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  1. They don't even serve beers in London at room temperature anymore. Atleast not in the places I've been to.
  2. I'll have to think real hard on that. Maybe if you send me your 9th rounder also in the 2020 draft
  3. Lmao can you atleast throw in a cold beer
  4. @-Truth- has trade confirmation rights on pick 3.42 via pm he knows what the trade is for
  5. With the 38th Pick in The 3rd Round, of The 2017 Forum Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select... Marcus Maye | S | Florida
  6. I have 3.42 I'm willing to trade as well as 3.38
  7. Yes I do agree his routes were bad. He tended to round out his routes, but that is coachable. Agree he needs a good coach. It will also help that he is not the number 1 TE on the field as I do have Barnidge.
  8. Seahawks looking to trade down from either 3.38 or 3.42 Seahawks also looking to trade a depth player for a free safety depth player.
  9. Another reason to take West over Blount outside of the cost is that he is a head case and that WILL NOT FLY in Baltimore.
  10. Don't be fooled by this small school prospect. Gerald Everett, TE from South Alabama has big time upside and could play TE or WR. He knows how to create separation and creates major mismatches on linebackers. The Seahawks welcome Everett.
  11. @-Truth- I'm going to sleep and will be back up at around 6:30. If Seattle goes on the clock, please make my pick. If not, I'll make it in the morning, I texted you earlier who I was targeting.
  12. Definitely needs to learn to block better and s little stuff but could really turn out to be a very good TE.
  13. @JoeyFlex5 In box has been cleared.
  14. He was definitely one of my targets
  15. Yeah, I'm sure Pats Fans blamed Goodell