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  1. OL is a position that's value has been going way up over the past few years and people are going to look at Oakland and Dallas and want to imitate their recipe so I can see him getting that especially considering he is a top 5 at his position and has been for a couple years.
  2. Considering the amount of money they offered im I am pretty sure they knew what kind of effect him leaving would have. You just can not outbid a bad team that decides to overspend.
  3. I get that making demeaning nicknames to players seems witty but I promise you it isnt by the 30th times its been said. Also plenty of teams are contending with 20 million dollar QB deals. The Championship games were 3 teams with teams that had a HIGHER QB hit than Flacco and then Brady who does his own thing for a lot of other reasons mostly involving having a wife who makes over 40M a year and his own endorsements making him around his contract already. Establishing that it is completely possible to build a contender with a 20M QB and it is also completely possible to build a solid defense around him with a solid O-Line. If you want to know how I know that I can look at the Ravens last year and realize they had a great defense and were just one piece away from a great O-line and are about to cut a bunch of pieces to help speed along that process. So if you like being doom and gloom by all means keep pouting but in reality the Ravens contend for the playoffs every year barring MASSIVE injuries and once they get in they always make there mark.
  4. There is already a thread in the main forum where someone listed every 2nd round pick in Ravens history and its pretty obvious if you look at it that the picks have gotten better over the years compared to where they were. Pulling off getting a couple Hall of Famers with 1st round picks is nice but you cant pull that off consistently and if you are those MLB and S are the positions that you can pull it off late in the 1st round because those positions are far less sought after then the positions the Ravens picked. However it seems silly to say the Ravens are drafting bad when every year there is a free agent or two considered one of the top in the market who will price himself out. This year its Wagner and Williams and so I find it silly to say they are bad at drafting when they have two of the top 32 players in the draft.
  5. Alternatively it could be that since John came aboard the Ravens have been drafting much lower every year since they have been winning so on average the drafts are going to be worse. The very first draft the Ravens get a high pick in is already one of the best in franchise history.
  6. It seems risky to decide to become worse at 3 positions to become better at one aspect of one position.
  7. Williams you are 100 percent correct on but Lattimore is in a weird position where there are maybe 4 teams ahead of Ravens who really want him but there are other players who will likely be available that they want or need more.
  8. Wasn't it just last year the Ravens had to simply the defensive scheme because it was too complex for the,players and big plays were being given up? I get people want to blame everything on Pees but players play not the coaches.
  9. I mean of course its speculation but both years both teams were missing there best offensive and defensive weapons who were almost certainly playing at a top 5 level for there position and both games were a 1 score game. Are you honestly telling me that the Pats with Gronk and Talib or the Ravens with Pitta and Smith could not get 1 extra score or 1 less score from that. Especially for the Ravens when the ONLY reason the pats won that game is because they abused Jimmys replacement for almost 150 yards in one half which would NOT have happened to Jimmy.
  10. That was a let down game and EVERYONE who saw it knew that. SSS was the only one really playing hard out there and thats because it was his last game. Had that game had actual meaning everyone knows it goes far differently.
  11. Ive always said the year the Ravens beat them the Ravens would have lost if Pats had Gronk or Talib just as I think the Ravens would have won if they had either Pitta or Smith. In the playoffs the team with the healthiest top players typically wins when you get down to the top teams.
  12. You better believe we draft Jimmy again with what we know now. The only thing we better be only ones blessed with this clairvoyance or he wouldn't make it to us.
  13. Firstly ignore the cap number and ask is he worth or can you replace that production for 5.5 million? 5.5 million is the savings by cutting him and I think he is certainly worth that. Secondly last year they were competitive being 1 play and about a yard from winning the division which seems pretty competitiveto me so they just need a small boost to make it back to January.
  14. I can't see Indy passing on OLine after how bad it's been and how important Luck is to them especially when there chief competition has built a fearsome pass rush.
  15. You know they were 1 play and about 1 yard off winning the division right? How much closer to being a playoff team can you be than that.