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  1. 3 QBs will be drafted in the top 15.
  2. I hope we sign a veteran DL. Guy's gone and I don't trust Kafusi or Urban. Ricky Jean-Fran├žois would be a nice signing.
  3. In today's world it's all about costs. Shutting down this message board isn't the solution. It generates a lot of traffic like some of you mentioned it above. I'm okay if there's some ads/banner to generate some cash. Final drive to me is a useless product, I'm sure it costs a lot more to produce a video a day than to keep this board running. A message board is also a place for fans to talk/communicate to each other in a unique way esp. if it's the offical forums. I know social media plays a new role, but in the end a message board belongs to a package that the Ravens PR provide/"sell" their fans.
  4. I cannot understand why wright and company are playing 10 yards off on 3rd down. if it was green or AB ok. But this was against lower competiton. Why do they have to max protect on 4th down and send only two wr on go routes. In my mother tongue we say "a fish rots from the head down", I don't know if this proverb exists in English. But Harbaugh's talk about how they aren't quitting etc is a joke. Dixon, West and SSR were the only guys showing up. The bengals were in the same situation and had the right mindset. As much as I respect and appreciate Harbaugh's merits think he doesn't survive another 3-4 game losing streak.
  5. I think he's a great motivator, but he needs a consultant for game days. To me it seems he isn't that great of a tactician.
  6. Like a lot of you guys said in other threads, this season was already lost way back in october. But for this game the ravens should've taken advantage of the starting field position. We only gonna get better on offense. Perriman, Waller, Boyle, Dixon, West, Moore, Williams, Camp.
  7. Good: Juice just phenomenal! West and Dixon never went down. Bad: Last call. I hope Biscotti cleans this mess up. Fresh start! Only guy missing was Jimmy. We had all our players! But this secures us a better pick, which will help on the longterm
  8. What I like most about West and Dixon. They're falling forward, always fight for extra yards and don't go down on first contact. West still only had 17 carries. Stanley continues to improve. What do you think: does Lewis replace Ducasse next week? Is he capable of playing RG?
  9. Good: run game. Dixon's a playmaker. Tucker. Young's pass break up against Green-Beckham. Bad: some of our fronts couldn't stop the run. Guy lined up as a 0-tech and we got destroyed. Ugly: the missed holding calls from their C and Ertz. Flacco and his weekly interception. 3 explosive plays (West, Wallace and Camp) on 3 drives and none of them resulted in points.
  10. Joe Mathis after his injury is a steal in the 2nd round if we take a db first. Karter Schult, DL, (UNI) is a freak.
  11. Good: finally playing 60min of football on all 3 phases. I like those slants and crossing routes. we have to abuse them with the likes of Wallace and Perriman. Also Judon is more than a pure pass rusher, he sets the edge better than zadarius. ugly. missed tackles. but I like how our cbs know how to tackle. per Zrebiec: Mornhinweg and Flacco got after each other a bit in meeting this week. Marty wasn't happy with Flacco's conservative comments.
  12. Great: Tucker Good: Dline batting down passes. Suggs' and Doom's strip sacks. Playdesigns: Wallace wide open in the backfield, and Pees used some new fronts. Bad: still not enough offensive output
  13. Defense played well until Pees started to change his calls. Where was Perriman? Ugly leaving Elliot/TE's wide open
  14. and because for one play the steelers secondary fell apart. Offense didn't look good at all and the stellers secondary isn't known to be good and their best corner Guy was inactive. Good: Judon, Pierce, Bwill, Secondary, Special Teams, Wallace.
  15. Well we just cut Will Davis and signed Chris Lewis Harris. Was Davis really that bad? I agree we don't have much depth at outside CBs but Lewis Harris is also just 5-10.