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  1. they consider it a fail if its diluted so they count it as positive. I am all for grabbing this guy in the 2nd round.
  2. Mike Jackson is out there but how much does he have left? Our depth is going to come from the TE position with Maxx, Boyle, Pitta, and Waller being healthy....Don't know what you can expect from Watson though.. Waller can play WR and it would make sense to have mulit-TE sets out there
  3. I wonder who you are talking about?
  4. Our secondary just got deep, with actual talent we can rely on. I am excited for this unit barring Jimmy Smith and his health.... Lord... Smith and Carr on the corners, Young and Webb in the inside??????????? Jefferson, Weddle, and Webb in the back field? Yesssssss
  5. All this being said....I loved Timmy J and I had hoped he would be the next Ngata for us especially after that rookie season when he stepped in at the end of the season when Ngata went down and did phenomenal. It's clear that he was going to get a purse from a different team and making a move now rather then later was the correct thing to do. Wish we could have got at least a 2nd round for him but it is what it is. Eagles traded down to get a player for one year, maybe he stinks it up there and comes back? It's clear to me that the team either sees the draft as a way of filling his void or is invested in our current players. We are pistol whipping a dead horse here, but Carl Davis is the guy they need to tap on the shoulder. Those on this forum that are skeptical about him are correct because he has character concerns and his health did not allow him to play last year. The tape does show however that he was an animal on that line when motivated, somehow if he recaptures that then I think we are going to be just fine. Nothing wrong with being a little positive about things you know, Pierce and Davis need to step up now.
  6. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I forgot who it was on this board that was trying to convince me Julio Jones missed out on most of the year....either have an idea or just listen and learn lmao
  7. They have to believe that Carl Davis can step in and build off his early success when we drafted him.... I believe Davis has the ability to replace Timmy and surpass him. I am basing this solely off how he played when he first arrived here. Remember, he slipped into the 3rd round bc of his issues....Please get it together
  8. wait, we got into the redzone?
  9. I am curious as to who will pick up Revis...Seahawks maybe?
  10. Couldn't we make the argument we should have nabbed both of them?
  11. and I don't want none of the above, I want to .............*Dave Chappelle R.Kelly voice*
  12. Did somebody say air it out against the Cowboys? sheeesh
  13. I think you are way, WAY off on this. It is clear to ME that in one year Judon has the tools to surpass McPhee completely.
  14. bc price and J Charles injury history
  15. As of now, with the horrible news to Zach Orr we have a defense returning with everyone including another top safety next to Weddle. I like how the offseason is going. We managed to keep Williams, a bit higher then I thought but at least he stays home clogging up lanes and hopefully making the jobs of everyone else on the line easier. That means Timmy and Carl Davis need to show up, we can wait on Pierce. I have been mentioning Carl Davis for a while now and last year he went down to injury. He needs to show up and prove that dropping to the 3rd round was a fluke. The DL with those 2 being Davis and Timmy need to step especially bc of the loss of Orr.