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  1. Too much money for a backup S/CB. That's pretty much the same money that Justin Forsett got after a pro-bowl year as a full-time start. He earned it. Webb has been bellow average since he got paid. Hopefully he earns the new paycheck.
  2. Nah we need a pass rusher way more than a CB with the 1st rounder.
  3. I'm old school. I hate social media like facebook or twitter. Once this place goes down, I'm probably moving to another Ravens board, even though none of them are close to be as good as here. And yeah, even though I'm not from USA, I'd be willing to pay a fee in order to keep this board active.
  4. Love the guy, but he is done. About damn time.
  5. DeCosta and Ozzie are too smart for this crap If those names are out, they're not the real target.
  6. Lack of QB consistency It's irrelevant if Flacco is a great playoff performer if he can't get the job done in the regular season.
  7. To me it's pretty simple Pitta - I don't care if he is Flacco's BFF. He can't block to save his life and he is 1 big hit away from retiring. He got paid a good chunk of cash without performing and he is not Gronk to be worth the risk. Let him go Watson - cut. Thanks for nothing. Maxx Williams - he is our future TE. Gilmore - Great blocker, decent TE overall but injury-prone. I'd say keep him while he is cheap. Boyle - Bone-head and drug addict. 2 chances are enough. Keep him depending on what he produces in the last 6 games of the season. If he doesn't and has another drug problem, just BYE. Waller - raw freak of nature, good ST player. Keeper. I see no reason to let him go. Keepers - Gilmore/Maxx/Boyle/Waller and that's it.
  8. Last season we lost against a bunch of Crap teams in close games and beat the Steelers twice, even playing with several backups, including the QB.
  9. I'm pretty damn sure that they wanted Ragland. Bills knew it too. Said that, I think it's way too soon to give up on him.
  10. Worst thing Ravens could do : underestimate the Browns. A loss against them could be really bad for the team's morale. Ravens have to play with no mercy.
  11. Everyone is talking about Wright (deservedly), but Timmy Jernigan had a heck of a game. This game gives me so much confidence about our defense going forward. Not sure about the offense though. I really didn't like our 2nd half offensively.
  12. Yanda.
  13. Jensen He is the mauler we need @ LG.
  14. Yeah, when he called out the Ravens FO I knew it would happen. Too much of a distraction. Now he can talk about marijuana 24h a day. I couldn't care less.
  15. Ravens FO won't say it openly, but Eugene has become a massive distraction and that's the main reason why they want him gone. Dude hasn't helped the team to win games in the past 2 seasons and he has a top 5 salary among Ravens players. You don't want that guy around talking about how great Marijuana is when the team just started to work after a disappointing season and had to waive the best safety of the team because he was suspended after smoking weed AGAIN. Let's be real here. The last thing the Ravens need right now is that kind of distraction, especially when you have so many young men on the team. Ravens will be fine with or without Monroe. We're not talking about prime Ogden or Joe Thomas here.