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  1. So sad!! Prayers out for the Heap family!!
  2. With the 4-5 years you are referring to that he was so inconsistent was flacco better than him???? No,No,No! The means at Ben's worst he's still better than y'all lord and savor Flacco! Like Chad Johnson would say....Child please!!!
  3. He said MOST quarterbacks and I said we are debating Ben and Flacco!! Ben does turn the ball over but he wins more games on his shoulders than flacco. Like Chad Johnson would say...Child please!!!
  4. I never thought so many people don't understand football. I'm not criticizing anything. I brought up his deep throw accuracy and y'all decided to bring up that play to justify his accuracy. Anybody who knows football knows the safety miss judge the pass but only a Flacco lover would say it was a great pass. It was luck!! LIke Chad Johnson would say.. Child please!!!! Ha ha ha at yourself!!!!
  5. Not most, we was debating him and Flacco. It's not close!!!!
  6. Superbowl throw on 1 leg but what about the Denver game. Dumervill had 1 good season. Torrey has been released by the 49ers not because he's old but because he's not a #1. Like Chad Johnson would say....Child please!!!
  7. Ben has Brown and Bell now!!! He has had his days of not having a OL and still produce. Ben has put up constant numbers once he became the starting quarterback. Ben is a hall of fame quarterback hands down. Can't say the same for Flacco. When they beat Arizona Bell or Brown wasn't there. When they lost to the Packers Brown was a rookie playing kick return. Level headed???? Guess you're not to keep making excuses from him. It's very dumb to say Flacco is better than Ben but right now today we can Ben is going into the hall of fame.
  8. Me saying Boldin didn't get the credit is not saying from us but the organization! He was only due 6 million and was traded. All him a Torrey really racked up pass interference calls! Go look at the film, and the passes to Jacoby in the Denver and superbowl game was like catching punts! He stop and waited! What are you watching!!!
  9. I agree with what you said but to add to that he NEEDS a security blanket. Q doesn't get as much credit as he should of helping win the superbowl. Joe has the talent but he's to inconsistent. He's not on Ben's level, Cam I can see where there's a debate. As a passer Joe, what the quarterback brings Cam. Flacco really needs to work on his deep ball. He puts to much air under throws like a high school quarterback. 90% of your deep ball throws shouldn't be jumpballs when your receiver has a step.He's throwing to the player and not to a spot. Shotgun, he's a better passer playing out of shotgun than under Center. Joe can't read defenses that well. He processing the defense a little better when he's in shotgun looking over the line during pre-snap. Caldwell knew this! Kubiak run scheme help him as well. Joe seemed very comfortable because we ran first passed second. When he's on its a beautiful thing to watch. If somehow we can make him believe he's playing the Patriots every week we'll see a better Joe.
  10. If Webb was the 15 ranked safety out of 64 then you would think teams would of been happy of his release. Jumped all over him but they didn't. Did he do his job...yes!!! He didn't let the ball go over his ( kept everything in front) head. He's 12 - 15 yards off the ball. If he's so great, left as a starter and come back as a back up! Okay, will Webb make a impact on special? He is to injury prone. I'm done and hope I'm wrong!
  11. Huge difference? Weddle was the difference in the secondary. The reason you saying he played solid was because how awful Kendrick Lewis was. Yes, he didn't make the same bone head plays like him but I don't think we'll miss him at all. I want the old Ravens defense back, fast physical and tuff. Nobody fears us anymore!!
  12. Thanks for that update on swearinger. I appreciate that. Has Webb visited any teams? Do you ask yourself why he's still available on the market? Because only you and Ravens wants him. Webb at his best was a slot corner mirroring guys like Wes Welker. Is Darius Byrd still available because take him at safety depth over webb any day. The 2016 Kansas city Chiefs had like 4 safeties that's why they almost let Berry walk.
  13. He is listed as a corner just like Webb was listed 1 year ago. Webb came out of college as a safety but we played him at corner so what's your point. Y'all keep screaming depth and holding on to average players. Why not sign D.J Swearinger if that's all we looking for. At least he brings an attitude. Webb was best at a slot corner covering guys like Wes Welker. That time has come and gone.
  14. Move on from Webb. We are drafting a corner in the first 3 rounds anyway and need to give younger guys like Canady more playing time.
  15. Did you catch first quarter? He missed a easy touchdown pass to perriman. It should of been thrown to the corner but behind him as usual.