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  1. Buckner is Ravens material. Bosa just doesn't look cut out for Ravens ball.
  2. I really wanted Buckner, But after watching Treadwells highlights..... damn.
  3. Low Risk, High Reward. He wont make it past second cuts.
  4. We've created a great community of Canadian Ravens Fans on Facebook. 100+ Members with yearly trips to Baltimore together! Come join , Ravens Nation North - Canada
  5. Our new banner for the games! Come join us! Ravens Nation - North on Facebook!
  6. I just really miss Tyrod Taylor now....
  7. Coming all the way from Canada for that game was hard, But Brent Urban played well.. I really enjoy being welcomes from everyone in Baltimore, even with my Canadian flag waving.
  8. Clausan throws for 300 yards, and plays pretty well... We don't even give Renner a shot and we pick up Malliot who has a history of being late and missing flights... I just don't get what this is going to do for us.
  9. Ravens Nation - North - Facebook @RavensNorth - Twitter Creating this huge amazing community of Canadian fans, we are growing fast and putting together packages for a big group of us to go to a home game every year! Come Join!
  10. I wish this was still the case... UGH