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  1. This has me upset.
  2. Fearalma84 PS4. add me
  3. Totally going to build and or Buy a Steam Machine when it comes out. Beta machines are so sleek and well designed.
  4. I picked up Drive on Blu Ray for $4. Amazon sale last week. Ive seen it before but wanted to own it. Loved the directing and sound track.
  5. Its a simple issue with bent HDMI pins on some launch consoles. Can easily bend it back into position. about to open mine
  6. Cant wait for the Terps game. gonna throw the smackdown on ODU
  7. Someone a little salty?
  8. you dont question Ozzie in march. simple as that
  9. fair enough
  10. Its not for everyone.
  11. yup, to be honest, being close to the ps4 specs would be a mid range pc
  12. lol Ubisoft. http://www.gamepur.c...s4-ubisoft.html
  13. hmm, I enjoyed it. Maybe the soundtrack also got the best of me. That opening scene was awesome! I think it was more of a gentlemens lovestory
  14. A little late, but, go watch "Drive" on netflix. 2011. Best film ive seen in many years and im a film buff