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  1. No one knows how this trade will pan out until we hit the middle of the season.
  2. My gut says WR or Pass Rusher at #16, can the draft get here already?
  3. That was my take on it as well.
  4. Definitely would like Nick Mangold would be un upgrade to Zuttah. Marshall could be a Boldin type but I'd rather have Garcon. Just don't know if his price tag will match the ravens cap durability this year.
  5. Either way you slice it I believe we need some depth at receiver.
  6. Heard the pain in your voice and the love coming from your eyes in the press conference, going to miss the heck out of you.
  7. Shell shocked at the moment, we let the other team off the hook.
  8. Justin Tucker made it rain that's for sure.
  9. I believe we can win. Practice well, do the homework and we shall prevail. Go Ravens
  10. All we need to do is get the invite to the dance. We all know what #5 is capable once he is there. Last night was a good overall performance from this football team and hope we can start making some noise again.
  11. I like the way Tavon Young is playing and think it should be his job to lose now.
  12. If we can "contain" him and Bell, think we have a good chance at winning the game.