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  1. Fabian Moreau had surgery for a torn pectoral muscle. He is expected to be ready for training camp.
  2. In the latest Mel Kiper mock draft he has us taking Ryan Ramczyk with Barnett, Davis and Robinson still on the board. I absolutely disagree with this. Though I am not a fan of Robinson either.
  3. It seems some posters have been possessed by demonic teletubbies.
  4. I see Bell getting tackled for a loss by Suggs.😄
  5. This years version of Nkemdiche.
  6. Wow Brock traded to the Browns.
  7. The article states the possible release of Webb.
  8. I think you mean Doom.
  9. Ravens twitter account just posted eyes emoji... Should we brace ourselves?
  10. Wonder what comes next for us. Resigning Williams? Signing Torrey and another FA like Pryor and releasing Wallace? Releasing Webb? Pitta? Interesting where we go from here, don't believe we are done shaking things up.
  11. Bet the last post will be "cut Flacco."
  12. Anyone else have a feeling that we may be abandoning the offense in a way. Letting Wagner go(understandable too much money), Juice more than likely gone and not signing a wide receiver as of now. The offense struggled last year and with these loses it may be worse. Also a possible push to keep Williams with the recent cuts. I could see the draft going cornerback, pass rusher and safety being our first three picks, in any order. Just a thought...
  13. Looks like we are releasing Doom.
  14. Yea just take a little off the contract to cover the damages.