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  1. I've seen him compared to Jimmy Smith, DRC and Casey Hayward. Not bad 😎
  2. Here we go fellas
  3. He can be an elite TE and him and Maxx could be amazing for Flacco. Boyle will more than likely see time at FB.
  4. Foster is tempting but he's boom or bust. Howard has so much potential and he's a great run blocker. He will help our running game immensely
  5. Okay, Howard or Foster please. I swear to God if we take Cam
  6. Howard is he next Jimmy Graham. We would be stupid to pass on that. Flacco needs a safety blanket that can actually RAC unlike Pitta.
  7. If we take Howard, trade Pitta and Gilmore. Howard, Williams and Boyle sounds deadly.
  8. We can get either Foster, Howard or Allen now. Any one of those would be huge.
  9. Please Hooker, Howard, Foster, Reddick or Barnett. Please!
  10. Looks like we need to stock up on Corner's lol
  11. I'll take either Howard, Foster or Lattimore at this point.
  12. Better figure out something before we go into the season with Breshad, Wallace and Moore as our starting three. bovine skat.
  13. That's exactly what we need. Williams and Breshad outside with Wallace in the slot. Flacco likes to chuck it up and pray, and Williams can come down with it.
  14. Williams is exactly what we need lol. Not sure you've ever seen him play before.
  15. Unless we trade up.