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  1. With my last 3 picks I am done with UDFA!
  2. Broncos sign Alex Kozon, G Dwayne Thomas, CB Jalen Reeves-Maybin, LB
  3. I have to admit, his name made it even more interesting to select him as I wanted to see if his name would be censored or something
  4. The Denver Broncos sign... Blake Jarwin, TE, Oklahoma St. Michael Clark, WR, Marshall Younghoe Koo, K, Georgia Southern
  5. and did not take any of my guys
  6. 1) who is on? 2) Thanks for the compliments - I always like taking players away from @-Truth- especially because he is the one hwo has my board
  7. Lets get this thing going - I hot my 3 guys ready!
  8. The Denver Broncos select... Harvey Langi, ILB Dan Skipper, OT
  9. ofc I will, thought thats clear, my bad.
  10. Alright, well I hope I can make my pucks in the next hour or so so we can start with signing the UDFA.
  11. how de we start signing UDFA if the Draft is not over yet? or do I get to make my picks right before we start?
  12. Can someone take my board? Got the last 2 picks so it doesnt matter too muvh. When do we start signing UDFA? And can someone please send me the link to the new forum for the DaF? Appreciate it!
  13. @JoeyFlex5 said to skip I guess @CalvinSmoke is up followed by me ending the draft.
  14. @-Truth- is up followed by @JoeyFlex5 and @CalvinSmoke
  15. There are some pretty good guys left I have rated much higher, so I feel you!