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  1. It's amazing how once the Ravens started being a perennial playoff team the drafts started getting worse. It's almost like drafting later reduces the chances of getting the best player in the,draft.
  2. They decided to get rid of Zuttah on their own. That means, that they must think they have an upgrade already on the roster which means Center does not need a new starter. This basically means the Ravens are looking for a new RT a possession receiver and a new OLB. Those are the only true holes on the roster at the moment and everything else is just nice to have.
  3. im seeing it more as pessimism in that reality says there are not 8 games you should be picking against the Ravens. Obviously they will lose some games they should win and win some games they should lose but on paper he pretty much has it right. I would say Ravens are favored in about 10 of those games easily and I am probably giving the rest of the AFCN more credit than it deserves this year.
  4. The big question for that game is how close is Carr to 100% by week 5. If it were week 7 or 8 I would say 100% a loss but early in the year the Ravens have a solid shot to pull an upset in that one. Even without it though this is a pretty nice 10-11 win schedule with only 2 or 3 games that I would say they have little chance to win and even then they get rest before 2 of them.
  5. That is why the Ravens signed Williams. Its why having Jimmy is so important to the Ravens and its why now having a number 2 CB who actually belongs in the NFL (whatever you think of Carr remember the cowboys tried to find someone better for years and couldnt) means that once again they do not match up well. The Ravens built there team to beat the Steelers and I suspect Williams got his bit contract in no small part due to the fact that they want him for the Steelers games to shut down Bell.
  6. So why didn't they last year? Their team is right now all of those "playmakers" but with even LESS talent around them then when they stunk it up this year.
  7. The Ravens could go 0-16 and Ozzie has a job next year. People are assuming a hot seat where there isn't one.
  8. I think you are vastly underestimating how,poorly Pittsburgh matches up against the Ravens. They barely won a game at home with the sole reason being a lack of secondary depth which has been addressed and early on in the,season when they are most likely to be chance.
  9. I would think with the timing of his injury he will be full power around midway through the season so it is the best possible time to face him. Ideally the Ravens are either 3-2 or 4-1 after 5 though with 4 VERY winnable games in a row to put them in a perfect position to make the,playoffs.
  10. There are completely viable scenarios where the Ravens do not even draft an offensive player before their 4th pick so it's premature to assumecits going to be a WR.
  11. If Sidney Jones is available at 99 then 32 NFL teams (yes I am including the Ravens in that) have all gone crazy.
  12. You are still WAY too soon to judge Perriman but we will know after this year. As for the question, if they get Barnett I am ecstatic and everything else I am pretty meh on not because they are not worth the pick but because there are so many players worth the pick that I won't really mind most of them
  13. It's easy to state that on draft night (like everyone bashing the Stanley pick on these forums did) but,a year or two from now will you own the result if you are wrong.
  14. Indy is going to pick oline. I don't think the GM keeps his job thru the draft if they don't build an Oline to protect the QB they gave a mega deal to.
  15. Ross's scouting report is basically a copy paste of Perriman's so why draft Ross when you have Perriman who WILL be starting next year barring injury. The only thing the Ravens would do if they got yet another speed receiver is cut Wallace to save money. If Williams or Davis are there (and Barnett isn't) then by all means draft them but Ross is just a worse copy paste of what we already have.