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  1. I went to school with Ochi.. went to every home game. He can be a good project. hard worker and can get to the QB.GO SB Seawolves! excited to see what hes got in minicamp

  2. wake me up when september begins

  3. Which 7 or 8 Receivers do yall think will make the 53 man roster? 

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    2. VeiledPsychosis


      No way we'll keep 8 unless you want to count someone making it for ST purposes. SSS, Perriman, Aiken, Wallace, Butler, and Moore with an option of Matthews for the 7th spot. Can't see Camp making it, he simply can't be relied upon to stay healthy at all.

    3. raven22nation


      @VeiledPsychosis i agree with you on Camp... to me the set of WR is great..  Joe Flacco could finally work with so many different options including the set of TE's and RB's. Im excited for this year.. Hope Trestman can Co. could be very productive

    4. trevorsteadman


      Steve Smith, Mike Wallace, Breshad Perriman, Kamar Aiken, Keenan Reynolds, Chris Moore....

      Jeremy Butler, Daniel Brown, Marlon Brown, and Michael Campanaro are all competing for that 7th roster spot. To me the two that have flashed the most offensively is Campanaro and Butler but I think Daniel Brown is the best on special teams. 

  4. So far its been a good couple of days, beefing up the defensive front to get to the pass rush to ease up the secondary. Gotta get to the QB to make bad throws which will lead to INT"s which they were last in the NFL. With the 4th round i beleive with the 5 picks today OZ goes 2 DB.'s 2 WR and maybe another LB

  5. Home page looks nice, very fluent and easy to find what im looking for by just crolling .. Other note draft is approaching Jack or Buckner or VH would look good in Black and purple

  6. NFL turing into the Lingeire Football League if they keep softening up these rules

  7. Hate to see Will Thrill Hill get cut, Weddle, T-Brooks, Elam, and Webby's time to shine..

    1. raven22nation


      Welp now i know why he was cut. 

  8. Welcome Eric Weddle... Finally a safety who can have a constant role to affect oppoaing teams in the secondary . Someone who can stop the carousel of a back end of the group. Good sign.

    1. raven22nation


      what are your guys thoughts on Mike Wallace.

  9. Backto that uniform selectionpoll they gave us, what did you guys think and which combo would you guys like to see? I voted black/purple... but purple/purple would look fresh as well

  10. As much as i hate to say it, we have no shot at drafting Ramsey.

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    2. jazz1988


      anything is possible in the draft

    3. ludy51


      No, I refuse to believe this!

    4. pechillo


      lol yeah anythings possible but there definitely is a slim chance in drafting him. Hopefully his pro day is iffy hahaha

  11. Maybe he can resurrect his career in Baltimore, this year if hes signed, hell be competing with West and Zo i feel we're are using Trent as a plan B for Zo becuase hes always banged up, when hes healthy hes an important role player. With Forsett coming off a major broken arm and Allen just getting into the swing of things, i think this can turn out to be an okay deal. Just need to teach him how to read the defense and increase his vision skills as well as hitting the right hole. Trent could be an asset. Bold Statement: Buck will be leading back at the end of this season
  12. Yes, i like it Ramsey if hes there which i dont beleive he will be, lets hope we dont fall into Joey Bosa trap, hes a bust
  13. If Myles Jack, Joey Bosa, and Stanley are on the board, who are you taking.?  Myles Jack IMO

  14. Buckner is my guy, hope he shows out at combine. He'd look good in Black and Purple
  15. Ramsey, Bunckner, Treadwell

    1. HomeoftheBRAVENS


      Treadwell unless Ramsey is on the board.