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  1. Harris looks, to me, to be a deep on the list guy, I think the Ravens will have others on the board ahead of him available to pick from. I think Charlton and Barnett would rank ahead of him, even Foster and Reddick might be listed above him by the Ravens FO for front 7 choices. However I think the Ravens will be looking at Humphreys, Davis, Cook, Charlton, Foster or Peppers at 16. with long shot on MIke Williams or Solomon Thomas. my guess, staying with reality are , Humphrey's or Cook
  2. I think so too. If Mike Williams and Corey Davis both gone, I see them taking Barnett. If all three are gone, I could see them trade back a couple spots. Its very probable that all three of them will be gone. If they could trade back would they pass on Foster ILB, Cook RB or Peppers S who look probably under #20 or Humphry CB who lines up at #16. In most mock drafts. Even McCaffrey RB or Howard TE might be in the discussion.
  3. I am very skeptical about West, this coming year will be his 4 season He seems to have only 1 play at a time in him. He looks great and then the 2nd carry is nothing, too many times. His carry average is 3.9 ypc with only 1678 tot yds in 3 years and he has been given plenty of reps. It really could go either way. By the time game 5 comes this thing could be passe, so I would take Peterson for a bargain price or one of the remaining veteran FA. Since L Murray is gone i will defer to Oz, but i believe he was a RB that the Ravens could've really used. the "1-2 punch" didn't work last year, I just do not see why it would be considered again. sorry
  4. CB, C/G/T, WR, OLB or DE in any order but I don't see the Ravens waiting until 4th pick for a Center/G/T O line strength. I see the one of 2 top Centers looking very good for the Ravens this year. Elflein and Pocic can play multiple O-line positions with specialty at Center. so most likely I see that pick comes in at 48 or 80. Even a RB or Safety is in the picture within the top 100. But I can see them waiting late. Its really going to interesting to see how the picks shape up. Good thing is that it looks like the Ravens will have some nice choices in each round. Lets hope so.
  5. heck just switching them every year is enough to throw things off. Its pretty obvious. I would suspect that having the same OC for a second year is bound to help. So your opinion of Mornhinweg ( spell) will have to be taken as premature at this point in time. It really is time we see an improvement in the offense. So we will have to see how it goes. I think Flacco will come back stronger and better which should improve the O all round, WR should get a boost, O line should be better once finalized, TE will be fine, Its the Running Game I am concerned with.
  6. KO would certainly be considered top shelf talent at a minimum. You could argue based on the size of some of the contracts these guys have gotten that there are plenty more. Stanley? Moseley? Jernigan? Williams? Perriman? Carl Davis? I would say they all are top shelf talent. plus Upshaw and KO? who are not on the Team anymore. At #4 - Juice, Urban, Za Smith, Tavon Young - again pretty high in their positions. I think that injuries have hurt the Ravens a bit more than Draft. You have to remember that the Ravens have only picked in the top 10 once in that time and that was last year. The returning Rookie class is probably one of the strongest in the NFL.
  7. Well, it looks as if Ozzie drafted a bunch of All-Pro's last year. That was probably one of the most homerish posts I've ever seen. Lol. Thank you for reading, if dont agree and it appears you do not, that is fine. Some may not be looking at it the same way. What is very evident in my opinion is that the Ravens have a good returning class of Rookies. All the negative comments about poor selections can be quite dismantling. I think positive as much as I can. ps, I only used All pro in regards to Pierce and Pro Bowl for Lewis. So who is homerish
  8. Yea the Vikes just picked up L Murray. Lewis played, Henry didn't go in for a single snap. This is an article on his injury and playing time. I don't think his lack of play last year means hes going to be bust though. He did make some nice plays in preseason though. He bring something different to the table than Jernigan, pierce, williams. Yea I just think we would have ha to pay more than Murrays worth. A thousand yard running season isnt necessarily a measure of RBs skill level. At this point we have a better chance of picking up A Peterson than trading for Murray. Although that chance is very very slim. That is a good pick up by the Vikings. I said Henry was out early, I stand corrected he played snaps in pre-season, Lewis went out during the season. Thank you for validating. If Peterson can show in a work out that he meets the Ravens standards I'm sure he will command some consideration. Just not sure he has enough left in the tank for what he might cost. If he will play for $3.5-4.5 mil maybe so. 1000 yrds running season doesn't happen to too many RB's without skill level. Maybe you could list a few so I can relate. Im concerned even more now in West play in 2016 and getting 700+ means? Because West is the RB I am concerned with. Again my point is not to pick apart a Rookies play, because most have mistakes, but to make the point of the very promising Rookie class returning. +15 players if you look back at my original post.
  9. Of course it is early, however my best guess right now is McClellan, Davis and Judon in that order. But there are many who can step in, the hardest to replace is Orr.
  10. Frank have you ever wondered why you are the only guy clamoring for a big name FA running back? First it was L. Murray and now its D. Murray. You do realize we would have to trade picks to get D. Murray and at this point we would have to do the same for L. Murray. It wasn't but 2 week ago when you called Dixon a "dufus" and now "Ken showed that he was ready for the NFL." Henry wasn't lost until Nov 15 (9 games) which really isn't the beginning of the season. Although he might as well have been injured because he didn't even get in for one play. Its also a bit of a stretch to say that A. Lewis is on the verge of a pro bowl invite. I am pulling for Skura and Nembot but those guys are going to be fighting for a roster spot this year. Thanks for reading, I will stick by my points about Running Back. Sure right now not many are on the bandwagon, however the one thing the Ravens lacked probably more than anything last year was the Running Game. I can tell you many, many agree to that. A typo (fruedian) slip in the Murray category I have stated L Murray and I still think he is a back that fits the Ravens need. Big strong down hill runner, durable and let him pound the middle of the field. ( I called for them to pick up D Murray before he went to Dallas 3 years ago where he was wasted on the bench) I also stand behind my points about Dixon, he is a "Dufus" because he is costing himself and the team 4 games maybe more because his "off the field" dufus choice. Yes he has shown that he is ready for the NFL on the field, those two points do not contradict each other. However I do not think he can carry the Ravens 50 to 60% offensive downhill running style that this team is built around. Henry and Lewis both played snaps, but half the season is pretty early, to go out. A. Lewis, just watch. Yes at this point everyone's fighting for a roster spot, a chance or a stretch, but these are Rookies as my point ! A very talented, potential promising class of Rookies that I believe most if not all will make the team, many as starters.
  11. WR often look really good in college, but when get to the NFL cannot produce. Here in lies the proof, how many older receivers are still competitive in the NFL? Many. Its always a risk, I think that the best way to judge a WR in the draft is look at how they performed against the top defenses in college over the past 3 years. See if there is a standout against the top CB and Safeties. It takes a lot of evaluation but I can guarantee the Ravens staff is doing it. With Perriman and Moore being so young I am not sure that the Ravens are committed to putting another rookie on the field in place of them, taking reps away. Perriman is still developing into his "own skin" and Moore already shows signs of All Pro performance. I think we have our 3 starters in Wallace, Perriman and Moore. Not to mention, Ptta, Woodhead, Campinaro and Waller all who could easily eclipse 500 yrds in a season if given the reps in my opinion. I think a Veteran WR who will fill the slot receiver role and not expect or command a high number of reps. ( like Woodhead, a Micheal Floyd or Victor Cruz Rod Streater might perform in a contribution format ) Normally round 1 is getting a "starter" for the Ravens, yes BPA but BPA to "start", this means against the players that are already part of the roster as well.
  12. Since we are on the topic of Rookies, The Ravens drafted strong last year and had a great post draft. So the ability to use those players has arrived. Here is a list ofthe last year rookies not to lose sight of: All of them look to be returning for a strong second year- Ronnie Stanley- so glad Oz listened to me, wow what a player. Wowzer Micheal Pierce DT/NT - last year speaks for itself! All Pro in the making, wow Tavon Young CB- I think he is as much a starter as anyone on the team. Wow Matthew Judon OLB- This kid should be the replacement for Doom, big shoes to fill, but man did he shine at times last year, Alex Lewis G/T- now back on the O line, can play G or T, when teamed up with Yanda or Stanley will shut down one side. Exciting young and on the verge of Pro bowl play. Chris Moore WR- Wide receivers seem to perform better in their second year, ie Aiken, Periman, Torrey Smith, etc. especially for the Ravens. This kid could be something very special. Maurice Canady CB- Canady showed sparks of tremendous talent in coverage, when tackling, on special teams and when put in at certain packages he played position well. The speed of the game in the backfield is about as fast as it gets on two legs. Here is a young talent who looks to have the legs. Kennith Dixon RB- boy I hope this suspension doesn't hurt his development, I believe Ken showed that he was ready for the NFL. I would like to see him in the #2 role behind even a stronger #1 Running back ( no disrespect to West, Unfortunately I just think West is a proven #2). plug- D Murray- Willie Henry DT- As with Lewis lost early in the season, this guy is a Beast! Bronson Kaufusi DE- "ditto" I can't wait to see this kid in action! a Beast! Stephane Nembot OT - Played very well on second squad, shows signs of great potential. It is time needed on the field that will tell the tale. Matt Skura C- Matt flew under the radar last year, getting his development and NFL level experience on the PS. He could be much more the player that anyone expects. Correa Kamalei LB- KO, down the list for a reason. Here is a player who got in fights with multiple veterans during camp last year. Who do you think won out in that deal? In my opinion, He had the sad awakening of becoming an NFL "team player" and I would bet you it started in the locker room. Get your head on straight KO, hopefully all leave last year behind them. If he uses the raw talent that everyone saw in the draft, there is huge potential. Its time to become a Pro. Keenan Reynolds WR/KR- What does this kid have to offer? There has to be something he can do to participate, I am eager to see. Patrick Onwuasor ILB- didn't see a lot of action, what play time was seen appeared to be solid. The jury is still out if he can become a starter, but there is potential to work with. I am not sure any team in the NFL will return with this kind of Rookie class (+15), not including a couple additions from the off season. So lets go Sophomores, go get what you came for and give the veterans a run for their money!
  13. Why would you draft a player later if you intend on having them be your anchor starter? Many Centers have entered the league and started. But your point does show why the Ravens may want to take a good look at John Urschel and Matt Skura in Camp.( Skura worked on the PS all year and because Zuttah stayed healthy all year they did not need to bring him up. He very well may be much better than any fans know. ) Draft at a strong pick and put the player in action, if in camp or even early games he needs improvement then the 2nd line Center will need to step up -maybe for just a little while, maybe longer. or as you say pick up a vet Center - important at a good value price- who can add strength while the Rookie is developing. Mangold just doesn't appear to be in the price range for the Ravens. Also Oz often waits until after the Draft to fill in the final pieces. This way he can access the results of teams actual picks instead of just the "big board" So I disagree that the Ravens should wait past #80 to pick a top Center/G in the Draft, I would prefer they look seriously at using the #48. However i don't make the decisions and anything can happen if a FA player were to make a fit.
  14. Woodhead is not a #1 running back. I just cannot see the Ravens starting 2017 weaker than they did in 2016 knowing how rough the road was when having a sub-par running game. I'm not taking anything away from West of Dixon, I thought they stepped up and handled things ok, but it is what it is./ Its time the FO made a move to bring in a proven running back to handle the bulk of the first down objectives for this offense. I think that Dixon was developing however the suspension is a huge setback. As far as West, he has struggled to perform on repetitive running assignments. He seems to have a burst of great ability but when coupled with a 2nd and 3 rd assignment he just did not perform. That is what enabled Dizxon to platoon in. I just cannot agree with this type of running game, when the Ravens success has been proven with RB such as J Lewis, P Holmes, R Rice, and even Forsett. without a RB who can carry the ball 4-6 times consecutively, out of a single or multiple formation the Ravens do not fool anyone. The plays are almost projected on a big screen to a decent skilled defense Come on Oz, get us a RB.