run the ball. Show imagination on offense Run the ball.
  5. I think we will trade back later in the the first round and select Forrest Lamp.
  6. I am a big fan of your draft. Your address of lot of needs and for some reason I thought you were a BPA guy. The value in the third round is exceptional. Elflein is a huge upgrade for us at center. I am a fan of Desmond King and would really like him on our roster. He can help at corner but I seeing him eventually being Weddle's replacement. King would also be valuable in the return game where we have a dire need. Good job !
  7. I think this year I would not prefer to trade up in the second round. When you consider the depth of talent in this year's draft along with how many holes we have yet to fill giving away a pick does not seem in our best interest. I also feel the more rookie contracts on our roster the better for salary cap management.
  8. With the players we want at 16 gone we trade our first round pick to Kansas City for their first and second round picks. 1 Forrest Lamp 2 Tim Williams 2 Curtis Samuel 3 Sidney Jones 3 Taylor Moton
  9. I have to ask, what was so bad about the Jernigan deal?
  10. This is a very good mock, it addresses many of our needs. The only change I would make is to drop Jake Butt and replace him with a defensive lineman.
  11. Nice mock, it offers help in areas that need help.
  12. This draft would really solidify our defense. I really like King in the third, he could help at cornerback, safety and in the return game. The problem I see with this draft is that it does little to help the offense for the 2017 season. I see Garcia and Morgan as projects that won't help much this year even though they both have good potential. With all the questions lingering around McDowell I feel we could trade back into the latter portion of the first round and still get McDowell and add a second rounder to use on an offensive lineman or receiver.
  13. You guys need to go to a better bar.
  14. Your point about the years of service under a rookie contract is a good one. Rookie contracts are so valuable even though the fifth year option for a first round pick in not always a bargain. Are you saying Sidney Jones would be a top ten pick if he were healthy?