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  1. Im not so sure about the Benny Boulware pick. In most draft projections hes expected to to in between 7th to UFA. That said they are just projections and he certainly could go earlier than expected
  2. I don't no Mack I think he could be a solid player. A lot of projections had him being taken any where between the 1st and 2nd rounds. You may be right though I probably haven't seen him play as much as you have. He might end up surprising you
  3. No.. Mack... My question wasnt asking what players we drafted this year play the same position that Corea was expected to play last year. This is what I said... ME "What player have we drafted so far that would compete at the same position that Correa does? Do you think that Tim Williams is a good fit at ILB?" With Correa competing for the ILB job this year that means that (so far) we have not drafted any players that will be competing with him for that spot. Your answer (below) wasnt relevant to my assertion. YOU "We drafted Correa to be a pass rusher not ILB lol and Judon out played him in the preseason so?"
  4. Thats a pretty far fetched/illogical assumption. I would but the chances of that happening at 0 percent
  5. I don't think we would pick up Dawson. We have already drafted 2 olbs in this years draft. And iJoe will never be able to "live up to his contract" with a bad OL.
  6. How is that relevant to your argument?
  8. What player have we drafted so far that would compete at the same position that Correa does? Do you think that Tim Williams is a good fit at ILB?
  9. Sorry about that last comment about TW and CL. It seems a bit cruel now that it has actually happened. I was not expecting that.
  10. So what are you thinking here. C Lawson or T Williams.
  11. That sounds like you have put a lot of thought into that strategy. Well done
  12. You are able to come to that conclusion by looking at a few game tapes of those guys, reading scouting reports from the experts, and looking at mock drafts? Making a statement like that with the limited information that you know about these players is ridiculous. And your second statement supports that argument as well. Youre basically saying that drafting Pocic was the only way we would be able to protect Joe next year which again is absurd. Especially because a lot of big boards have Eiflen as the best C in the draft. You cant just read an article about Pocic and decide thats your guy. There are a lot of good O lineman left in this draft. Orlovsky would be another solid pick. The best rookie lineman last year played guard through out the entirety of his college career but moved to center with the bears and has a really good year. Filling the void does not necessarily mean we have to get a guy that played there in college.
  13. And right there is the problem. I think the problem is that people actually think that they have a good grasp of all of the movers and shakers in the draft when that is clearly not the case. Being worried about taking a guy that you haven't heard of is just not a logical reaction. Fans are privy to 1/100 of the information that teams have on every single player in the draft. But the players that get talked about most are the guys that are projected to be first rounders at anytime in the last year. All that said I don't think this guy was obscure as people are making seem. He has consistently been listed in the top 5 OLBs in this draft and was projected to go from the late first to mid second.
  14. I can't see us beating either the Bengals or the Steelers. With Garret and Peppers on the Browns defense, I don't see Flacco beating the Browns either. We are in for a very long season this year and if it does it doesn't bode well for John Harbaugh. This is great...after one round of the draft it has apparently become obvious that the Ravens will go 0-6 in the division next year, especially because of 2 players Cleveland selected. How in the world did the "awful" and "talent-less" 8-8 Ravens go 4-2 against these same teams last year? Solidifying their secondary with Jefferson, Carr, and Humphrey so far in the off-season truly must have been a waste of time. And there will be no help added in the rest of the draft or the remainder of the off-season, so let's just sit back, Raven fans, and hope they lose enough to obtain the 1st pick in the draft next year. There is no need to be optimistic for 2017; the "brilliant" commentators on this message board have spoken! We are on the same page here once again. Not only are there 6 more rounds in the draft but the game that is under discussion is over 3 months away. I will say that there is a tendency for people here to sway with the wind. In other words three days from now or even tomorrow the gloomy doomys could very well change their sad faces into glad faces. And it is likely that they will go back and forth between those feelings a good 90 times before we play the Bengals.
  15. You are a "brilliant" one aren't you Woolly61? This was my comment verbatim. "There are a lot of people that make comments intended to be direct messages to players mentioned in articles. But they fall on deaf ears I am afraid to say. Its a bit bizarre really as the instances of players coaches and front office members reading these comments are few and far between." When I used the word "as" (bizarre really AS the instances) it is being used in the causal sense. And that fact should be fairly straight forward AS the sentence would not be comprehensible if "as" was being used in the temporal manor. Although, I did write the comment fairly quickly, and I could see how one could infer that the term "bizarre" was in reference to the fact that personal comments fall on deaf ears. But if that were the case the comment doesn't make much sense either because it would be interpreted the way that I have written below. It is bizarre that comments fall on deaf ears because the instances of players coaches and front office members reading the comments is few and far between. And the only way to make the sentence above into a logical thought is by removing the word bizarre. And once you come to that conclusion you would come to the realization that WE ARE ON THE SAME PAGE. I have rearranged some of the components in the original sentence to make it a bit clearer for you. It is bizarre that a lot of people make comments intended to be direct messages to players mentioned in articles because the instances of players coaches and front office members reading thee comments are few and far between. Now it is clear that I could have worded that comment differently in order to make it clearer. That said when looking back at the comment it is hard for me to understand how anyone (with an adequate command of the English language) could come to the conclusion that you came to. I would suggest that before writing a condescending remark describing someone as "brilliant" in a tongue and cheek kind of way, that you make sure to read the comment over a few times, to make sure it says, what you think it says. And then you could save your analogies about the President of the United States for another day.