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  1. Couldn't we make the argument we should have nabbed both of them?
  2. and I don't want none of the above, I want to .............*Dave Chappelle R.Kelly voice*
  3. Did somebody say air it out against the Cowboys? sheeesh
  4. I think you are way, WAY off on this. It is clear to ME that in one year Judon has the tools to surpass McPhee completely.
  5. bc price and J Charles injury history
  6. As of now, with the horrible news to Zach Orr we have a defense returning with everyone including another top safety next to Weddle. I like how the offseason is going. We managed to keep Williams, a bit higher then I thought but at least he stays home clogging up lanes and hopefully making the jobs of everyone else on the line easier. That means Timmy and Carl Davis need to show up, we can wait on Pierce. I have been mentioning Carl Davis for a while now and last year he went down to injury. He needs to show up and prove that dropping to the 3rd round was a fluke. The DL with those 2 being Davis and Timmy need to step especially bc of the loss of Orr.
  7. If Williams comes at to high of a price I'm good with him walking, I have to believe in what I saw in Pierce, Jernigan, and Carl Davis. They key here is Carl Davis, his rookie year he came out looking like some sort of possessed animal and then trailed off towards the end which was a concern going into that draft for him. 2nd year he was hurt. I want to see this guy on the field
  8. I came here late to the party about our new Safety and THIS HAPPENS?
  9. This is what I was thinking.....the question is what do they want for it?
  10. JJ BABY, I miss that guy
  11. I'd be willing to part ways with Williams if it meant bring in the safety from Arizona.
  12. I doubt he goes first round, but if we took him in the first then it's without question bc of that connection. If I played GM, I honestly think I would be crazy enough to take him there if not trade down and nab him. I really want to see how this plays out
  13. I got into an argument with the high school coach of Patrick Peterson just to give you an idea of the mind I was having the discussion with. I told him that some of you are married to the measurements of players instead of what they can actually do on the field. I did not understand why Mathieu dropped as low as he did for the simple reason that when on the field HE CAN PLAY. This is somewhat how I feel about Peppers. I hope he proves me right, using his measurements against him is stupid in my opinion.
  14. There's something about him
  15. I saw somewhere that he drops to us and we take him in the 1st round. I looked at some of his highlights, he looks legit
  16. Means he is going in the opposite direction lol
  17. I wonder what they want for it
  18. Tenn is looking to trade #5
  19. lmao, what is going on here?
  20. Titans are willing to trade their pick, anybody think we make a move to get the #5?
  21. I might be alone on this, but I really dislike the combine
  22. regardless of what moves we make in regards to the O-line, I expect them of all the units we have to be the most improved and the nastiest
  23. Well no because we got Stanley, and we are all very happy about him
  24. Perriman unlike any of the receivers we have drafted has it on the field. You can see the ability when he's forced to make a tough catch in the air.....we need to develop this guy correct.. It's time Flacco starts to throw and develop these guys in the offseason. One year removed from the injury and you are hopefully healthy. Time to have a renaissance at the QB position. I have always been too lenient with Flacco because 1. Superbowl and 2. That's my guy, but it's time now you take responsibility and do what you have to do.