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  1. I really want Mangold here. Please make it happen, it could be a game changer for the offensive line.
  2. Don't you guys think its unusual for the Ravens to trade a solid young player with a low cap hit? The writing was on the wall for Jernigan, he wasn't going to remain. I understand you can be upset with some of the teams moves at still love them. This move is one that just doesn't upset me, the Pitta one surely does but not this one. I'd rather move on from Timmy and get something from him.
  3. Honestly, I'm not upset at the slightest and I don't think Jernigan had a shot to come back here to begin with. Love the guy but he couldn't register a full season with us. He seemed to play at his best in the start, middle or end of the season. We never got a full year of productivity from him here and its not worth paying a high price. To add, Jernigan disappeared very badly at the end of the year and was probably our worst DL, I personally think that cost him big time. I don't think he's going to break FA. I've honestly been fine about the idea of trading Jernigan since the trade rumors came about. I can understand the frustration but he was not going to be here next year. Not happening.
  4. His value is as high as it will get. We can get a 2nd rounder from trading him and to be honest with you I only have one problem with it--Who's replacing him? That's it, outside of that I can understand trading him. I'd like to point out that Jernigan had an underwhelming end to the season, and when I say underwhelming, I mean bad, like it was awful. He looked gassed, didn't look like a beast in the run game and got close to no pressure on the pass rush. He was honestly part of the reason why teams ran it on us better and why QBs had more time in the pocket. We might have been a bottom 5 run D if Williams wasn't here. I'm also seeing a trend with Jernigan and that's the fact that he isn't a guy who can make an impact for a full season, his first year he splashed in the mid-season due to a combination of consistency, injuries and getting used to the NFL, his 2nd year he had a dreadful start to the season and picked it up towards the end of the year, this year he had a magnificent start then crashed at the end of the year. The Ravens just are not getting a full-year out of Jernigan nor are they getting that perennial pro bowl caliber of a player that they could absolutely get from him. If this trend that Jernigan sets carries on to next season, then I don't think he's going to make close to the top DTs/DEs of the league.
  5. I think he's a mighty fine player but he needs to improve in the mental and technical aspect of the game. He needs to sell and refine his routes, not only that but find the soft spots in coverages and learn how to beat double teams.
  6. Definitely think we'll need a RT but I think that's where the in-house or late draft pick arrives. The point of emphasis on many OLs is placed on LT, G and C. Many teams that consider themselves to have elite OLs are not that strong at RT. I wouldn't want us to use a 1st on an RT, I would be disappointed if we did that. I doubt Lewis is playing RT either, I think the team just loves him at LG and think he might be a star there. Yeah, Center is my biggest concern, I think Zuttah was in for an underwhelming year next year if he was asked to participate in man/gap scheme which is what he's not built for so letting him go just didn't hurt us as much as some are led to believe. I think we hit on a C in the 3rd round honestly. I wouldn't even rule out a trade either.
  7. I don't think Gilmore is refined much. He doesn't know how to beat double teams and some of his routes are a little rusty. He doesn't move all that well either but I think he's definitely got a spot here.
  8. I would, I think we need to hit on a 2nd round pick. I don't think we can afford to miss on it, in our last three drafts we've found little to no contributions from our 2nd round picks. Arthur Brown, Maxx Williams, and Kamalei Correa lack of contributions has hurt this team and they're starting to feel it. Pick someone who might not be able to make an impact his 1st or even 2nd year and that's four guys in the past 5 drafts thats given you near nothing. 2nd round is a place where you can find first round talent and guys who can make an impact, its almost like another 1st round draft pick in some sense. I know this is an opinion of sorts but I've seen this in a lot of places. I would honestly wait for Jones till the 3rd or 4th round, I think he's a good player but I don't think he's a top level talent that we saw from the likes of Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack who saw a hard/undeserving drop and were considered top 10(Even as high as top 5) picks.
  9. To be fair, by the time Joe got injured the Ravens were well out of the playoff picture and he certainly wasn't playing well during that time period. In terms of his knee, I for sure think the knee effected him in a big way this past season and physiologically he wasn't fully recovered, not even close, he threw off his back foot too often, didn't extend plays, and too often used Pitta as a security blanket when there were plays open downfield.
  10. That's what I wanted as well, call me crazy but I would've liked to give the Watson experience another look over keeping Pitta, I feel like his strengths is what we missed so badly from this offense and TE positions. What Watson strives in is exactly where PItta fails.
  11. I definitely think Judon has a role here going forward, not a starter but I think he's definitely going to be a contributor. I honestly wouldn't flinch if Za'darius Smith was cut.
  12. Agreed, I would definitely take him if he falls to us. At this moment I think he's our guy.
  13. I don't think Tom Brady has been doing it all on limited talent. I think Edelman is a really good WR when healthy and they always rebuild with talent around Brady, that OL is surely one of the top of the league, and they have WRs who can contribute, are they the best in the league? No, not by a long shot but they have coaches who are great at what they do who put them in that position, I don't think the Ravens have that type of coaching staff. They also have done a magnificent job of managing the cap and thats on the Ravens, bad contracts have hurt them, I can't argue against the deals given to Webb and Monroe but Pitta's is certainly questionable. Coming off a hip injury and you pay him 7M per year? That was one to shrug at admittedly. Not getting the return value on Webb and Monroe put them where they are I can't blame them to much for that. In terms of Jefferson or Williams, I agree strongly with keeping both. The Ravens are not getting a #1 CB on the roster and why would they even try with Jimmy on the team, might as well go for the next best thing and that's getting a top level safety who will help shut down the deep passing game. In terms of Williams, I made my case about the DLs decline, having a guy like Williams who can take on two interior linemen and shut the run down early is super important. Someone here said it, forgot who but it was on the money, Ray Lewis advocated for Ngata because a guy like him who could take on two interior linemen gave the ILB a free runner at the ball carrier. Even if BW's pass rush isn't felt, the fact that he can take on two blockers proves pivotal to inside blitzes, and a big reason why Mosley/Orr did a great job at getting to the QB. Defense statistically was top 5, but I can recall Biscotti said they were just as responsible for the season ending the way it did. I think the defense in the 1st round has plenty of good defensive talent but overall it hits a hard decline towards the middle and end rounds and the amount of CB talent decreases drastically. I'm fine with going defense if we go offense via draft. On the case of the starters, I think losing Wagner and Juice sucks but Wagner plays a position that isn't highly valued as the other positions on the line, same can be said for Juice who isn't even featured in some offenses. I think the loss of Steve Smith Sr. will be more felt than either. Personally, I think a good WR and TE would heavily offset the losses if we're expecting Stanley and Lewis to step up.
  14. Can't blame them for keeping BWill. The DL hit a rock, they just lost Guy and Jernigan had an awful stretch the end the season. The run defense got torn to shreds and a lot of that had to do with the guys around BWill, lose him and see that run defense decline and you can forget about the additions we made in the secondary because it would have all went to shreds.
  15. I don't know if he would have put up those numbers, I think he would have match Pitta in terms of receiving yards, maybe hit that 800 mark along with 7 TDs but I think he would have been really good here. I know he played in an amazing offense with a top 5 QB ever but Watson did a great job of exposing deep middle coverages and beating Linebackers like a drum. Those are things you credit the player for doing and Watson was spectacular at that. I personally think he would have been a beast here.