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  1. Lol are we seriously considering moving up 5 spots in the second round for jernigan. Thank God Ozzie is the one making the deals. This is obsurd, if anything use him for the year and get the best out of him in his contract year
  2. So why bother trying so hard. They've done a good enough job with veterans and free agents. Why waste a draft pick. I mean when was the last time a team won a super bowl with an elite receiver who actually contributed in the win lol. I honestly can't recall. Lol Jerry rice? Michael Irvin? I don't think any elite receivers in this generation have a ring let alone been to one. All they do is cause a distraction to their team. It's more like icing on the cake. An unnecessary luxury
  3. What's the point of even drafting a receiver early. I honestly don't like it unless you are sure they are going to be all pros. I don't see that zero bust factor with any of the top 3. Plus you can find receivers anywhere nowadays. Only pass catcher I'd spend the 16th pick on is oj Howard.
  4. Justin Evans is not talked about enough. He could be a steal in the 2nd to 3rd round range. Kid has range to cover the entire feild and an attitude I love. His tackling needs a little cleaning up but has nothing to do with fear. You can tell he loves to hit, he just needs better form and needs to wrap up. Can definitely lay some wood though. Love his game. Watched a ton of him live on tv and he always stood out.
  5. You see Wilson as being refined? I don't see that. He seems extremely raw to me.
  6. I'm not sure about white. He's def not as big as Wilson but what worries me most is his lack of on ball production. Hardly ever gets his hands on passes
  7. I think he will struggle early. He gives up way too much separation and in the NFL that won't fly. He was able to recover in college but the timing in the NFL Wil make him struggle. He's not very technically sound. More of a project to me. I wouldn't want him to have too much playing time early
  8. Gareon Conley is a bit overhyped, he's very raw and he never uses his hands to jam. He will get eaten alive early in his career
  9. I mentioned him on the Oline thread but Mitchell Kirsch is a guy to keep your eye on. He was a first team all FCS right tackle for JMU. Could be a late round option for us or maybe undrafted guy.
  10. Ya that's true. I'm not sure he's a bad kid really. He doesn't get in trouble he just seems to have motivation issues. I think Harbaugh and our locker room can get that out of him really quick. But ya his interviews really were bad. He's not a good speaker and seems to try and avoid it.
  11. @JoeyFlex5 @rossihunter2 I think he could fit right in, watch this breakdown. Right on point
  12. I have to say. What I've seen from our dline coach he does seem pretty fiery. Plus suggs wouldnt have any of that lazy attitude. I love his potential and the way that mock draft went Malik had the best upside. So I wouldn't be mad cause I know the potential
  13. Not sure we'll draft d. He seems to have too many character concerns 😃
  14. I think you went a little too deep on your big board and there's some players on there that might go undrafted like Ben boulware but I like the mock draft. I'm not that high on cam Robinson in particular though but I almost would prefer him to Corey Davis. I just feel that receivers are such an unnecessary luxury. While it's hard to find good offensive lineman in the NFL. Especially tackles. Receivers can come from any round.
  15. Mitchell Kirsch is a first team all fcs RT for JMU. Not well known but he has good size and could be a late round guy or undrafted FA we could bring in.