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  1. As far as im concerned the best possible outcome is a loss with some encouraging individual performances. Few things I'm hoping for: -Flacco shouldn't even be active -Perriman, Moore and Campanaro to be our WR1, WR2 and slot. Let's force feed Perriman 10+ targets and give him a real chance to show what he can do. -Let Judon play pretty much every snap, allowing for the normal rotation of staters. -Tell Yanda and Wagner to book their holidays, let Jensen start and play the whole game. If Alex Lewis is 100% give him a look at RT. -Is Willie Henry on IR? If not, give him some decent playing time. -Let's see if Michael Pierce can handle the additional workload that comes with being the starting NT. It's certainly more than possible that Brandon Williams will be playing elsewhere next season. Im hoping pretty much everyone veteran starter sits. Still think Ronnie Stanley should play as he is still learning every game- plus if we play too many backups in the OL, Ryan Mallett might well not make it through the game unharmed. -Same applies to Dixon and Tavon Young- any playing time is hugely valuable to rookies. However I fully expect Harbaugh to treat this as if we need the win- with 1 playoff appearance in 4 seasons, his position has never been weaker than it is right now.
  2. Imagine if this defence had a pass rush ?
  3. On a topic about a Raven player that has just been released, it's hardly outrageous to mention another former Raven that has been released. Thanks for your input though
  4. Victor Ochi just been released by the Jets, wonder if we take another look at him, seeing as its looking possible Dumervil is done
  5. Ok I'm from the UK and have never played the sport, so I probably don't have the ubderstanding and knowledge of those that do. Can someone answer..... Terrance West was running thorough the D at will, I can think of 4 or 5 runs of close to 10 yards or over Why did we stop running? Did Redskins stack 8/9 in the box or is Trestman as clueless as most say he is?
  6. Williams and Pierce lining up either side of the centre will be handy to have on 3rd and 1 Would be great if this guy could prove himself starter level. Damon Harrison set the market for nose tackles and I can't see any way Ravens will be able to pay Brandon Williams near that level, as much as I would love him on this team for the next 5 years
  7. Looks like Upshaw and Schaub both made the Falcons final 53 This secures our comp pick for Osemele right? I remember reading earlier in the summer that Schaub wouldn't count if he was cut or released? Small chance of a 3rd round comp pick but a 4th at worst if so
  8. Anyone know much about Patrick Onwasor? i seem to remember from when we picked him up as an UDFA that he was a safety that we intended to try out as an ILB. Would guess that would mean he is more mobile than the average inside linebacker. Reports seem to be that he is playing nasty in camp- lots of big hits and scuffles it sounds like. An ILB that can cover and lay the big hits sounds like the best of both worlds to me.....but is there any chance of him actually being good?!
  9. I'm pretty surprised we didn't use one of our early 4th round picks on Andrew Billings in light of Brandon Williams being in a contract year Obviously none of us know how we rated him but if there is a guy projected to go in the 1st round available in the early 4th, in a position that is so important to your team when there is uncertainty about the situation of the current guy long term you might of thought we would have taken him
  10. No tape, but some background on him.... Kicked out of Arizona due to drug and weapons charges. Surpised we went near him given our recent stance on off the field issues
  11. In the latest MMQB podcast Andy Benoit says Ravens are moving to a base 4-3. Around the 56-57 minute mark. He seems pretty sure, saying something along the lines of "it hasn't been widely reported yet but they are". I know we are in the 4-2 nickel most of the time anyway, but anyone else heard this? if this were the case, surely we would need 2 starting linebackers to go with Mosely
  12. I disagree that ILB is not one of our major needs. Unless the team feels Brown or Orr have made serious progress then we don't even have a starter next to Mosely. Along with LG being another new hole, along with the roster holes we had coming into the off season, we may be hoping for the QBs to fall so that we can net a decent haul in a trade back. A few extra 2nds or 3rds could probably help us out with those positions.
  13. The more I think about it, the more I think a trade back may be the ideal option if all of the supposed game changers are off the board (Tunsil, Ramsey, Bosa, Jack, maybe include Buckner in this conversation) We obviously now have a huge hole at guard and I'm sure we could find a good one in the 2nd/3rd. We also HAVE to upgrade backup LT from Hurst, as lets be honest, this guy will likely be playing half the time, and Hurst has proven to be a liability. If we draft Stanley then this obviously changes, but I would prefer to stay with Monroe for one more year and draft a backup/developmental LT It sounds like there may be a couple of good corners available at the top of the 2nd round Depending on how far we could trade back, we could address edge rush in the 1st round - Lawson/ Dodd/ Spence There is also supposedly an absolute wealth of interior DL talent in this draft- I listen to a few draft podcasts and over and over again I hear that you can pick up DTs in the 3rd/4th that would have been 1st rounders most years. We know how much the Ravens value this position so I would be surprised if we did not take one of them in the first 3/4 rounds. Basically what I'm saying is if there is a blue chip player there at 6 then we take him, but aside from that if we can find any way of acquiring a few more 2nds and 3rds then we could plug a lot of roster holes. Obviously trading back involves finding someone to trade with, but I'm just talking ideal scenarios.
  14. Have we actually signed Watson? This time a couple of weeks ago, it was spoken about as a foregone conclusion that we had signed Trent Richardson, but that has seemingly fallen by the wayside. It just seems like such an uncharacteristic signing for the Ravens to make. I would be so shocked if they go ahead with it and it affects a potential 3rd/4th round comp pick from KO in next years draft. Ultimately I trust the FO to do the right thing, as they have shown to do more often than not in the past, but on the face of it, I'm not a fan of this signing. Assuming Gillmore is out for a length of time (which we don't even know yet, but signing BW perhaps indicates this) then I would of preferred to just re sign Owen Daniels for a year. Or if we are to consider Maxx Williams as our primary pass catching tight end then surely a predominantly blocking tight end can be found in the 6th round or a cheap FA veteran signing? I'm holding out hope that we just made a few enquiries and reports were overblown. However specific details on the 2 yr/ $8mil would indicate against this.
  15. At least this deal sounds like its going to be so huge, surely it will get us a 3rd round comp pick in the 2017 draft