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  1. With the 11th pick the New Orleans Saints select Temple LB Hassan Reddick
  2. Even money we trade down
  3. Ozzie tends to favor game tape over combine / pro days. Doubt we take him in the first.
  4. Hassan Reddick
  5. Yep have fournette going to the jags and I've gone back and forth with Barnett or foster going to the bengals
  6. The Allen fall after the Bears pass on him could go many ways. i could see the Jags taking him due to Coughlin liking to build from th inside out. If they pass on him I could see the Bengals taking him instead of a player like Foster or Barnett. If the Bengals pass on him then I definitely could see the skins landing him.
  7. Yeah, I did a mock a couple weeks ago, but feel Adams will be their pick now
  8. I currently have him going to the bears in my first mock, but I always edit a day before the draft
  9. Very true. It's a tough mock to put together due to the talent available in the 1st round
  10. I've heard that as well
  11. I'm aware, but don't have him dropping that far. That's why it's a mock.
  12. Great mock, I have to say I have a lot similar. That being said, why do you believe Allen will fall to the Redskins
  13. I think Jarrad Davis goes to the Lions, but that's another mock.
  14. Nice mock @rmw10. We are in sync with many of the picks in round one. That being said, your going to have to continue posting a mock on whatever board we are on in 2018...
  15. Imo, I think this team is the Colts