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  1. I think the big issue on the offensive end was Red-zone scoring, I love Tucker but the offense made him look too good, they need to keep him off the field sometimes. I would like to point out that while the Ravens were good at avoiding 3 and outs, they surely did not do a good job of obtaining 1st downs ranking 26th in the league in that category, you can find all of the worst offensive teams in the league in that group. I think the issue is still the Ravens not being able to sustain Drives, especially in situations where they got good field position, something we saw too many times.
  2. He would have to take a pay-cut but why would he be a back-up? He was pretty good overall and had a top-5 coverage grade in the final 6 weeks of the season. I think Webb was one of the guys who contributed largely to the secondary in the 1st half of the season. IMO Webb has been catching too much flack this season.
  3. I don't know about a pay-cut, I think they're going to just flat out cut him. You got a group of young(Yes, unproven guys) that you invested so much into, time to see who steps up. Not to mention that as others have said and I totally agree with this, Joe is becoming too reliant on Pitta and needs to spread the ball around. I am a fan of Pitta and will never forget what he did for the Ravens and the memories he gave us fans, but it might be time to move on.
  4. It wouldn't be great to lose Guy, if Williams walk than I don't think he returns, with that said towards the end of the year he did not do a good job at all. I couldn't decide who was worse, him or Jernigan. Guy is still a very solid player and I would like to keep him around, but I think the FO would be content to let him go. It would help keep Jernigan who IMO might not be expensive to retain if he doesn't keep his motor running during the season.
  5. For the record, I really like Aiken and think the guy is underrated, but going back to the film this season, I noticed, he sometimes couldn't separate even on one-on-one coverage and even had trouble beating LBs on slant patterns from the slot. That seemed to follow him this year and even last year he had trouble with that. Steve Smith Sr. and Mike Wallace coming in surely didn't help that problem. I don't think Joe looked away from Aiken intentionally, when a guy isn't getting open or making plays then it's tough to look his way in critical moments.
  6. I don't think that means he will leave if the difference between us and another team is short of a million. I think he just wants enough to secure a future for himself and his family, what he said might sound like he'll go to the highest bidder but I don't think that's completely the case. As long as the Ravens pursue and continue to show interest, and pay him like a top 5 NT, then I think he'll return. Unless the difference between us and another team is beyond a million.
  7. Yeah, I've seen that around, what would the cap implications be if we do trade for him, I know Phil would have to pay him part of his salary but I don't think the year one cap hit will be sizable. He does have a cap hit of $10M though for 2018 so I honestly think a cut would be the best route for us.
  8. Oh wow, that's interesting. I wonder how much we're willing to give up.
  9. I like Barwin, he was a top pass rusher along with Doom in 2014 and I don't think he's too far away from what he used to be capable of. I like him here. I read that he has suitors so I don't know how much we can pay up.
  10. I think he will fall to us. I think Marlon Humphrey's is going to do better in the combine and I think teams will view Sidney Jones as the better prospect and look past Lattimore's injury history, if so they're going to lose out because we're going to be a lucky team if we get Wilson here. I think he's going to be a really good CB.
  11. I think he'll be a great fit here. Here's another name, what about Arthur Jones? I know he's disappointed Indy since signing there and he's had injury plagued seasons here as well but when healthy he was pretty good, I personally think he would be a really good low cost signing if we managed to lose Lawrence Guy.
  12. I don't think anyone is paying Mangold big money and if the difference in money between us and let's say a team like the Jaguars is minimal, than I think he'll opt for joining the Ravens. Ngata split time at NT and DE during his time here. When Brandon Williams emerged back in 2014 Ngata played more DE but prior to that he split time and played a bit more NT than DE. If Williams leave he'll likely push Pierce for that NT role.
  13. The Ravens tend to find gems and contributors among veteran cuts. I personally view Mangold in that category, he would love to stay in NY but in a lot of websites and sources I've read, it seems that he's not returning and that there's a good chance he's cut. If so I could certainly imagine him coming here. As you said in regards to other FAs, sell, sell, SELL on him playing with a franchise as good and managed as the Ravens. Playing for the Jets takes a toll on a player and I know he wants to know what winning feels like again. He's made his money, I don't think he wants to waste his time playing for an underwhelming franchise like Cleveland unless someone severely overpays which I doubt will be the case. I think he'll compliment Yanda very well and both will further influence Stanley and Lewis to be more physical linemen. You can't let him leave the facility without a deal.
  14. Out of everyone on that list, as soon as FA starts, the only guy I'm interested in is really Nick Mangold. If I'm making an improvement at CB/OLB, then I want to go big or go home at each of the respective positions. I'm looking at the market for the top FA OLBs/CBs and if the price is right then I'm certainly for bringing them in, if not then I'm okay with looking towards those other guys, but Mangold would be a solid signing, he may have declined but we need as much maulers as we can get here. I haven't kept up with him honestly but I know what he was at his best, even if he's declined a bit, I just want a Center who can push the pocket and help big on inside runs. I just don't know about Ngata, I don't know how much he has left and I think he can delay bringing a guy like Michael Pierce who has big potential into the mix. I just don't think Ngata is a need if we bring back Brandon Williams as heartbreaking as that sounds. Back to Mangold, a lot of his struggles were attributed to his injuries, and it's not like the Jets are desperate to let him go, they have weighed in keeping him at a restructure but the cap savings is too much to do so. Personally I would say bring him in for a visit and don't let him leave till he signs.
  15. I think Wilson's speed is pretty good to go along with his size but I still need to watch more so I'll take your word for it on Humphrey's speed, I did watch plenty of Humphrey's film and he is pretty fast. The 40 yard dash isn't a big deal for me but I'm interested to see how Wilson does there and in the shuttle drills. I'll keep up with that.