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  1. round 1 pick 16 - Forrest Lamp OG Western Kentucky we already have 5 starters in secondary... and guys like barnett , m.williams , allen (etc) will be drafted at this point.... so we have to solve our biggest problem - o-line. Lamp probably the best interior o-lineman or even best OL prospect regardless of position. round 2 pick 47 - Ryan Andersson OLB Alabama he's just a great player. great in run D , very good in pass D. he's a playmaker! (a lot of sck , tfl ,ff and even pick-6!) don't compare him to upshaw. pls don't do it. round 3 pick 78 - Desmond King DB Iowa well... u know... round 3 pick 99 - Carlos Henderson WR Luisiana Tech round 4 pick 122 - Amara Darboh WR Michigan round 5 pick 159 - Nico Siragusa OG San Diego st round 6 pick 186 - Nate Gerry S Nebraska
  2. adams looks good! and i like mcdowell a lot. we have some problems in d-line... i wouldn't mind DL in 1-2 rounds , especially if BW and Guy leaves
  3. i don't wanna be aggressive or offensive just wondering is there any players that you don't like? in your opinion how many players good enough to be picked at 16? 20? 30? can you name them all? i'm just curious... i think 16 pick is pretty high. we can (must?!) grab top-10 talent. just bcoz a lot of teams need a qb , some teams pick bust or whatever... it's can't be more than 10 top-10 talents , right ?
  4. well.. he is not SO good. i didn't said he's bad.) i think he will be solid starter , reliable 4-3 de , but not elite pass rusher. that's why he's not top-10 pick. that's how i see it , my opinion... u know off course i'm not sure about that . who knows for sure ? mb you? )
  5. you're basically saying "he's good...he's good...he's good..." and "film supports it". well we all watched films and "he's not...he's not...he's not...". and a lot of "so called draft gurus" agree with me. it's not aggression , it's just really funny to me. our opinion based on that films. but you telling me that only you can see it right.
  6. but not you , right? )
  7. he knows what he's talking about ) looks like he is great expert )
  8. None of that is true.
  9. i just don't get it. why everybody talking about barnett? he's not top-10 , i'm not sure he's top-20. his speed , thirst step , awareness , reaction and instincts it's all below the average. mistackles omg... don't you see his mistackles? it's will be awful pick at 16
  10. T.Williams !!
  11. only 1 OL? in 4th? only 1 db? Anzalone not athletic enough and have injury concern i'm not sure about that... Quincy Wilson , T.J. Watt , Isaiah Ford +++
  12. omg
  13. + well yeah but how about wr? imo it's could be huge need next season.
  14. we should keep an eye on top wrs. i like f.ross , dural . who else to watch?