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  1. Brady, Brees, and Rogers
  2. In my opinion? No
  3. did I just get negative bc I said Flacco isn't Elite? lol
  4. I would have been able to save so much time had I known it was ok to post links lol
  5. Don't think for a second I don't have a full clip for Flacco. I apologize if it seems in anyway that I only see Ryans mistakes as opposed to the self titled "elite" Joe Flacco
  6. I tried desperately to access all that without have to pay to subscribe. That number I used was his average time getting the ball out. That play where he took the loss for 12 yards after watching the play was minimum 3 seconds with a defender he clearly saw from the beginning which made him continue to back peddle.
  7. Bc it was enough time to get rid of the ball when the pressure is in your face. He held on to the ball, that's it lol.
  8. This was the point I was making, whether the play calling was correct or not they put it in his hands and the rest was history. I do not understand what there is to talk about? #1 offense, MVP of the regular season, Pats dared the Falcons to beat them with Ryan. And by the way, I do not have access to advanced stats unfortunately but one thing I did find interesting is that a couple of years ago with a worse offensive line Ryans average time in the pocket before being sacked/releasing the ball/ or running out the pocket was 2.73 seconds.
  9. if Flacco didn't have any time in the pocket then no, but when he has some decent amount of time I blame him. What is your point?
  10. Yes, the coach called a play to get sacked....twice by the way if getting 2 first downs in an entire 4th quarter and part of the 3rd is moving the chains to you then cool, you are correct. 2 first downs........
  11. Atlanta ran the clock out at the end of the 3rd after the NE score. that was the drive that the offense was in field goal range. It was 2 and 11 they pass incomplete from NE 42 in field goal range as long as they can put together some yards to make it easier for their kicker. 3-11 Ryan takes a SACK for a loss of 9 yards and they punt. NE scores field goal Next drive was a 3 and out with a sack/Fumble NE scores Next drive, this is the one with 2 HUGE plays, one was a run and the other was the toss to Gabriel. Once in field goal range, a failed run for a loss of 1, 2 and 11 SACK for -12 yards and brings them out of field goal range AGAIN, 3-23 pass incomplete... So from the 6 min mark in the 3rd to the end of the 4th they managed 2 first downs (3 MAYBE, id have to look it over with time) and 2 of those came from 1 big run and a big pass. a total of 2 first downs is NOT moving the chains
  12. Once, and on that same drive got them out of it....
  13. Na, those injuries really got to him. Kenny Britt might be available
  14. If Kenny Britt is out there............
  15. One was a recovered on side kick........and after some good throws to Gabriel and that catch by Julio he took a sack and put them out of field goal range....