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  1. Lots being organised for UK fans and those travelling. Can find us on twitter @ UKRavens, and (coming soon)
  2. I will keep you posted K-Dog ;-)
  3. I know it's way too early and we still have plenty of this season to play for but just to say we have started to put together a weekend of activities for any visiting fans who won't be on one of the package tours. Pre game tailgate Fan meet ups Open top bus tour of London & the sights etc Ravens fan party on the Saturday night before the game Sunday. Can follow us, @ravens_uk on twitter
  4. Agreed, it seems you are paying a premium with those package deals for the meet and greet and 'legends brunch' Anyone making your own arrangements I would suggest not staying at any of the hotels around Wembley itself, the centre of London is only a short trip on the underground and you will find a hotel for any budget.
  5. Link for the package deals being offered. Seem to start around $2000 for four nights, game tickets and a few sightseeing trips. Not sure what it would cost to book a flight, game tickets and accommodation yourself.
  6. Looks like it will be 6pm GMT so 1PM over there.
  7. Guessing, point of contact? You can follow @ravens_uk on twitter, that is where we are based.
  8. UK single game tickets go on sale probably Jan/Feb. If you had a 'season ticket' to the three games this year you can renew it from Thursday morning
  9. Plenty of us here very excited!
  10. IT'S ON. WEMBLEY STADIUM. Hopefully see plenty of you there!!
  11. Just now seen the announcement that London will host four international series games in 2017. Saints and Dolphins is confirmed already, the other three games are set to be announced next Tuesday at 1pm GMT
  12. Will Gavin of Gridiron magazine has basically confirmed this on twitter yesterday. For a team that gets very little media coverage here the Ravens have a large and loyal fan base and everyone is very excited by the prospect. The atmosphere at Wembley games hasn't been great when the Jags have played because well, they are the Jags! Games tend to be done by the 3rd or 4th quarter and not much for the crowd of mainly neutrals to get excited by. Twickenham will struggle to host a 6pm (UK time) kick off as it's in the middle of a residential area. England rugby games all kick off early as the lights are only used a certain amount of times a year and public transport tends to shut down. I run a twitter account for fans and have already spoken to NFL UK about getting a block booking of tickets to sit with any Ravens fans travelling over for the game, would be great to all be in together and make plenty of noise.
  13. Ravens @ Jaguars, Wembley Stadium week 3 or 4 next season. Book it!
  14. London. Would most likely be played at Wembley stadium however Giants and Rams played at Twickenham (still London) this year.
  15. Saints and Dolphins is indeed confirmed already, we had three games this season and talk is possibly four in 2017.