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  1. Robert Covington, F
  2. loooool it's mr. falcon vs. fight a stranger in the alps for greatest censored line of all time imo
  3. "y take a kings ransom when u can take the king" - michael jordan, hornets draft war room, 2015
  4. Frank Kaminsky, F
  5. Plus he'll have CP3 yelling at him 24/7, bound to improve
  6. Lance Stephenson, G
  7. Haha pretty much. Big dudes who can run, jump and chew gum at the same time are never a bad thing. Hopefully the chew gum part pans out, might take some time tho Plus he can do things like
  8. Needed an athletic big man and they're all gone, settled on a project. Scratching my head at who to even take at this point, don't wanna give any of the remaining guys my fictional money lol
  9. Willie Cauley-Stein, F
  10. ty. he's had a good summer league lol yeah this far down his defense alone is worth it. who cares if he cant shoot when he's this far down
  11. Emmanuel Mudiay, G
  12. Hahahahaha I actually legit wanted Nurkic here but since he was gone...