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  1. I think peanut is going to be the next udfa to step up and ball out at the ILB position this season. Rumors heating up about potential Boldin reunion.
  2. I think that would absolutely be worth it. 5 spots in the 2nd round might not sound like much but that could make a huge difference in acquiring one of the top guys that falls such as TJ Watt. Jernigan could ball out this year and have the best season of his career or he could be a penalty machine who gets hurt and leaves after this season anyway..with the current state of our d line I'd take moving up 5 spots in the 2nd no question.
  3. I would take mike Williams, oj Howard and peppers off the list. Foster is a lonnngshot but would be one of them ones with a very slim chance to fall to us. I'd actually include Barnett in with foster too- like you said you never know. The rest we won't even sniff unless a gas mask is involved.
  4. Don't like the Ross pick but the rest is cool. We need a pass rusher in the first 3. Albeit We'd still have another comp in the third. For me its pass rusher/ OL in 1 and 2 and CB/WR with both thirds.
  5. I've also been falling in love with Corey Davis lately- but like you said I think bisciotti will have a strong influence on us taking an edge rusher..suggs is almost done and the time might be now so he can have a year or 2 to learn behind him and keep each other fresh.
  6. I think this is a realistic mock. Doesn't blow you away and leave you drooling- but rarely does that ever really happen on draft night. All picks makes sense- the only beef I have is not taking a corner in such a stacked class at the position.. I know you only did 4 rounds so technically we could still take 1- but I certainly see us taking one before then. My guess would be with one of the two picks we have in the third.
  7. I like it. Desmond king is iffy but your right about having depth and always good to have somebody that can move around in a pinch. Watt at 16 is also questionable only BC we could get him much later- so a tradeback would be ideal there- but hey if your coming away with a great player what difference does it make in the grand scheme of things? Nice mock.
  8. If there's a run on corners- we'll end up with a dominant pass rusher- if theres a run on pass rushers and 2 qbs- we'll end up with a top corner. If there's a strong mixture of both we'll end up with either mike Williams or Corey Davis. We're coming away with a great PROSPECT regardless. Let's just hope we get the right guy -they are utilized properly- and they become something special. We usually nail rounds 3-5 ..this year we need to nail 1 and 2...Ofcourse stars are found throughout the entire draft so I'll take them wherever they come from. Udfas too. Weve got a strong foundation to build on. This next level is key to getting back to winning the north year after year.
  9. I love Desmond king but only as a safety. And now that we addressed that position I'm not so sure I'd take him. If he fell a bit or if the options were thin then heck yeah- but I'd prefer Kevin king over Desmond strictly at corner.
  10. Zero complaints here. Actually I would be head over heels with this. Addresses every important need while giving us several game changers. Love every single pick. Great job bro.
  11. I like it alot- I just think we certainly will take a receiver somewhere. We almost have to with Aiken departing and Steve retiring. We really only have 2 receivers that are set in stone ( Wallace, Perriman) Moore and camp should be a sure thing but that's still only 4. Assuming we pick up 1 off the open market that leaves ATLEAST 1 spot. 2 if we end up rollin with 7...
  12. I think some ppl are reluctant to want Ross at 16 BC we already have 3 guys who can stretch the feild. However Ross is so shifty and is more than just a 1 trick pony. And it never hurts to have even more speed. Who's to say we cant have 4 burners? That would create mismatches all over the feild and help pad joes stats with some much needed YAC-which our receivers never seem to get. However if Williams or Davis is there you have to take them. For some reason I've been seeing Williams drop down in a lot of the medias mocks lately and I'm not sure why. I've seen him fall as low as 30! He seems like the exact fit of what we need in a wideout- but i get the feeling Corey Davis could be the next AJ Green. Joe finally needs a true #1 to compete with the other studs in the North. I've got full faith in Perriman- but a contingency plan and potential dynamic duo never hurts. Having 2 stud Wrs along with Wallace would be huge.
  13. What's the deal with Witherspoon and Moreau? Their size intrigues me but I don't know much else...
  14. Was about to post the exact same thing word for word. Scratch him off the list. If he was on there anyway.
  15. Joe and Perriman need a full training camp together. This will do wonders for them both as far as timing- etc. If he stays healthy-( a big IF I know) I GUARENTEE you perriman will have a breakout 1000 yd. Season. He's not just a one trick pony- he has the potential to be a true number one. Work on the concentration drops- which I think ppl had overblown anyway- and work on his rapport with Joe and he can make a major impact with wallace demanding attention on the other side. They could be a great 1-2 punch. A lot of their success is riding on the running game though.. A strong running game will open things up down feild for perriman , Wallace and Moore. Moore was a huge disappointment for me last season- but I still believe he can be great too. He's more of a one trick pony who will burn guys running a straight line downfeild. Wallace and Perriman will both work slants across the middle and you can pick your poisen. All we need to add is 1 big body chain mover. I know it sounds cliche but a reunion with Boldin really does make a lot of sense and will cost us peanuts. Then if we can draft a nice wideout somewhere in the top 3 rounds we will be looking at a pretty strong corps. And that's not including our tight ends. I expect crock to also have a major resurgence now that he's healthy. Boyle can do it all and wallers size /speed combo is a huge mismatch problem. We know what we have in pitta who is joes safety blanket- the only ? Mark is maxx Williams- who has been somewhat of a letdown after having high hopes for him. It takes awhile for tight ends to develop- but the transition to the NFL seems to have been too much for him. He seemed out of shape and gets injured often. we were laughin up a storm when we jacked him from Pittsburgh and they had to settle for Jesse James- well so far the jokes on us. Hopefully he proves us wrong and takes a big step this season- but honesty i just don't see it. We may even have to let him go. We cant keep 5 tight ends- and right now I see it as : 1) Pitta 2) Crockett 3) Waller 4) Boyle Watson is still on our roster as of now too- which appears to be a sure fire cut- but we may keep him around through camp incase of injury. You never know. I was excited about our running back situation - but now with Dixons suspension things get a little iffy. If west went down with injury-suddenly we're looking at woodhead as our starter. We may draft a rb higher than most ppl think.