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  1. We currently are not planning to do the live show at the start of each training camp practice. Unfortunately, we didn't get a big enough audience. You gotta spread the word on them being great, BioLarzen! For now, please submit your questions each week to #RavensMailbag. We try to get to as many as we can!
  2. @ellicottraven, @eze17 The rest of the rookie class is just starting to trickle into the building today and this evening. We'll have full coverage of rookie minicamp tomorrow and Saturday. And we'll be doing our "Meet The Rookies" interviews over the following two weeks. So, in other words, hold your horses. There will be plenty of harder football news coming.
  3. @Bob Thanks! Looks like I need Urschel to give me a little math refresher.
  4. Art Jones didn't call me "Minklemore" for nothing!
  5. Understandably @PurpleLeomonade. We talked in our morning meeting today about being more careful to make sure those links are functioning properly in stories. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Thanks for all the "kind" words, ya'll. I put the correct links into the story. It's a problem when stories are posted into our CMS from emails, and I didn't post this story. So thanks for your assumptions, and especially your opinion ellicottraven. I'll go into the system and correct these links.
  7. Hey I guess Saarah Ellison isn't the only writer to have an account here. Any others?