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  1. Foster will be available , the Ravens will pass , and we will miss out on the opportunity to have the most dominate linebacker duo in the league. Ravens still trying to save face from the ray rice issue
  2. You always need more weapons..... injuries occur and its fairly clear we lack depth at the "playmaker" spot. I believe in Wallace and Perriman but injuries don't care about mine or their opinions. Not to mention our Backfield scares no one
  3. There is ZERO chance of Foster coming to the Ravens. Titans, Jets , Bengals, Saints, Browns, Cards........ all drafting ahead of us ,all in need of linebackers and a real leader on the defensive side of the ball.
  4. Ozzie cant afford to miss on an impact player early. Trading back for picks sounds nice but the return for doing so hasn't panned out often.
  5. fournette was a workhorse at LSU , those tires don't have many miles left on them. Picking Fournette is round one is a huge mistake for any team.
  6. I do not want a narcissistic racist on our team. Let some other team over pay for Sherman's drama
  7. I have faith in Urschel. Call me crazy but I think he can handle it. The guy is clearly smart enough to understand the mental demands of center. Physically he is slightly undersized at 300lbs but intelligence and quickness can counter that.
  8. It would be a beautiful thing to see Mike Williams in purple/black. Unfortunately I think he goes in the 6-10 range. I'm really not in love with Ross. I see Tavon Austin when I watch his highlights. Davis seems extremely well rounded and the type of receiver Flacco really needs.
  9. The Ravens would be better off getting a QB that doesn't launch under thrown lobs off his back foot
  10. Love to have Webb back at slightly above vet min , solid safety depth
  11. The Ravens treated Aiken terribly. Why in the world with the impending retirement of Smith would you not try to get Aiken involved and offer him a cheaper three year deal. Wallace/Perrimen/Moore= Speed Possession WR: Aiken/Pitta(because we all know he isn't a true TE) Slot: Aiken/ Camp/ Moore. We were set and the idea of drafting a WR round 1 would be non existent if the Ravens took better care of their people.
  12. There was once a time when Baltimore fans pissed and moaned about our lack of speed. Possession receiver this and possession receiver that. Now we act like were to good for speed because we have 1 1/2 guys that are pretty fast . Torrey would have done well back with the Ravens
  13. I agree but this is a weak year for OL in the draft. You don't pass on Mike Williams because your lacking a right tackle.
  14. I see little value in adding Peterson , he isn't a 3 down back and doesn't catch that well. We all know Flacco looks for his first option and then immediately dumps it to RB/FB
  15. Class act and a great player, I appreciate what you did for us Doom , best of luck