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  1. Lol....guess this thread just became relevant again
  2. I'm wondering if the plan for at least one of the vacant OL spots is one of the developmental guys on the roster/ PS such as Skura/ Nembot/ Wesley. Maybe even Jensen/ Urschel but I would have expected more playing time for them at this point if that were the case. Hopefully James Hurst is not in the reckoning, he doesn't even give me confidence as a back up. I remember before the 2014 season there was a lot of concern about the vacant RT spot before Wagner was installed as the starter.
  3. We still potentially have Guy, Aiken and Powers to sign elsewhere. I guess it would be optimistic to expect Elam and Chris Lewis Harris to bring us any benefit by signing anywhere else. Lewis Harris might be the sort of guy we sign to close to the vet minimum to play on ST. And Elam, well.....
  4. Agreed. Was more really making that point that the Ravens may have an advantage over the other 31 teams regarding information about the guy. Some teams may feel like they aren't able to fully evaluate him properly and can't take the risk with a high pick. The Ravens may be able to fill in the gaps with Ozzies Alabama connections.
  5. Foster has been sent home from the combine due to some sort argument with a hospital worker. This could be an interesting development for the Ravens. Naturally there is talk he might slide but I read that team interviews have not happened yet, so no team will get to question him on the matter. With Ozzie Newsomes connections at Alabama he may be able to get comfortable with the situation whereby other teams may not want to take the risk. Along with the shoulder injury, there could be a real chance he drops, maybe even we pass on him
  6. As far as im concerned the best possible outcome is a loss with some encouraging individual performances. Few things I'm hoping for: -Flacco shouldn't even be active -Perriman, Moore and Campanaro to be our WR1, WR2 and slot. Let's force feed Perriman 10+ targets and give him a real chance to show what he can do. -Let Judon play pretty much every snap, allowing for the normal rotation of staters. -Tell Yanda and Wagner to book their holidays, let Jensen start and play the whole game. If Alex Lewis is 100% give him a look at RT. -Is Willie Henry on IR? If not, give him some decent playing time. -Let's see if Michael Pierce can handle the additional workload that comes with being the starting NT. It's certainly more than possible that Brandon Williams will be playing elsewhere next season. Im hoping pretty much everyone veteran starter sits. Still think Ronnie Stanley should play as he is still learning every game- plus if we play too many backups in the OL, Ryan Mallett might well not make it through the game unharmed. -Same applies to Dixon and Tavon Young- any playing time is hugely valuable to rookies. However I fully expect Harbaugh to treat this as if we need the win- with 1 playoff appearance in 4 seasons, his position has never been weaker than it is right now.
  7. Imagine if this defence had a pass rush ?
  8. On a topic about a Raven player that has just been released, it's hardly outrageous to mention another former Raven that has been released. Thanks for your input though
  9. Victor Ochi just been released by the Jets, wonder if we take another look at him, seeing as its looking possible Dumervil is done
  10. Ok I'm from the UK and have never played the sport, so I probably don't have the ubderstanding and knowledge of those that do. Can someone answer..... Terrance West was running thorough the D at will, I can think of 4 or 5 runs of close to 10 yards or over Why did we stop running? Did Redskins stack 8/9 in the box or is Trestman as clueless as most say he is?
  11. Williams and Pierce lining up either side of the centre will be handy to have on 3rd and 1 Would be great if this guy could prove himself starter level. Damon Harrison set the market for nose tackles and I can't see any way Ravens will be able to pay Brandon Williams near that level, as much as I would love him on this team for the next 5 years
  12. Looks like Upshaw and Schaub both made the Falcons final 53 This secures our comp pick for Osemele right? I remember reading earlier in the summer that Schaub wouldn't count if he was cut or released? Small chance of a 3rd round comp pick but a 4th at worst if so
  13. Anyone know much about Patrick Onwasor? i seem to remember from when we picked him up as an UDFA that he was a safety that we intended to try out as an ILB. Would guess that would mean he is more mobile than the average inside linebacker. Reports seem to be that he is playing nasty in camp- lots of big hits and scuffles it sounds like. An ILB that can cover and lay the big hits sounds like the best of both worlds to me.....but is there any chance of him actually being good?!
  14. I'm pretty surprised we didn't use one of our early 4th round picks on Andrew Billings in light of Brandon Williams being in a contract year Obviously none of us know how we rated him but if there is a guy projected to go in the 1st round available in the early 4th, in a position that is so important to your team when there is uncertainty about the situation of the current guy long term you might of thought we would have taken him
  15. No tape, but some background on him.... Kicked out of Arizona due to drug and weapons charges. Surpised we went near him given our recent stance on off the field issues