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  1. No one would complain about Barnett because Suggs is on his way out, Judon is nothe being talked about as an every down player and unlike with Lewis they are not talking about Judon in the same way they spoke of KO which means there is a very real chance your 1st round pick doesn't see the field for 3 years. BPA always comes with the qualifier that you are able to use them. Corner, LB, Dline, Center, RT, WR, and even TE are all positions where you can easily upgrade and not have to worry about if there is room on the field so why pick one of the only positions where that isn't the case.
  2. If you do not think he is the better RT than he is not the better prospect. The Ravens believe both their guards (obviously Yanda but they seem to believe Lewis will be that as well) are probably bowl level guards and Lewis is not moving to the right. So the only reason you draft Robinson is you either think he is the best RT prospect or you want to move Yanda over. Anything else leaves you even in the best case with pro bowl level talent on the bench and a hole at RT.
  3. The Ravens have said he doesn't look good on the right so he isn't going to play RT. Also you are arguing for a possible upgrade with some flaws to work out (possible because Lewis did look pretty good in his limited time. Alternatively you take the natural RT who is almost certainly an upgrade because you do not have one on the roster.
  4. I mean the replacement board would be a good place to have it.
  5. Yes but the offense is literally just Flacco vs 11 defenders. Receivers needed to get separation, the run blocking needed to actually well exist which caused the running game to not exist, the pass blocking got better towards the end of the year but thats about it.
  6. Of course making the playoffs is ideal but let's not be delusional and pretend that the,teams that make the playoffs are always the best teams. Miami played a soft schedule in a weak division and got crushed when they played decent teams. Despite being one of the 6 AFC playoff teams in wouldn't even consider them in the top 8 in terms of best teams in AFC last year.
  7. The fact that they made the playoffs and what happened to them when they did kind of proves my point about the AFCEast as a whole. I suspect that you actually see that but are avoiding admitting it because there is no way you honestly believe the AFCEast and AFCNorth are the same quality of division year in and year out. Even in a down year for the north they were still a better division than the East. Unlike most years though NE was just the only complete team in the NFL with every other AFC team either being a year too early or missing a core piece. Judging by how the off-season played out and that said year has passed that likely will not be the case (though the Jets and Bill's will still stink with Dolphins being at best below average)
  8. I like how you focus on the result of the Bills and Jets game but ignore the one for the Dolphins game because it hurts your point. Also considering how useless the Bills offense was against the Ravens at no point did I ever think the Ravens could lose. The Jets winning that game was an upset. Upsets do happen though otherwise the Pats would go 6-0 in the division every every year but sometimes they go 5-1 or maybe on crazy years 4-2. It still does not change that the AFC East is notoriously bad and has been and will continue to be.
  9. Playing in the AFCEast the division of basement dwellers that have no desire to ever be good sort of does that. You can put blinders on about the level of competition all you want, there is a reason the Bills have not made the playoffs in 18 years, the Dolphins are never more then average (note how they were the 2nd best team in the AFCE last year and how badly the Ravens destroyed them) and the Jets who are well they are the Jets. All you need to do is get to the playoffs with a playoff QB and you have a chance in January as long as those 2 things happen you can compete for a SB every year.
  10. You build a top 10 or top 5 ideally OLine and the rest of the offense will fall in line. You give any WR enough time they will get open, you give a RB. American home he will get yards. OLine wins games more than any other position on offense
  11. That's why I said above average. Also SSS was not very good last year. He lost a step or 2 due that injury. He had moments of greatness but he couldn't recapture his previous form
  12. Saying someone is injury prone due to 2 freak injuries is like saying they are an all pro after catching 2 deep balls. He had no injury history before this and they have no connection to each other. How good the Ravens WR Corp is comes down to how much Perriman develops in his first off season and TC. If he does one of the better groups in the NFL if not it's likely one of the worst. If the Ravens took a WR I wouldn't be shocked nor would I be shocked with a pass rusher corner or tackle. The RT beingby far the Ravens biggest need.
  13. The Ravens can not possiblydo anymore to show they are not moving Lewis to the right. They say he does not look comfortable on the right and since they have the benefit of seeing him practice I am going to trust them. So right now it's draft a RT, draft a guard and move Yanda, sign a RT, or trust James Hurst.
  14. Isnt it about a year or two too soon to start drafting Yandas replacement and the Ravens like what they have with Lewis (the words they use with him actually mirror how they talked about KO early in his career) so I dont know why an interior OLine player will help when the biggest need on the Oline is T. I am all for BPA but that player actually has to have room to contribute.
  15. 40M+ wrapped up in the QB position next year is the best way to go (btw if you cut Flacco that number is now 60M+). Having 1/4 the salary cap dedicated to 1 of the 22 spots on the field is clearly the genius plan.