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  1. Our defense held up reasonably well, our offense just couldn't sustain drives or get into the red zone we havent done anything to change that other than the addition of woodhead im just being a realist, our offense struggled last season and so far it's a year older with a few less pieces im concerned
  2. Please tell me why you're expecting any great departure from the team that put up 10 pts against the redskins at home
  3. Is anybody else worried about our offense heading into next season?? we haven't added any significant pieces so far, we have lost some guys who were positive contributors last season. im not seeing any reason to be overly optimistic
  4. A chance to pick up 5 guys in the top 100, particularly in a class that is deep in pass rush, cbs and has some nice linemen,receivers, backs, floating around in the 2/3 i think it's an opportunity to really build on last years group and put 2 good drafts together and build a solid young foundation id hate to miss on another first round pick IMO - we seem a bit away from grabbing a piece here or there and contending - I think we need to add another GROUP of top level guys just just to lift the level of talent across the board Then we can get aggressive start trading up, making plays for FA
  5. What are thoughts on trading out of the first if we could swap with, 49ers, bears, jags, jets for their 2nd n 3rd End up with an early second, then our second. Early 3rd, our 3rd, comp 3rd
  6. I imagine KCs got an inside track on the vacancy created by Orrs retirement.
  7. yep, just feels hollow and he doesnt seem to sure of himself - not exactly coming out on the front foot, seems defensive
  8. may very well be, because at the end of the day who has more to lose if we have a repeat of ray rice - the club image, public perception hence biscotti and what his investment is worth or harbaugh who might bring a few bad boys in but gets results
  9. Yeah that 0 - 4 stretch was our downfall. You just have to find a way, have some urgency, yes we had injuries but so does every team If we coached and played like each one of those games would make or break our season, we might not be sitting here talking about next year and Harbs tenure
  10. i dont get the interview terribly bit - unless somebody just downright disrespectful or a complete nut job or just seems apathetic these guys are football players, not looking for ceos, sales manager, engineers, not even checkout people we just want guys who know where its at when its time to play ball some people dont interview well, might get nervous, not be that well spoken, have trouble comprehending questions - i can imagine its quite a daunting process having possibly up to 32 interviews in a short timeframe - having ones bad enough - no doubt its a room full of people too - not just one on one, owners, coaches, scouts, dang ive heard of priests being involved
  11. Had holes, drafted with said holes in mind, that's who we got, what have they done? Start or not
  12. gotta better things to do than converse with trolls, prob another alias but here we go again not an argument, just making a comment that i felt we may reach for some guys or we may throw some guys in prematurely and it could hurt the team and the players development please dont tell me we draft bpa and ozzie doesnt draft for need - we lose torrey draft breshad, lose reed draft elam, owen daniels leaves draft maxx, ray retires draft brown, how are all those picks working out for the ravens so far - browns gone, elam might be, maxx spent a season on IR, see how breshad turns out, half the reason we may be in this hole is because were drafting need and not bpa when we have as many holes as we do - i think its fair to assume some rookies will get a look and again far to say we may reach for guys who fill a need - again I say - may, assume - im not saying this is definitive - its a possibility - what makes me think this? the fact we just did it in 2016, as in start rookies or ask them to contribute and the fact we've done it previously - please see for examples - breshad perriman, maxx williams, arthur brown, terrence brooks, matt elam its a comment based on track record, we might plug every hole in FA and go flat out bpa
  13. you're clearly no scientist or surgeon of any kind, just mouthing off making stupid comments, no way we need rookies or expect much from them (sounding a lot like mcjack too i must say - he was jabbering about no way we can find 2 or 3 starters in one offseason after we just added 6 or 7 in the season just gone) i just listed rookies or as good as, who were either asked to start - Stanley, Lewis 4th round pick, share a starting load - dixon, perriman or ended up taking on significant roles young, judon, moore (of the 6 rookies listed - all except Stanley and Perriman are 4th round picks) all of whom had rookie moments So given the holes on our team, the age of some key players and injury history others, i think, hypothetically - now look up and read all the rookies that just played a role on our team in 2016 - theres a good chance we will be asking rookies to come in and help straight away or at some stage through out the season and youre reply is saying some stupid rubbish about we might sign favre and rg3 - you're grasping at straws one of these hypotheticals has some credence, youre just talking rubbish
  14. so there's a million things that can happen between now n the next season but my hypothetical is wrong and yours is right good one wally, Is it possible we look to start a rookie corner, rookie centre, add a rookie and expect them to contribute significantly to our group of OLBs, who knows what receivers we have next year - Wallace, Aiken could b gone, Smith is gone, talk of a possession receiver - could we draft one and expect them to contribute we started a rookie LT, rookie LG, looked for big things from essentially a rookie WR, were clamouring for the return of our rookie RB, were dependent on our rookie CB by mid year, had a rookie returning kicks by year end and hoped a rookie would be able to help our pass rush - did I miss anybody?? Pretty sure you missed something
  15. I feel personally 2017 will just be a repeat of this year - any players we bring in we'll be asking a lot of them. Will we be throwing rookies straight in the fire - we could be looking at trying to start rookies at CB, C, OLB, WR and expecting them to hold up and help this team make the playoffs I think our poor drafting will finally catch up to us, who do we have in the wings that can step in and help at positions of need - can guys like Correa, Davis, Henry, Canady come in and help what are we looking for from guys like Buck Allen, Taliferro, Urban, Gilmore, Elam we found 6 starters this year, prob looking at needing a similar number this year bit worried this year could really set us back and we reach to fill needs in the draft and then throw guys straight in the fire and it's just a repeat of guys flaming out like Elam or getting injured because we're asking too much of them - Maxx, Gilmore, Kaufasi, Urban, Perriman- God knows Harbs will be pushing in camp as much flack as oz has been copping lately - I think he's the saving grace here, wouldn't surprise me if he's stepped back from the top tier of the draft - where harbaugh has been getting his guys rounds 1-3 but in conjunction with the scouts Oz has more say or Harbs puts less time into the latter rounds, we still seem to be finding good talent in the latter rounds - Young, Lewis, Judon, Dixon hes also been able to bring in help relatively cheaply when required, SSR, Wallace, Zuttah hasn't / doesn't blow the bank on anybody - hopefully Oz stands firm - we let Harbs pick his guys, coach his guys, with his coaches this season and when it's a repeat of the same we get somebody in here who isn't afraid of a bit of swag and nastiness and we get back to being a hard hitting, nasty team