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  1. Thanks for the advice Rossi. I'm 100% on board with Barnett, it's just not likely according to most mocks. Let's get rush, CB, WR and OL with the first 4 picks.
  2. Cheers Rossi, I used a big board off of NFL.com - I'm too new to the game to do my own scouting. I just HOPE AND PRAY Ozzie gets us some pass rush in rounds one or two. It's so frustrating watching opposing QB's having all day to throw!
  3. Based on draft boards around the internet, I felt like making a simple mock draft, with "multiple options". Here goes: Round 1, pick 16: Taco Charlton (DE - Michigan)/Haason Reddick (LB - Temple) I see pass rush as possibly the biggest need, and I don't see us signing anything in FA whereas there seems to be opportunities with regards to WR and CB. Round 2, pick 47: Taylor Moton (T - Western Michigan)/JuJu Smith (WR - USC) We know how important OL is, and I've heard good things about Moton on these boards. Some have likened him to Osemele coming out - not too shabby if that's the case. If we don't sign a Boldin/possesion-RZ WR in FA, we could also draft JuJu here for that purpose. Round 3, pick 78: Sidney Jones (CB - Washington)/Cameron Sutton (CB - Tennessee) I think we address CB in FA, and Jones's value is pretty darn good if he's here. If we want immediate help at CB, someone like Sutton could be an option here. Round 3, pick 99: Nico Siragusa (G - SD State)/Rasul Douglas (CB - West Virginia) We either continue to beef up the line or we double dip at CB. Also, Douglas could possibly switch to safety if needed. Round 4, pick 123: Tyler Orlosky (C - West Virginia)/Anthony Walker (ILB - Northwestern) We probably won't draft 3 OL's in the same draft, but depending on the earlier rounds in this draft Ozzie might decide to go with a C here. If not, we could use competition at ILB, were I think Correa might also be in the mix.
  4. Cheers guys, makes sense.
  5. How is it the Browns have +100 mill to spend, and the Ravens are always against the cap? Is it purely because they don't have an expensive franchise QB? They're spending (recklessly) hoping that something will turn around their franchise. As long as their QB carousel is in full swing it seems unlikely that they will reign in the north. You know there's a cap right? Money is tight in Baltimore as usual. I think we'd all love to acquire Marshall, Mangold, Zeitler, Jefferson and Claiborne whilst retaining B Will, Wagner and Juice. Heck, let's add Alshon and/or Pryor while we're at it.
  6. Please just get a playmaker in the first, and one of CB and edge rush would be lovely! Same goes for the second round, we/Ozzie can't afford to continue whiffing on high picks. Stanley, despite struggling with some injuries, played the part of a first rounder last year - although maybe not 6th overall? KC - I sincerely hope he shows something this year, and Kaufusi hmm... Let's get 3 homerun picks this year for a change - the first, second and third round
  7. How about this hypothetical: - Wallace (expensive speed guy) & Pierre Garcon OR - Torrey (cheaper speed guy) & Brandon Marshall
  8. I have to agree, Ozzie seems (in large part) to have adopted a 'quantity over quality' approach - as if 11 draft picks guarantee 11 solid contributers. We have so much "potential" strolling along the sidelines in sweats on gameday. We need dudes who can just play, who don't need 4 seasons to develop. And while BPA might be a solid strategy, sometimes you have to plug GLARING holes with impact players (whether you have to trade up or not.... that's not even considering so called "character issues".) ATT. Ravens FO: Please learn from 2016 and adjust accordingly, tangible results are desperately needed!
  9. Dude, we NEED outside pass rush... really bad! Better O-line and give Breshad more time to develop, I think he'll be good. Top draft needs imo: edge rush, O-line, secondary... after that another WR wouldn't hurt. Just as important, coaching (duties) needs to improve/change.
  10. I'm pretty sure Mallett would have gone for 250 yards and 2 TD's if given the chance .. oh well
  11. I don't think the defense was to blame today, holding AB to 1 rec for 5 yards in 3 quarters is alright. And at 21-0 the defense look pretty feisty to me, until Ben somehow got rolling. Imo a lot of the 'prevent D' we've seen this season has been due to small leads, where our D suddenly becomes conscious of every single detail. They think too much, play flat footed, hesitate and give up the deciding score. If our freaking offense would do what they're paid to and gain us more multi possesion leads, I think our D could gain some swagger and become outright sassy. Nice with a win after 4 straight L's, but man is it depressing to watch that offense - Smitty (and sometime T.West) is the only guy bringing some excitement.
  12. Cannot stand the flippin' Pats... whole organization top to bottom. That's a must win game this year, even if we finish 8-8 I'll deal with it if we take the Pats down!!
  13. But even if he did well in preseason... it's preseason. Carl Davis has been underwhelming so far imo, as has Jernigan despite a couple of flashes here and there.
  14. It takes two to tango. The QB has to anticipate and deliver the ball on time, we don't know what the playcall was. Chris displayed his hands with the grab as he fell to the ground. I think it's safe to say we need more footage (camp, pre season, maybe even a quarter of the season) before we can pass any legitimate judgement on any of these guys. Can't wait for more!
  15. On a positive note Ronnie seemed to be doing good and Moore looked 'polished' as per Ryan Mink (for what that's worth). It would be nice to cash in on a mid round WR like Pittsburgh has been doing lately.