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  1. If Sean Payton gets fired, I think he'd be a good fit for the Ravens :/
  2. Yea. Bengals are the Ravens Kryptonite :/ Even during some of their best seasons the Bengals have always played the Ravens tough. They're worse than the Steelers.
  3. 16th I think. I feel like the Browns finished better as at lease they have the 1st overall :/ going 8-8 is almost worst than going 0-16 in that sense.
  4. It's not about money it's about availability...well and I guess money too but availability. When talking about this I am heavily focusing on building through the draft, although trades and stuff will help too. If one is focusing on building a great offense, then most likely the defense is going to suffer, especially considering they are already suffering at the corner position. Folks are saying Brandon Williams will be traded, and Suggs is most likely in his twilight years now. If they are going to focus on ONE particular side of the ball then the other will most likely suffer. Rarely do teams have both a great O and great D...thats rare...
  5. ok, so what about when he was with the Dolphins before coming to the Pats?
  6. I already stated this in a different way. John H DOES seem to be a problem when it looks like the players gave up on him during the game. This isn't just my opinion, this is something shared within a good amount of fans. Still though who exactly IS the problem is hard to evaluate as we are not in the locker room so the only thing we can do is speculate.
  7. he played in more games in 2014 than he did in 2013 yet had under 500 yards...but ok.
  8. In the eyes of the coaches/ coordinators/ GMs that are making those decisions, yes it does. The draft is entirely based upon POTENTIAL hence why someone like Reggie Bush (probably the best college RB ever) was drafted as the 2nd pick of the 2006 draft to be a "play maker" for the Saints, but ultimately failed to live up to his POTENTIAL in the NFL thus the reason hes been on so many teams lately and will most likely remain mediocre.
  9. What opinions did I not defend lol. The lack of playmakers comment is my opinion, however it is hard to quantify that opinion. The only way I can "back it up" is through using examples which I did by stating Drew Brees as he was once seen as a "bust" before partnering with Sean Payton. I am sure you can find other examples, but the one example for me is enough. As I said, and will say for the 3rd or 4th time, this is the NFL. Players are HEAVILY evaluated before they are selected and ALL of them are evaluated on their ability to make plays.
  10. you responded to a quote which included Wes Welker
  11. What do you have to say now that the season is a wrap?
  12. All good though. My opinions have been validated. I got called out week 3 when I told them John. H was a problem. the Ravens are for a 2nd season in a row. Bring on the hate, but the games speak for themselves.
  13. If the Ravens focus on finding playmakers for Flacco their D is most likely going to take cut and end up similar to the Saints but whatever. Forget I am on a board full of homers who can't think or take a different opinion and say "hey i understand your OPINION, I just agree to disagree",
  14. Wes welker went from 1k seasons and a MAIN target to a 3rd WR who was used primarily in the redzone hence the high TD. However look at his next year after that...and that...Again you "expert fans" keep calling for play makers, and talking about how Tom Brady has them, but with how the NFL is set up there is BOUND to be a rotation in receiving corp which Brady has undergone and still been able to produce. If i am correct he STILL has never missed a playoff since being a full time starter in New England. Stop with the non sense.
  15. Again EVERY TEAM has play makers. This is the NFL. Professional football. Every one of those players were thoroughly inspected before they were drafted/ signed. Teams aren't going to hand out free money to bums if they don't bring any POTENTIAL. You guys can argue this up and down all you want, but Baltimore has had "play makers" come through the team.