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  1. There actually is a QB in the league that takes less money than he deserves. But he doesn't take less money than the agreed upon amount in his contract. When negotiating his contract he knowingly takes much less than he's worth in order to help the team. And that is Brady. Some guys will take discounts to stay with a certain team but those discounts are nowhere near the amount that Brady leaves on the table.
  2. Heavens to Betsy You are remembering incorrectly Brady and Ben restructured, but they still got the amount of money agreed upon when signing their contract.
  3. What a load of Baloney I never said that restructuring meant a player gets payed less. I said exactly the opposite. Did you miss this line... "shuffled their money around to give teams more cap room but they are still getting the amount of money that was offered to them in their contract". Brady and Ben have done what exactly ? Taken less money than the agreed upon amount in their contract. Nope. Go back and carefully read what I wrote and if you still dont think it is true than give me an example of when Ben or Brady took less money than their contract promised. The closest that a QB has come to taking less money than their contract stipulated was Manning in his last year in Denver. He freed up some cap space and actually did leave money on the table, but there were performance incentives which would allow him to recoup that money. He went to the Super Bowl which means he did get the money after all. As you mentioned restructuring does not mean that they are getting paid less. "Players with numerous cap restructures, such as Fitzgerald and Ben Roethlisberger, might leave behind tens of millions of cap charges, limiting the teams’ future ability to compete." And as I said restructuring kicks the can down the road.
  4. There has been a total of zero starting QBs in recent memory who have decided to take less money than the amount that was agreed upon at the time when they signed their contracts. QBs have shuffled their money around to give teams more cap room but they are still getting the amount of money that was offered to them in their contract. And really all that does is kick the can down the road. Joe is not going to going to take a paycut. It's really an unprecedented move.
  5. It is going to be a fight for him to get on the field unless there is an injury to one of their top 3 WRs.
  6. Yea, so this seems to be a common misconception as of late. What is "unbelievable" is that a long time user like yourself is making it. Daniel Jeremiah, Bucky Brooks and any other analyst or pundit have absolutely zero connection to the Ravens front office. If a writer says they are getting their information from a source like a players agent, or someone in the Ravens front office, then you can assume that the information is actually coming from the "Ravens Braintrust", but even then that is not always the case. And if you are thinking that you are getting the inside scoop because you are reading the articles on this website I can assure you that, that couldn't be further from the truth. The writers on this site have no role in the decision making process of the Ravens front office. If John Eisenburg (or any other writer on this site, but John is the guy who says the most outlandish things because he is allowed to editorialize) was allowed to make decisions for this team I can assure you we would be in a lot worse shape than we are. In fact very rarely does any writer on this website get the inside scoop. For the most part they quote other writers about the happenings in our front office. I say this is common as of late because there have been multiple analysts and writers (both on this site and in other places) who have talked about both Zach Brown and Nick Mangold being good fits for the Ravens, but there has been absolutely no indication that we have had any contact with either of those guys. But if you were to read some of the comments here you would think its an inevitability.
  7. Yea those would probably be my 9th and 10th reasons why we shouldn't pick up Peterson. The first and second would be he is going to be overpriced and he is oft injured. But there are a host of other reasons why our FO isnt even considering bringing him in.
  8. I feel sorry for the team (hopefully this won't be us) that takes Jordan Willis before the 5th because of his blazing 40 time (a little less sorry if its a base 4-3 team but still sorry). This guy makes Paul Kruger look like jumpin jack flash. This guy's muscle twitch is as slow as molasses. Hopefully the front office has learned from Paul that drafting an edge defender early without good reactions time is a terrible idea. I mine as well throw Zach Banner into that category too but with him I'd feel sorry for the team that takes him at any round before the 7th.
  9. It seems that Torrey Smith is a trigger for you my friend. Torrey Smith isn't going to get a lot of articles written about him on this website but there will be times when he does get a mention. I can't see the future but I can say with some amount of certainty that any articles abot Torrey going forward are most likely going to be similar to the one above. They are going to highlight his charity work, talk about his affinity for the area and describe the life long bonds which he shares with current and former Ravens players. I know, I know, its infuriating but I have a solution for your troubles Mack...... Don't click on articles that are about Torrey.
  10. Right I get what you are saying about west but I don't think we would get rid of West even if we did pick up one of those guys. Its not like we have a bunch of quality running backs waiting in the wings. And sure I can say that Peterson (last 3 years he has played 20 out of 48 games) is injury prone, and I can say that Woodhead (last 3 years he has played 21 out of 48 games) is injury prone too. That is a fair point that you made about Blounts production 2016.
  11. West isn't a FA. He is a RFA and we tendered him. He doesn't have a choice. Regardless of that, letting him go because we pick up A Peterson or L. Blount wouldn't be a good idea (chances are very slim that we pick of either of them). I wouldn't count on either of those to guys to step up and be the feature back. Peterson is no spring chicken and hes only been healthy for 20 games in the last three years which would make signing him a huge risk. I don't see us taking Blount either. He had a career year in 2016 based on yards gained, but he only averaged 3.9 yards a carry. I also don't think John would even consider bring him in because of his attitude. When he played for the Steelers in 2014 the guy went into the locker room before a MNF game had ended because he didn't get any carries during the game. And because of that the Steelers let him go.
  12. I didn't say they released him for no reason Mom. I told you exactly why they released him. They released him because Zuttah is not a guy who thrives in a power blocking system (as i mentioned in the comment above). He is best suited for a zone blocking scheme which is why the niners wanted him (as i mentioned in the comment above). There are options but not any good ones in FA at the moment. We will pick up a few interior lineman to compete for the job in the upcoming draft (as i mentioned in the comment above). And sure if you could post videos of Zuttah backing up onto Joe on three separate occasions I would be shocked. Im not saying he does well in 1 on 1 power blocking situations against bigger NTs (and even some NTs that aren't so big). In some of those situations he got backed up, but he only stepped on Joe TWICE (as i mentioned in the comment above). Your comments and questions in your reply were ALL addressed in my previous comment. I just repeated almost everything that I said then. If you could read what I say before replying I would appreciate it. Hea Vens To Murg A Troyd
  13. Yea its very hard to predict this year which position we will take. Some years you can sort of narrow it down. All I can say with this draft with some certainty is that we aren't going to draft a TE or QB in the first. And I don't see us taking a RB unless Fournette or Cook fall. If that happens we would at least have to consider taking a RB. But its all going to come down to how the board plays out. Hopefully a couple teams before us will take QBs. But I think there will be a really good CB or pass rusher waiting for us. As far as receivers go at our current spot I would only consider taking either M. Williams or C. Davis if they are there. I also like Mccaffrey but I think if we want him we could trade back a little bit for a few late rounders and still nab him as of now at least. The hype around him could definitely increase in the weeks before the draft. Not a huge fan of the guy Russ. But what do I know, I was really pumped when we got Art Brown in the second round. I thought he was going to take the reigns from Ray and we all know how that panned out.
  14. So my main reasoning for not wanting the guy is that he will clearly get over paid and he is just not consistent. If the FO feels the need to bring a veran running back here after the draft than thats fine. But we dont need to rush into anything. I like Blounts running style but he starts to pout like a child when he is not the featured back. Remember what happened in Pitt.
  15. Constantly pushed back into Joe.... Hence the statement, "“… His toughness and accountability made him a popular teammate, but Zuttah struggled at times, especially against big nose tackles.” haha you never are going to change are you Mom. Are you still using the "he keeps getting pushed back into Joe" argument. He was pushed into Joe a whopping two times in the second game of the year. And just as I have explained to you multiple times before the decision to cut Zuttah or bring him back was dependent on one factor. And that factor has to do with what type of blocking scheme Marty is going to use the most this year. And the answer is that we are going to be primarily using a power blocking scheme. Zuttah is a much better fit for a zone team because of his mobility and athleticism. And yes when power blocking 1 on 1 with a large nose tackle he struggles. Guess what type of scheme the 49ers run. Its a zone scheme and it is the exact same offense that Kubiak ran. JZ will thrive in Shanahan's offense and I wouldn't be surprised if he had a career year. The guy is on the back 9 of his career but he finished 14 among centers last year and 9th the year before that. And yea that makes him average. I just hope that we can find a guy that is average or better than average to take his place. As of now there are no free agent centers that could fill that void. So it looks like we will be relying on a rookie or a trade. And thats risky but certainly not heard of. The Bears took a center last year in the second and ended up grading out as the 6th best center in the league.