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  1. Yes please. I'd trade for him in a heartbeat.
  2. Well this is just icing on the cake
  3. Love the signing, even more than if we got Claiborne. Now we have two Grand Valley State guys on defense!
  4. I don't know how I feel about the Zuttah trade
  5. I'd trade a second and address either LOLB or WR in the first depending if we sign Dunlap to take over RT. A second for Butler would be good value but I'm sure the Pats can get more.
  6. Not going to happen. Draft class is deep with Corner's anyways. We need to get to the QB for starters. Can't cover WR's for too long if there's no pressure.
  7. Claiborne is actually a really solid signing. He might not play like he had hoped for after being a first round pick, but he provides excellent depth. Get Dunlap next and this would be a very successful offseason minus the draft.
  8. Maybe he's just saying what he does and you shouldn't be so sensitive.
  9. Ross is another one trick pony. We have enough speed on offense. We need a big body possession guy like MW
  10. Wait, Zach Brown is a free agent?
  11. Well Mods I tried lol
  12. I'm curious as well
  13. I'm curious what the Pats would want for Butler
  14. Well I think I have an idea of what this site is turning into now...
  15. Why can't we ever make moves like the Patriots do?