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  1. This whole deal with conley seems a lottle odd however i have one thing to say. You literally only need to stay out of the spotlight for 3 months. How hard is that!?!?!? Stay home and dont do ANYTHING!!!! Is it really that hard to just not surround yourself in bad situations Now with peppers...if you know drinking too much water will affect your urine sample then just deal with the cramps. Unless your trying to hide something....John Ross had cramps and he still managed a 4.22 40. Suck it up so you dont have this diluted sample hanging over your head. Now teams will worry about his dependability considering he will be tested 12 times a month for 3 years!!!!
  2. No they want size. The new GM has been very clear that they need to get bigger along the line. I dont think they will like Reddick or Foster because they arent necessarily big players
  3. Doesnt matter cause the Colts are picking Cam Robinson anyways
  4. He pass protected well, his problem was inconsistent technique. He has all the traits you look for in a tackle
  5. Everybody is totally against Cam Robinson and he hasnt played a single snap yet....smh. The guy can instantly upgrade our running game. Im all in on Cam. You build your team from the inside out and Cam is arguably the best olineman in the draft. He gives you flexibility, dependability and production (as an offensive lineman)
  6. LOL!!!! Thats too funny!!
  7. Lol and Caleb Brantley
  8. Makes sense though
  9. With the 27th pick the Chiefs select Joe Mixon Another woman beater to pair with tyreek hill.....
  10. ooops
  11. I was surprised to see we don't have this thread. There's a d line thread but no edge or pass rusher thread. We all know we need more edge rushers. Suggs and doom are on the wrong side of 30 and we don't have anyone in line to replace them long term. Judon is promising but he can't be out only answer. Z Smith is inconsistent and correa is still unknown. My top rushers for 2017 1. Myles garrett....no chance at him 2. Derek Barnett - one of the most productive pass rushers in the country if not the most. Should be top 10 pick 3. Tim William -pass rush specialist. Top15 pick unless his character concerns are legit 4. Charles Harris - has an elite first step and spin move. Probably has the most pass rush moves of the bunch and most polished. Run defense is inconsistent but fixable. Top 20 pick 5. Carl lawson - has top 15 talent but his injury history is a concern. His run defense is another concern. Finally had a consistent healthy year however. 1st round pick (borderline) 6. Takk McKinley - athletic phenom yet extremely raw. Has all the tools just has to put it all together still. Late 1st early 2nd round pick. Add on or comment on your favorite edge rushers.
  12. Lol they dont know anything. They have us picking a player with multiple off feild ussues dealing with his character?????? They must not know the ravens at all
  13. Ya me too. Hes been my favorite prospect simce the start of the process. Even before his 2016 season. Yet I may be one of the few who will support the decision of drafting cam robinson
  14. I think this is the year the fans get what they want
  15. Hmmmm. Thought something sounded fishy about the original report. The new one makes more sense considering the police report
  16. Derek Barnett will fall right into our laps
  17. Ya true, well a lot of people have differing opinions. I lile him because i know he studies the tape and is a big believer in Derek Rivers. Rivers doesnt get the attention he deserves because hes an fcs guy but he has phenomonal pass rush traits. Hes explosive and is one of the best pure edge benders in this class
  18. Like he said in the article and uve heard you refer to this before is the fact that Thomas never really played the edge much at Stanford. He rarely got opportunities yet his traits say he could play on the edge. Maybe more 4-3 DE than a linebacker but i just think the consensus opinion about his being a 3tech is how well he looked at Stanford in that position.
  19. @JoeyFlex5 Thought youd find this very interesting. https://www.fanragsports.com/nfl/updated-look-edge-defender-class-2017-nfl-draft/amp/ I have to think Derek Barnett may only have one true thing hes good at. Hes a one demensional edge bender. A very good one at that though. The lack of burst off the snap is worrisome though The guy that made this list also made a video with Matt Waldman in the RSP film room on Carl Lawson. Its very detail orriented breakdown and I learned a lot and made me have another perspective when evaluating edge rushers
  20. Oh man I love Derek Rivers. I think his potential is through the roof. His ability to bend is uncanny. The kid is strong at the point of attack and has a great first step. If hes ever allowed to use it, because Youngstown ran a "tackle read" scheme where he was forced to play the run. He does need to work on some disengaging moves but man....the kid is a monster. Hes one of those guys that makes you question why fcs vs fbs really even matter. I like him more than Takk Mckinley honestly
  21. I dont thin Cams issues are nearly as bad as Tunsils. His charges were dropped and he never had any other issues. I really cant compare Cams situation to tunsil. Tunsil is a much better prospect yes. However Cam is a mammoth of an athlete. We said we want to get bigger on the Oline and Cam would do that the minute he walked into the building. I understand the dislike for Cam, not the hate
  22. What makes you think they're first ballot Hof players. Hookers only played one year of college ball
  23. So i was reading an interview with Quincy Wilson on draftbreakdown and he was asked if he had any odd questions asked like getting into a starring contest. This was his reply: "Nobody got into a staring contest with me [laughs]. I do have one story for you though. The Cincinnati [Bengals] coach asked me if I had 37 cents with seven coins, what would I have? I wasn’t able to answer that. I didn’t know." Lol.....cant even do simple math....took me like 10 seconds to figure it out. 2dimes, 3nickles, 2pennies......some of these questions have reasoning behind it and they dont realize it
  24. Well other than the barnett plummit. What makes you think juju falls to round 3?
  25. Ive been saying this for every mock draft on here for a while. Marlon mack is the guy we need. This guy is going to be a stud. He could have a Jordan Howard or David Johnson type impact