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  1. Some players read it. But do not post that I know of. Couple ravens (maybe more)from the 2000 team keep up with it. I forget who it was but one former player mentioned it on the fan back in 2009 I think it was. I would guess at least couple former players post. But I dunno for sure about that.
  2. How often an animal like that comes around?? Once every 10 yrs if that?? Coleman is actually fairly close considering his length as well. Sux Cleveland got him. I hate that septic tank of a city!! Actually Jensen is one of the more physically dominant guards around the league. By playoff time I'm betting he will be playing as good as yanda. KO and Jensen on the left side would be so awesome. Theres a complete difference in finding a guard that plays good and then there is that lineman that gives defensive lineman something else to think about that distracts him from trying to make plays. Thus springing your offense. And that is what i look for along the oline. Thats reason im pulling for Stanley to tack on some muscle and not just play well. But dominate and frustrate the edge rusher and take his confidence. When the oline dominates and he has legit weapons Joe cool is as good as Brees Brady Rodgers. A dominant oline will spring the ravens to a top shelf potent offense that can punch a dominant defense back in their mouth even harder!! Broncos defense will not do that to ravens offense in the superbowl behind a dominant oline. Through Jensen and Urschel the oline can recreate kos dominance. It falls on Stanley getting stronger and not just stalemating but playing physical like yanda Jensen Urschel and wagner. And not fear any defense.
  3. I wanted the ravens to trade next yrs round 1 and round2 picks several picks between rounds 2-4 in this draft for players like Rashard Robinson (the best cornerback in the draft imo), Deion Jones or Cravens, Coleman and Demarcus Robinson and maybe Ngakoue as an edge Rush guy to replace Dumervil. In that plan there would be backup/competition for Ron Stanley and somebody that could play tackle or guard very well.
  4. Yes starters but he is referring to core players you build around. Like the jags,cardinals,vikings and raiders are drafting and signing. Starters can be mediocre players. Biscotti is growing impatient. He said he wants starters in this draft. And he was not referring to average players who are playing by default. I like this draft however. A couple players have real legit skills while some have good legit potential. Henry has top shelf skills. Would like him to play intense like Atkins,Donald and Grady. He has the raw skills of Sharif Floyd and Fletcher cox. Chris Moore has top shelf skills. He needs to show he has the savvy and instincts of elite WRs. Kufusi and Correa have potential. However need to learn new positions. Kufusi edge rusher and Correa lb. Kufusi is a really big dude to be so athletic!! He just needs to cut 20lbs to play edge rusher. Then put on 10lbs of muscle or so to offset the stoutness he will lose. I know often I talk and push for players to get stronger and in their best shape. But it is for our players to be impact.
  5. Lmao I was gonna say Charles put that beer down and switch to vodka club soda. It's easy actually once you know what triggers you to eat junk. I may start a stock tips and fitness tips thread. If this draft class works as planned Decosta may actually grow some hair. He wouldn't be stressed out so much if he saw his draft picks getting stronger and in better shape. But I Ron Stanley is getting stronger as you post. He was to busy in college witb class,studying,projects,games,practice work. It is amazing he is so look good of a player considering all things!!
  6. That was to funny. While we're on the subject you should do the same you would feel much better about yourself. It's summertime. Hit the beach guys
  7. Because the league credited him for a championship won with all pro players drafted a decade b4. That only needed to be filled with a couple solid pieces. When asked to reload the team after the championship he hasn't done so hot. No different than a coordinator with elite talent to work with becomes a hot commodity for a coach. These coordinators turned head coach rarely have even close to the success as with their former squad. Whereas Decosta decided to work for the ravens as pretty much a co gm and the league got to see Decosta in action b4 hiring him. Like I said he may turn it around with this draft. But "if" this draft and free agents bust do you really in all honesty believe he is going to be a hot commodity??
  8. Decosta the guy that ran the ravens into the ground if this draft,free agent class and season is a bust. If ravens have double digit losses again do you really think Decosta will be a hot commodity?? I'm not surprised you guys think that. Dude this board us going to get interesting when the realistic fans flood in if ravens have double digit losses CONSECUTIVE seasons. If this draft doesn't produce impact and ravens lose double digits again Decosta is going to be Grbac 2.0. A lot of it rides on Ron Stanley. Because it will trickle down to the qb and team that will not play well. The question is are you joking?? Do you want to be the dude that called Decosta coveted??
  9. Unless he resigns cheaper than expected, like at about $5mil per now. There is no reason to be pushy resigning williams. Unless you believe he is going to suddenly get much more pressure on qbs. Aiken is not likely to repeat. Especially if Campanaro and Perriman dodge the injury bullets. Wagner and Jensen are going to be the unchallenged priorities!! Wagner has something to prove again but you do not get to be an all pro tackle by fluke. He is over his injury and reported to of tacked on muscle and cut bad weight and feels stronger and more explosive . He is primed to outperform his 2014 or at least replay it at a similar level. If ravens go back to running a 4-3 and Carl Davis steps up then Williams becomes expendable. Aside from Wagner and Jensen ravens could actually use money on a splash free agent signing for first time in over a decade. If Suggs retires and ravens cut the relationship with Dumervil and opt not to resign Aiken then ravens could have more cap space than it has in years. There is actually quite a number of players ravens could divorce and create cap space. Pitta,zuttah,forsett to name the obvious. Rumors are beginning to circulate that Zuttah is going to be cut cuz Harbs is so enamored with Jensen Urschel and rookie Lewis has made an impression. Ravens have not drafted any real impact players since KO and could be planning to spend that money on a free agent on the open market. And could very realistically land an impact free agent splash.
  10. Not so sure about that with his age and recent record. But this draft could put him back on the map. Now Decosta will not be hired anywhere unless this draft really works out as planned. After all the failed drafts this draft has to strike gold. Oline has been one position management has drafted well at But then bad moves and contracts elsewhere caused them to lose its most prized young ralent. But Jensen and Urschel could replace him. Jensen is a future pro bowl guard. Not quite the length and dominance of ko but a very strong and tenacious mauler that will give defenses something to think about much like KO. KO sure believed Jensen is underrated and underappreciated!! Anyways oline is where I would first build a team. So I pull for an elite and overpowering oline. And like to see Urschel work hard and intelligent to tack on muscle and max out athleticism through smart training and nutrition techniques. And he is showing his linemates how to work harder,more efficient and effective. Ravens are light years in front of the league in that regard!! Some players do so on their own. But Harbs is smart enough to know every player has vast untapped potential through efficient nutrition to maximize muscle tacked on during training. So you have Urschel who is quite a specimen for a center. Hard to name 3 centers stronger, more athletic and physical than the 6'3 Urschel that is nearly 320lbs yet lean 320lbs. Then former All pro Right tackle Wagner that is injury free now and is considerably stronger yet leaner than he was during his all pro season. Wagner is reported to of tacked on about 12-13lbs of muscle this offseason yet his weight is the same which means he leaned out and cut bad weight. Could anybody imagine Wagner more better than he played in 2014?? Then there is Jensen the most freakish of the interior oline players. He could do 30-35 bench reps b4 he was even much of a gym guy. At 330lbs his power and nasty style isn't much surprise. His athleticism and skill to handle left tackle if needed is a surprise. He is already naturally very strong but he is following KOs and Urschels lead and working hard. Then there is the 6'6 315 lb athletic and technically skilled Ron Stanley. He dominated through techniques and a naturally strong anchor at college. He was an actual legit college student and did not hit the gym as often as he wanted. He is slightly out of shape and needs muscle maturity. However he generated impressive power through skill, superior feel and instincts for blocking,positioning and strong legs and hips. His bod is naturally bigger than tunsils but Tunsil has built up muscle. He is already working with Urschel to get stronger. His frame could hold 20 lbs of muscle without getting to muscular it cuts into his athleticism and movement skills. As a matter of fact as he gets in shape he will be more athletic and explosive. Ron Stanley could be the best left tackle in the game once he adds muscle. His technique is superior to that of Tunsil. So although bad contracts costed KO, management has done the job of replacing ko. If Ron Stanley adds the strength he has everything else to be great. and the ravens oline has the legit potential to be the best in the league. So while I criticize management for its many bad moves. I will not root for anybody to get fired just yet. An oline is the base for a very successful qb and potent offense!! As well as keeping the defense on the sideline with energy for late in the game. And potent explosive yet balanced ball control offense.
  11. I do understand your argument for Tunsil. Very athletic, moves easy and is very powerful and dominant through a very matured upper bod similar to tyron Smith. I like Tunsil and Stanley to be honest. I do acknowledge tunsil is stronger, a touch more athletic and in better shape. Stanley needs to get stronger but his feel for finding position,angles, and blocking his opponents is better than Tunsils. it is what made him successful. you feel Stanley could be as good as Tunsil IF he gets stronger and in better overall shape as his bod is a little soft. Keep in mind Ron Stanley was an actual college student working on an an actual degree. With classes, studying,games, practice,work he could not commit nearly as much time to the gym as he would of liked. Now he has Urschel to learn strength and conditioning and is already committing far more hours to the gym than while in college.
  12. Lol it is funny but Romo is a pretty good qb. Multiple 30-40 TD seasons with less than 12 ints. Like is Said it is flawed and needs to be tweaked for sure. But it is not totally irrelevant.
  13. Like I said it needs to be tweaked but many stats you just mentioned is cohesive with the qb. Why is it every stat that that says something bad about a raven up is useless but every stat that says elite about a raven is the platinum standard. How many peeps around here use wins only to project Joe as an elite qb?? When it's a team sport. If a championship was the lone factor it would mean Dilfer is better than Marino. Same with analysts. He or she says something bad about a raven everybody attacks his credibility. Say something good and everybody here has a parade. It's flawed and NEEDS to be tweaked but Brady Manning Brees and Rodgers are always top6 in rating so it isn't useless. Like the combine its not the tell all but it is not totally irrelevant
  14. His numbers are used when somebody says he played on a great team. Over a season of 500 attempts it becomes more relevant. I agree it should be tweaked but it isn't totally irrelevant