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  1. @ravefan52 Seattle Seahawks give C. J. Prosise Round 7, Pick 8 New Orleans Saints give Round 4, Pick 11 (+0.5 stars for Seahawks, -0.5 stars for Saints)
  2. CJ Prosise and Alex Collins are on the trading block.
  3. @PaRAYdise Seattle Seahawks give Round 7, Pick 12 Paul Richardson (+1 star for Seahawks, -1 star for Eagles) Philadelphia Eagles give Round 6, Pick 21 Dorial Green-Beckham (+1 star for Eagles, -1 star for Seahawks) Total 0 stars for both teams
  4. Excuse me Warden, but can you get me Revis, he has been traded to the Buffalo detention center.
  5. Welcome Back @52520Andrew, we knew you couldn't stay away too long.
  6. @LosT_in_TranSlatioN Seattle Seahawks give 5th round (22) selection New York Jets give Dakota Dozier, G (+0.5 stars Jets, -0.5 stars Seahawks)
  7. In most cases the top free agents get signed. This is no different that previous years. The biggest part of it is being down three players from previous years. Crush, Andrew, and Inqui.
  8. Wow, we typically have people drop out, but this seems to be excessive, especially this early in the game.
  9. Also remember to add all of your draft picks. If you have 7 draft picks and 45 players on the roster, the number that goes in b32 should be 52.
  10. Confirmed (+5.0 stars under post June rule for Seahawks, -5.0 stars for Panthers)
  11. Truth or rmw10
  12. The more I see his tape the more I like Wilson.
  13. there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure the game flows smoothly for all participants and as accurately as possible. It's always nice to know that someone appreciates the work that goes into this game. @rmw10, and the big board thread is only one part of what he has done in the years that he is involved. The SoF has made a huge difference in the amount of work that needs to go into it into it to keep the numbers accurate. The math has been taken out of the game. @-Truth- and I are monitoring the SoF thread for any necessary changes in future years.
  14. Still trying to trade Jeremy Lane and will not cut him
  15. The Seattle Seahawks are still looking to trade Jeremy Lane and possibly Paul Richardson. looking To acquire offensive lineman.