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  1. In 2016 we were tenth in the league in time of possession. That was probably a result of our dink and dunk offense. A strong running game would be a big help with finishing drives with touchdowns instead of settling for field goals.
  2. He seems to have a knack for being in the right place. I wish the draft started tomorrow as I am anxious to see who we end up with.
  3. Hopefully we can have a conversation about Tim Williams after the 2017 season and discuss how his rookie season went. Being an Alabama fan I was wondering what you thought of Ryan Anderson? He was my second favorite player on their defense last year.
  4. I am sorry that you feel I am trying to pick apart your words, that certainly is not my intent. I am trying to respond to points that you made.Our opinions of William's value differ. There is nothing wrong with us not being in agreement. I find it interesting to examine a different point of view. The reason I brought up Barnett and Williams was that of value. I understand that Williams has had limited opportunities against the run, but the limited sample size does not let you draw as definitive a conclusion as seeing him as often we do as a pash rusher. Doesn't it make you wonder why he didn't play more against the run? He may develop into a good run defender but we need to see more of him against the run. I do not question his work ethic but I am concerned about Scouts Inc. questioning his football intelligence. The off field issues also take away from his value in my mind. I am sure you watch more film than I do but I am an Alabama fan and watched them play eight times last season so I have seen Tim Williams play. You and I will just have to agree to disagree on William's value.
  5. I am not saying that Williams is not a good pass rusher, I am not sure he has reached elite status yet. How elite did he look against Clemson in this year's national championship game? You mention Tim Williams lack of opportunity against the run, then you say there is plenty of film showing him defending the run well but that it shows up sparingly. Seems to be contradiction there. Is it that the coach wants to keep his legs fresh or is it that the coach does not want to expose his weakness against the run? I think you draft an edge defender at 16 you expect him to be able rush the passer as well as play well against the run. If both Derek Barnett and Tim Williams are available at 16 who do you take and why? You say that you hope he progresses into a 3 down starter which sounds like you are saying he is a one trick pony. I also think you are taking William's multiple off field problems too lightly. I know you saw interviews that made you feel comfortable with Williams but I am one who thinks actions speak louder than words. I really hope he can put his problems behind him but at this point there are still lingering concerns. In your draft scenario I would be looking to trade back at 16. IMO Williams does does have enough value to take with the 16th pick.
  6. Looking at your draft it seems to me that your picks are all a round too early. To me Tim Williams is a one trick pony, he does have pass rushing ability but little else. He missed drug tests which are a red flag for me.To me a first round pick should be a complete player not one dimensional.Tim Williams going in the first round would be a surprise to me. I do like Schuster but he really needs to improve his route running but he does have good hands and should do well on contested catrches.
  7. I cannot see Jernigan getting big bucks in free agency. I see him ending up with a one year prove himself deal. He does have ability but utilizes it far too infrequently. He makes too many boneheaded plays. I do not see replacing his inconsistency as being too much of a problem.
  8. What are we going to get in return?
  9. It was sad to read the comments from both Juszczyk and Aiken, I had thought that they both had more class.
  10. Thanks
  11. I am curious who it was from the Ravens said Lewis does not look good at RT. When was it said?
  12. Do you think some of the people here cannot understand this or that it ruins their trip to fantasy land?
  13. I would be thrilled with this draft. I would really like adding Elflein and Moton to our OL. Barnett is what our defense needs. JuJu does not seem a good fit in the second round, his route running needs a great deal of work. Overall this is a great mock.
  14. Depends how much time he will miss. If he will miss most of the 2017 season him going in the third round is very reasonable, especially with so many other quality defensive backs available in the draft.
  15. Your draft certainly has plenty of potential. The problem I see is that only Corey Davis and possibly Isaac Asaita will be able to offer meaningful contributions in the 2017 season. By 2019 several of these players could be mainstays in our lineup.