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  1. I would like Muhammad Wilkerson from the Jet's if any of this is true.
  2. I agree
  3. Flacco didn't play any better those last 7 weeks, he has done what he normally does. Every year snitch the day we drafted him. He'll have between 1-3 games a season where he looks like a top 5 quarterback in the league and turn around the next week and stink up the place. Those last 7 games he played two of his best games all season. Against Cleveland (3 td's 2 int) who owns the top pick in the draft and only won a game last season. The other was Miami where he threw for 4 TD's and 1 int. Flacco threw 20 td's to 15 INT's last year. He almost average 1 int a game. Most of his picks are just bad throws and not a guy just making a play on the ball. Only consistency he has showed was he'll throw 10 plus picks a year. Hate me for telling the truth and here are some numbers for you.... Joe Flacco stats Career stats Year Team YDS TD INT Rating 2016 BAL 4,317 20 15 83.5 2015 BAL 2,791 14 12 83.1 2014 BAL 3,986 27 12 91.0 2013 BAL 3,912 19 22 73.1 2012 BAL 3,817 22 10 87.7 2011 BAL 3,610 20 12 80.9 2010 BAL 3,622 25 10 93.6 2009 BAL 3,613 21 12 88.9 2008 BAL 2,971 14 12 80.3 Career 32,639 182 117 84.5
  4. I agree if Mike Williams is available we should take him. I seriously doubt it and we draft OLB Reddick from Temple.
  5. I believe he receives to much credit at times. Look man, he has the talent and arm strength to be a great quarterback. But he doesn't approach the game like that. You can look in his eyes and don't see any passion for what he's doing. That's the biggest problem I have with him. I can say he sucks and you can feel he's good or great whatever seems fit. I can live with a man giving me 100% a lose. That's fine. But looking like Jay Cutler in a raven uniform gets under my skin. I need more effort out the guy. Not looking for a Brady but for for Flacco to step up and take his place in the top 5 (talent wise) where he should be.
  6. Hue Jackson is the Cleveland Browns Coach and feels he can get the most out any quarterback. That's why I say cleveland would probably do it.
  7. I'm really trying to keep faith in him but sitting and watching game after game makes me sick. He misses easy throws. They are to high, behind the receiver or jumpballs that could be touchdowns if put out in front of the receiver to run under. Perriman had Joe Hayden beat twice last year and the balls was under thrown. Front office does need to surround him with bigger targets. 6'3 plus. Jumpball specialist.
  8. I agree!!! Especially about how horrible flacco is. I don't understand how so many people on here believes he's a good quarterback.
  9. Djax was traded from the Eagles to the Redskins. Or was he released and picked up.
  10. Let's trade our 6th round pick to Cleveland for Josh Gordon if he's reinstated. He needs a fresh start and has showed he's a #1 receiver.
  11. I agree with trading him to Cleveland for both there first round picks. Just bite the bullet and move on. We draft Garrett with the first pick and Mike Williams or Cory Davis with the 12th pick because we didn't give Pryor 8 million for 1 year. Cleveland is desperate and probably will pull the trigger. Draft CB Tabor or Wilson from Florida in the 2ND and build the offensive line in the 3rd. The Brandon William deal is probably another set back. He should of walked and transition our defense from the 3-4 to a 4-3 defense. Jernigan is not a true 3-4 linemen. Mosley isn't a true 3-4 Linebacker because he doesn't blockshed well. 4-3 Defense Suggs. Jernigan. Pierce. Garrett Correa. Mosley. Onwuasor Smith. Jefferson. Weddle. Tabor/wilson Ravens defense would finally be back.
  12. 8 million for Pryor was well worth risk. I'd rather have Pryor and Perriman than Wallace and Perriman. Seems like you don't no football as well as you think. 1. Again I never said cut flacco but wouldn't be mad at all if we did. You said flacco has done well??? When? O the 4 games in a row to win the superbowl. Well football genius tell me when has flacco played 4 consistent games before then or after? I'll wait.... the answer is never!!! When has your leader ever been picked for a pro-bowl? Never! Well they ask him 1 year after Brady or Ben declined to go. Tyrod left for buffalo a made it his first year. 2. Ed Reed football intelligence is off the carts. Harbaugh wanted him and Pollard gone. Why did they cut Pollard? I'll let you answer that because they only saved 1 million by doing that. That was a dumb move. He was the intimdator in the secondary. Then drafted Matt Elam and signed Michael Huff. Are you serious! 3. Who cares what the market is for quarterbacks. If a player is not worth the market is then move on. Ask John Elway about that. He gave Peyton the money coming off 2 neck surgeries because he knew he could bring them a championship and he did. He let Brock walk and boy was the right decision. So please don't tell me about market value. 4. I call a spade a spade and if you wanna be a Flacco lover then so be it. Again I'm not saying you can't win with him he's just not that guy. He has to be option 2 not 1. Ryan Clark always said when playing the Ravens they first assignment was to stop Ray Rice not Flacco. The blueprint is out on him..blitz up the a gap and he gets nervous and turns the ball over. 5. I'm done!
  13. 1. You have had to play football to understand football. 2. This is not a Flacco debt. You keep bringing up we have a lot of money tied up but who's making the most??? 3. I never said we cut Reed, I understand his contract was up and had lost a step but with Ray retiring you would think it would be smart to keep your second best defensive player of all time on the roster for next season. Reed was a smart football player and could of finished his career at SS where he started. 4. You bring up only 1 season (2014) after there departure because of injuries. Tom Brady did not play the first 4 games and they went 3-1. Stop reaching for excuses. You sound just like harbaugh and Flacco. 5. We keep investing in the wrong players. If flacco is our guy then put the talent around him to do well. He needs big receiver's that can go up and get the ball. Pryor would have been great but again we couldn't bring him in for 8 million?
  14. Harbaugh doesn't hold everyone accountable...he called out jennigan for picking up a fumble and then fumbling himself giving the ball back to our opponents instead of just falling on it. He called out Mosley when he intercepted a pass and fumbled at the goaline and gave ball back to the other team because it resulted in a touchback. But over and over again Flacco turns the ball over and all he says is Joe knows he's he gotta play better. Flacco has averaged double digit turnovers from the day we drafted him and nobody calls him out for it. Ed Reed should of retired a raven but didn't because harbaugh didn't want him here because he always spoke the truth. Only reason harbaugh winning record was good 675 percent his first 5 years because our defense and the vocal leaders we had in that locker room. Since there departure after the 2012 superbowl he has a 444 winning percentage. You do the math. Flacco gets paid like a franchise player, needs to held accountable like one.